Video of Henry Cavill Geeking Out at Warhammer World

cavil-video-visit-Warhammer-world-games-workshopThis is about what it looks like when any hobby superfan geeks out and visits Warhammer World, except this time it was Henry Cavill on video.

The Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavill finally made the trip to Games Workshop HQ and Warhammer World to visit the home of the hobby he loves!

Cavill was front row center at Warhammer World, as Games Workshop hosted him around the facility. From there the #HenryCavill blew up with selfies from Warhammer World and Games Workshop studio staffers.

Plus thanks to GW we have a video of his visit, that shows pretty much what we would expect- him geeking out and touching everything!

Henry Cavill never seems to cease with the awesome Warhammer love. Let’s start with all the pics from his visit that plastered the socials, and then take a  look at the video!

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As you know Cavill has been unrelenting in vocalizing his love or Warhammer, even soft pitching a role of the Emperor in a post on Instagram from The Witcher!

Video of Henry Cavill Visit to Games Workshop HQ & Warhammer World

It looks like at some point he’s even holding the latest White Dwarf magazine, so it makes us wonder if he bought anything else while he was there.

While there has been no official word on why Cavill was there, we imagine it was a publicity opportunity for both parties, as we recently GW extend an invitation to WWE superstar Shayna Baszler to visit as well.

Between the WWE and Hollywood, Warhammer seems to quickly becoming more and more mainstream.  Check out more articles on Warhammer going mainstream below!

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Why do you think Henry Cavil was at Warhammer World, and more importantly what, if anything do you think he bought?

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