The Celebrities That Play Warhammer Will Surprise You

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9 Celebrities That Play Warhammer Will Surprise You jay and silent bobIt’s not just Robin Williams and Henry Cavil! This list celebrities that are into Warhammer may surprise you!

Believe it or not, there have been quite a few celebrities out there that have shown their true hobby colors (and we know there are more lurking out there). Check out this list of celebrities that have dabbled in tabletop wargaming and Warhammer.

Vin Diesel Plays Blood Angels

diesel_riddick vin warhammer 40kKeeping what you kill may not work in 40k

Always rumored to be into the Warhammer scene via his Dungeons and Dragons roots, it has never been “proven” that he plays, however one Dakka Dakka user offered this story a few years about the Fast and Furious actor:

He asked the [Games Workshop store] in a mall to close so he could have an uninterrupted game, was refused, so [he] bought some Blood Angels assault marines and left.

While he’s never personally come out and said he plays Warhammer and all we have to go off of is someone’s story….It seems totally believable that he’d roll with the Blood Angels.

Trey Parker, Co-Creator of South Park

trey parker warhammerTrey with miniatures painted by White Metal Games

While it’s unclear if he’s into the Warhammer scene, it appears from an old article from White Metal Games, that Matt Parker is definitely into the Tabletop Hobby in-general.

He contracted a local studio here in North Carolina to paint up some figures and a Darth Vader for him. Caleb even whipped up a custom Man Bear Pig model for Mr. Parker as well.

Ansel Elgort Paints GW Figures

2015-12-30_1416The professional DJ from the Divergent series told Conan in an interview he paints Warhammer figures, and there’s a whole monologue that goes along with it over on Team COCO.

The Late Robin Williams Got Other Celebs into the Hobby?

1407883662879.cachedYou will be missed, Robin

A gamer since the 1980s as far as anyone can tell, he confirmed he was into Warhammer in a 2013 Reddit AMA . He was also rumored to have gotten a ton of other celebrities into Warhammer through movie interactions as well. 

robin williams at scifigenre warhammer

Some of those may have included Billy Crystal, Kirsten Dunst, Bill Murray, and even Dustin Hoffman.

Jordan from Axis of Awesome (Think Four Cords Song)

2015-12-30_1431Jordan pictured middle

When interviewed about their “Awesomeness” the group let slip that Jordan was into 40k:

Benny is serious about his crossword puzzles, Lee serious about saving the lives of baby birds in his local area and Jordan serious about his Warhammer 40,000 miniature collection. So we’re all seriously cool.

In what might be the funniest pop culture cross-over video ever for our hobby, the group showcases their adventures in Los Angeles for work, and play. It turns out the real reason for the group’s visit may have been for Jordan to meet up with Carl from the Independent Characters podcast to play a game of 40k!

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The Four Chords song is a yearly singalong in our 11-hour trips to Adepticon, best of all it seems as the song gets longer every year with the new pop hits they add to it!

Ed Sheeran

Ed SheeranIn a dressing room pic, Ed Sheeran posted him building up some Space Marines. He also mentions it makes him feel 9 years old again, so that must mean he’s been hobbying for a really long time! He didn’t say much else, but hey, can never be made at someone hitting up the hobby after a long hiatus.

Jason Mewes (Jay from Jay & Silent Bob)

Jay & BobWhile he says he doesn’t actually play the game, he does mention that he paints them in the video below. Jump to the 3:30 mark if you want to hear him talk about it.

He comes from the age of pewter minis, so you know you really have to like modeling if you’re willing to do it on those!

Edward Woodward (Original Wicker Man)

edward woodwardHe was very into wargaming and even had a TV series back in the late ’70s called Battleground where players would play out the battles using minis and then talk about what really happened in the real battle. It only lasted 6 episodes but is pretty cool to watch some older gaming footage. Check out this cool intro clip from the first episode!

This was basically the pre-curser to streamed battle reports that we all enjoy now!

Henry Cavill Plays (or at Least Paints) Custodes!

And of course, Henry Cavill set the internet on fire with his Instagram post:

henry cavil instagramHe broke out his Custodes on Instagram and is putting some gold on a helmet. Turns out, he’s been in the hobby for a while. Check out how clean that paint job is. You can see some subtle gold highlights at the sharpest edges of the bit. Which, believe it or not, takes a long time if you’re not just going to be aggressive and drybrush a slightly-lighter gold over it all.

Keep in mind that Mr. Cavil is the latest celebrity we’ve seen flex his hobby muscles. With that said, all these other celebs that made the list have been mentioned in previous years with little updates of where they are at with their hobby.

However, it is also rumored that Spiderman actor Tom Holland is a celebrity Warhammer hobbyist as well!

Shayna Baszler

shayna feature r

Shayna Baszler’s Dark Angels Gear brought a spotlight to Warhammer 40k with her gear during Monday Night Raw- check it out!

After winning her match and advancing to the semifinals of the Queen’s Crown tournament, she posted her walkout gear over on her Instagram. She isn’t the only fighter or wrestler who loves nerdy stuff either, looks like nerds are pretty good at the sport! 

The suit is pretty awesome and hey, there’s a chance she’s might also be one of a Fallen as she has worn a Choas star before, but she never said that was specifically Warhammer. This is really cool to see and her posting it on Instagram might bring some of those wrestling fans over to the hobby fold.

Shayna originally got her start in MMA and if you don’t know, her coach Josh Barnett is also quite the hobbyist himself as well!

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What do you think the most popular faction is across all celebrities that are into Warhammer? Do you know any more celebs who play? 

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