RUMORS: Tau Codex & Eldritch Omens Release Dates

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eldritch-omensNew rumors are here for the upcoming Tau Codex and Eldritch Omens box set for Chaos and Eldar release dates that are coming up soon…

The good news is that according to these rumors, you don’t have too long to wait for either! With all the rules and minis we’ve seen, they’ve created pretty big hype for both releases (and some community grumblings with the Tau rules), so we knew they wouldn’t push them out too long.

Let’s start with the Tau Codex considering it is coming out first according to these rumors from an industry insider.

Tau Codex Release Date

Tau Codex

It’s about to get even better with Codex: T’au Empire on the way early next year. How early? We’ll get to that, but it’s close enough that we’ve been able to get some markerlights trained on the cover so you can see the beautiful art right now. Codex: T’au Empire will arrive in early 2022, and with the Genestealer Cults and Adeptus Custodes codexes also landing in the same period.

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Word on the street is that the new Tau Codex will hit pre-order on January 29th, meaning you would get it February 5th. GW said the book would come out in February (and first in 2022 sans the delayed Custodes GWC books), and this lines up perfectly with that.

Plus, that also gives some room for Eldritch Omens to take the spotlight in February. Speaking of which…

Eldritch Omens Release Dates

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set

Also found in the book is a new Theatre of War – Goliath Down, which offers a warband of plucky Aeldari underdogs all the cunning Ruses they’ll need to evade, sabotage, and destroy the enemy’s biggest threats… such as D’vok’s frenzied Forgefiend. 

Eldritch Omens is due to hit pre-order in February, and our pre-order weekend promise will ensure that anyone who orders a copy that weekend is guaranteed to get one. 

GW also gave us some info on this one too, but according to the rumors, it looks like this will hit pre-order on February 5th, with a street release date of February 12th. This works out great because you know you want to spend your Valentine’s Day building new Eldar and Chaos this year!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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Will you be picking up either release for the new Tau Codex or Eldritch Omens box? 

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