2 Sets of Spicy New Tyranids 40k Rules Have Appeared

Tyranids-new-rules-model-rumorsDon’t miss the two sets of spicy new Warhammer 40k Tyranids rules rumors for their new codex that have appeared. 

Before we get too far, these are rumors from several sources that we have seen lately but they seem pretty solid. Again though, these are rumors so take them with as much salt as you need, especially considering they are for Tyranids…

Let’s start with what we know so far:

Games Workshop Teases Tyranids Next 40k Codex After Eldar

Here is what Games Workshop has said about the upcoming Tyranids Codex release, along with the latest rumors because there isn’t much to go on yet from GW…

This isn’t just an exciting time for Aeldari, but for all Warhammer 40,000 xenos players – after the craftworlds touch down, there’s something gribbly and chitinous coming. We don’t want to say too much right now, but there are lots of them, they’ve come a long way, and they’re VERY hungry. For biomass. Okay, you forced it out of us – it’s the Tyranids.

tyranids preview games workshop codex 9th Edition

And that was pretty much all they said. However, it was more than enough for us to dig up these old Tyranids rumors below.

Plus don’t forget to check out all the new Tyranids Crusher Stampede rules they just got as well by clicking here.

New Tyranid Model Previews:

Now, let’s check out the pics that could easily be a new giant bug!

gw 2022 tyranid 1That is a clear Tryanid model! With a very large tail, and wings, maybe the Flying Tyrant is getting an update? Either way, it looks huge!

For a split second, you can also see what appears to be a tentacle-like appendage from higher on the model.  Plus from the side what may be the torso is clearly visible before the model spins revealing a wing.



While this probably is for the gargantuan creature, that doesn’t mean we won’t see a new Biovore kit as well. Plus, we’ve also seen other Rumor Engines from not that long ago that point at other new Nids.

Old (2017) Tyranids 40k Model Rumors:

Here were the old rumors from Hastings, only one of which has actually come true so far:

Several new kits including: –
  • Broodlord: plastic clampack CONFIRMED
  • Genestealers: plastic kit completely redone
  • X-a-vores: combo kit would include options for Biovore, Pyrovore, a new psychacvore
  • Termagants Kit: completely redone with new weapon options
  • Gargantuan Creature in Plastic

So after seeing the rumor engine images, plus the video, some of these are really not sounding too far-fetched after all. Well except maybe the last one, but hey we doubt Tyranids players would complain if it did…

New Tyranids or Nurgle: GW Rumor Engine

rumor engine 11-2-21This new bit is clearly some Insectoid/Exoskeleton thing, but what faction does it match? There are only really two options, Maggotkin, because we know their update is coming and they do use a few flies and such. Second Tyranids, do need some model releases, whether that be updates or new ones and they have exoskeletons on pretty much all of their models.

11-2 potential answerWhile Tyranids do look like a possibility, they are much more alien than insectoid, which somewhat makes us lean more towards Maggotkin or even a one-off Warband model for a specialist game.

That being said, it could definitely still be Tyranids, with so many out-of-date models, a slight design tweak and updated look could go miles for the Xenos faction as they could definitely use the love.

Rumor Engine Tail or clawWell, we’ve already taken a guess at this one. It just looks too much like a Tyranid tail for us to think much further. Just the tantalizing idea of new Tyranid minis seems to be scrambling our brains. While it could always be something else, it just looks too alien for many other factions. They also mention it could be man-made by more advanced humans.

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Could they be unveiling a new line of beings behind the Hive-Mind? Probably not, but hey it’s a rumor engine so why not speculate?

VenomthropesWhile it’s not identical to the Venomthropes tentacles, it does have a very similar look with the bend in it before it gets to the spikey bits (like what we did there…). We would also hope they actually update the minis if they’re getting new stuff, so it shouldn’t be identical. This isn’t the only candidate, however.

Tyranid HarpyThe Tyranid Harpy also has a very similar-looking tail. With just a couple of tweaks, we could see this being on here as well. But, it’s not as likely because the tail doesn’t seem beefy enough to match the size of this one. That brings us to one of the most hated Tyranid units to actually build and play with…

Tyranid GargoyleWhile it’s not identical, it could also be an updated Gargoyle kit. They are more than do for some better models that aren’t the most finicky thing on the planet! Lastly, it could be an update to a very core unit.

2 Sets of Spicy New Tyranids 40k Rules Have Appeared

Tyranids Codex hor walThe first write-up of new Tyranids rules rumors were spotted on the Tyranids discord that seems pretty active so if you’re into all things Xenos, especially bugs you can join it by clicking here.

Synaptic Links are changing to once per game effects that work on every unit within 6″ of a Synapse Unit.
– Zoanthropes give 4++ to Synapse and 5++ to non-Synapse.
– All other units have changed Links.

A lot of buffs trigger off the Synapse keyword (Warriors are beasts, apparently)

Unit Changes:
Swarmlord – Loses Hive Commander and 3++. Gains Chapter Master Re-rolls and gives a unit Obsec.
Hive Tyrant – Captain Re-rolls aura.
Tervigon – +1 to hit for Termagants in range (don’t know what). If there is a 15+ model Termagant unit within 1″ of her she is untargetable.Termagants – Devourers are **** now. Fleshborers go to Assault 1 S5 AP1 D1
Tyranid Warriors – S5/T5 base. Access to -1D strat in all phases. Can get to A4 S8 AP2 D2.

Wargear Changes:
Boneswords – S+2 AP2 D2
Adrenal Glands – +1S/+1Mv

Hive Fleet Changes:

    • Leviathan – 1-2 TransNid on non-synapse creatures. 1-3 TransNid on synapse creatures.
    • Kronos – extra AP at half range
    • Gorgon gets some variety of Poison weapons.
    • Named Hive Fleets get 1-2 traits +1 customisable trait from a list.

Gargoyles to Troops
Genestealers to Elites
Rippers to Fast Attack
Leviathan far and away the best pick, apparently.

Synapse getting changed to a once per game ability is something we have never seen before, and a 4++ heck even a 5++ mechanic as rumored would be interesting for sure.

Other big game changers if they pan out to be true would be Gargoyles to troops, and Transhuman abilities conferred to any Tyranid model regardless of synapse is potentially the spiciest of all of these honestly.

Older Tyranids 40k Rules Rumors:

The last set of Tyranids rules rumors come from a screencap from the site that shall not be named, that was posted up in the same Tyranids Discord.

tyranids rules rumors

Some of these seem to confirm the earlier write-up and expand on the leaked IKEA rules datasheets for the monstrous creature stats.

Legs look to be costing a slot option on Hive Tyrants which would be new, and Shrikes making an official appearance could explain the New Year’s Day teaser images that show some sort of new winged creature(s).

Either way, exciting times are on the way for Tyranids along with rules and models via all the latest rumors and reveals.  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

What do you think of the new Tyranids rules and model rumors so far? 

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