GW New Release Roadmap For SEPT 2022 & Beyond

gw-rumors-and-new-releasesHere is the latest GW new release roadmap leading into September, featuring tons of minis for most of the Warhammer games on the way!

Love GW miniatures? Well, the new release roadmap is back and more loaded than ever, headed into September 2022. We’re not joking either we mean loaded; there are a ton of minis on the way!

Between rules leaks and rumors for Squats, Horus Heresy, and AoS, there also look to be all sorts of new releases coming for them.

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Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

Cursed City Re-release & New Expansions!

Cursed city relaunch

This set sold out quickly when it was released, and many of you have been in touch to ask if it will be back. Today we can confirm that it will indeed rise again. For those of you that missed out the first time round, this is your chance to get your hands/bestial claws on some of the best Citadel miniatures of 2021, as well as the amazing co-operative Warhammer game. Look out for news on exact release dates in the new year.

Cursed city relaunch 2

Finally, if it’s not enough that Cursed City is returning, it will also be accompanied by expansions, so your adventure into Ulfenkarn can grow and continue with even more dramatic twists and turns. Spoiler alert: Radukar isn’t dead – he’s just really, really angry!

Here’s a closer look at Curse City from our Unboxing video when it was released the first time around:

The box originally sold for $199, so we expect the re-release to go for around the same, which would be nice because it is more expensive on the secondary market. Again, they didn’t give an exact date on the actual release for the base set and expansions besides 2022, but we hope it’s sooner than later!

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City – Nightwars

Warhammer Quest Cursed City Nightwars

This expansion contains no miniatures, so you can acquire each of the three vampires in turn as you head out on your quest to hunt them down one by one. You’ll need a set of Fell Bats and Radukar the Beast to start immediately. If you’ve already got a Soulblight Gravelords collection, this expansion unlocks a heap of new narrative opportunities.

GW also announced a new expansion for Cursed City that comes with no miniatures. From the sounds of it this lets you “slow-grow” purchasing the miniatures and build up to each encounter.

GW New Release Roadmap For September 2022 & Beyond

aos banner age of sigmar logo

Before diving into the confirmed releases, let’s cover some rumors about what battletomes might also be among the first releases for 2022.

Age of Sigmar 2022 Roadmap for releases and battletomes

We even have a shiny new roadmap for you to check out.

So four battletomes looked to be on the way this fall, but after the Nova Open 2022 previews, it looks like we are only getting two new ones in the fall and two perhaps very soon in “summer”.

From this, it looks like the new Chaos and Order battletome may drop before the end of summer this September, while we will see the rest of the battletomes over the next four to six months stretching into 2023.

Gloomspite Gitz

Again, this is about a 3-year-old book; with how much things have changed with AoS in that time, not to mention a new edition, they need a little bit of work. They are still performing okay but could use some reworks.

We’re unsure what new minis they will get, as their model line isn’t that old. Still, they will probably get a new champion or two or at least a few reworks.


ogor mournfang 'Let’s just say we are hoping this is true and that they get a rehaul on almost all of their minis! We don’t even care about the book so much, just the need for some new minis! S0rry gluttons, your time may have come…

A large portion of their units is from before the change over to AoS, meaning they haven’t been touched in years and years. This could be a massive overhaul, or if GW doesn’t feel like it, maybe they just redo a unit or two. Let’s just hope that’s not the case!

Beasts of Chaos

sc beastsYou know an army needs a rework when the pictures on the site for multiple of their units are still on square bases.

So, yeah, they need a rework and new minis! Maybe they and Ogors can come in a new starter box together with all-new minis! One can dream, but according to these rumors, we don’t have that long to wait until we know for sure

RUMORS New Bundle Box Sets Coming to Age of Sigmar

The first box is said to be Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos. This box is going to be full of new minis, so be on the lookout! We have also heard of Gitz vs. Slaves to Darkness too.

Then supposedly will be Start Collecting for Ogors, with Ossiarch Bonereapers getting the box after that. Slaves to Darkness are also getting some love in the way of an upgrade sprue (like the Cadian one) and brand new Chosen.

Lastly, we’re not sure about the box, but the upcoming Oath Breakers (Chaos Dwarves) will be kicking off the “Broken Realms” of the new edition, but that’s supposedly not coming until 2023.

Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos?

gloomspite gitz trollThis will be a dual army box, meaning you’ll get new stuff if you play on either side! The Gobbo side of things will see a new Scuttleboss on Giant Spider. While the old mini isn’t too bad, it’s nothing to write about.

While that’s nice, Beasts of Chaos will get a host of new minis; Doombull, Bullgor, and Jabberslythe. All three of those kits really need a rework (not to mention everything they have). 

Gloomspite Gitz & Slaves to Darkness AoS Battlebox?

60030209010_GloomspiteGitzBattletomeArtThe Gitz Battletome is about a 3-year-old book, which is quite old with how much things have changed with AoS in that time. Not to mention a new edition of the rules.  If we had to guess, they may need a little bit of work.

Whereas the Slaves to Darkness have not grabbed as many updates as we would expect for them or even had new models in quite some time (start collecting box aside), so hopefully, they get this around that December timeframe for their Battletome.

Start Collecting Ogors

According to the rumors, they will be getting a new box along with their upcoming new book. In that, they will grab a new plastic Slaughtermaster/Butcher. This is great because they’ve needed an update for a long time. Not sure if they will be grabbing other new minis or not, but at least they can look forward to one new one for sure. 

 Ossiarch Bonereapers

bone kings ossiarch bonereapers age of sigmarThey received some new stuff for Underworlds, so that’s usually a good precursor to new minis for AoS. This probably won’t happen for a while, but it looks like they will be getting a new hero on foot and Mortek Archers. So two new units is something you can’t complain about!


malerion walIt all started when they did a preview of Shadow, Iron, and Broken Realms and revealed this shadowy artwork. It reminded us of Malerion taking a new form. Some of you may have heard of the name “Malerion” aka Malekith, aka the Witch King before from the world that was… We’ve also seen a little short story of him talking to Morathi and the fact that he is finally manifesting himself into the mortal realms.

Well, he needs an army to lead, so we expect them to be kind of like dark elves in a sense. We haven’t seen any minis, but this looks like GW has been setting them up for a long time now. If you want to read more about the initial time we thought they were coming, check that out here.

According to this new rumor, though, these will be near the end of 2022 at the earliest…

Looking into 2023

seraphon lizardmen wal horIt looks like Seraphon vs. Skaven will be the first battle box of 2023, but that’s pretty far off and not super-confirmed. So take that with as much salt as you need; we’ll just have to wait and see on yet one more thing.

Global disruptions seem to be putting more and more releases farther and farther out. Before, we used to be able to tell when a new edition of any game would drop.  These days, however, look for more time to pass in increments of years between editions as well.

It is worth noting that if this rumor is true, Skaven will end up getting two battle boxes as they are were just in the Echoes of Doom from Summer of 2022.

Oath Breakers

chaos-dwarfWhile it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a full-scale release for them, minis released here and there for a long time now from Forge World- which have since disappeared.

This would just be a cool rework of an army that never got its day in the sun (well, maybe they did about ten years ago). With these being the last of the three mentioned, we’re not really sure when we would see them, but they are probably who we are most excited for!

They have some really cool old minis to style the new army on, and with the sculpts GW has been putting out, they could look amazing! Unfortunately, according to the rumors, they won’t be hitting the game until 2023 or later…

New AoS Slaves To Darkness Ogroid Theridons Revealed by GW!

Theridons are shock-assault infantry par excellence, corded with thick muscle and standing head and shoulders above lesser, human warriors. Their speed and bulk carries them straight through enemy lines with an unstoppable horn-tipped charge, swinging colossal axes as easily as an aelf would flick a paintbrush.


Once possessed of a mighty empire that stretched across great swathes of Ghur, the ogroids – known to themselves as Goroans – fought alongside Gorkamorka’s hordes, seeking the Destruction of all that threatened their civilisation. Unfortunately, the Bonesplitterz aren’t the most reliable neighbours, and the Goroan empire fell to rampaging greenskins. 


Ogroids 2

What remained of the Goroans were enticed by Archaon with promises of a new home, secure against all invaders – the land that would become the Eightpoints. There, under the shadow of the Varanspire, the ogroids raise dark citadels, forge mighty weapons, and serve as overseers in the armies of Chaos. 

And from the recent AoS Slaves to Darkness Battletome leaks, we may already know their rules as well:

ogroid theridons new rules slaves to darkness

These rules seem to confirm a squad-type unit for the Ogroid Theridons, which looks pretty cool!

RUMORS: New AoS Slaves to Darkness Chaos Warriors Models Pics

Slaves to Darkness LeaksNew Models

Chaos WarriorsOld Models

As you can see, the new warriors are far more dynamic, have more weapon options, and just look way better! They are keeping the old models’ feel but just giving them a super update!

Slaves to Darkness Leaks 2Plus, it looks like the Warcry Warriors are getting a permanent home in the Slaves To Darkness Battletome as well!

Some of the Chaos Warriors above appear to be similar poses to the new push-fit ones from the 2020 Start Collecting box set.

slaves to darkness start collecting

With so many leaks and confirmed minis by GW, we hope the battletome is still on track for Fall/Winter!

RUMORS: New AoS Slaves to Darkness Model Leaks!

AoS Chaos RumorsAs you can see, there are all kinds of new models included! According to the Reddit comments, here is everything new in the pic:

  • Eternus
  • Lord on Daemonic Mount
  • Exalted Hero
  • New multi-part Warriors
  • New multi-part Knights
  • Chosen
  • Ogroid Theridons
  • Horns of Hashut (Warcry)
  • Legionnaires (Warcry)
  • Centaurion Marshal (Warcry)

What can you see from the list, and where?

AoS Chaos Rumors 2Then the other picture we have is this awesome model, which is supposedly Eternus by the looks of the Warscroll that was spotted earlier!

eternus rules slaves to darknessIf you want a badass leader, then this might just be perfect, and you could easily see this guy walking directly out of an ’80s album cover or piece of art (Death Dealer, anyone?).

AoS Slaves to Darkness New Army Box

Slaves to Darkness new minis 2We’ve been seeing rumors and small reveals for the army for a while now, so it’s nice to finally see them actually get the release.

Slaves to Darkness new minis 3

This is the first place you can get hold of the fearsome new Daemon Prince, who has a plethora of build options.

Backing up this terrifying daemon commander is a unit of indomitable Chosen, the most incredible armoured Chaos Warriors ever to have strode into battle. Just look at them – each one every inch the consummate killer, and as ornate and imposing as the Chaos lords of previous editions.

The box has a ton of new models inside with a daemon prince, chosen, and Ogroids! However, they do mention this won’t come right until the end of the year, so still a little way to wait.

New Models

Slaves to Darkness new minis


Slaves to Darkness new minis 4The new Chaos Chosen models are actually really sweet, as each one is about as cool as a character model themselves!

Daemon PrinceWe saw the daemon prince revealed last time, but it’s nice to know what all the options will look like that are coming in the kit.

You’ll be able to buy the box towards the end of the year. Think of it as a spiky vanguard arriving ahead of the main force of iron and hooves slated for early 2023.

So again, they put out the new Battletome roadmap, and it looks like early winter will be the release of this box, with the normal release hitting early in 2023.

New Sons of Behemat King Brodd

New sons of BehematHe actually was there when Behemat was struck down and now he’s out for revenge and coming to destroy the little cities of Sigmar!

sons of Behemat new models 2This is quite a fantastic kit, and it looks like it will be a rebox of the current kit with a new sprue or two added in. They also mentioned he will be able to ramp up the force of your current force.

sons of Behemat new models 3

This towering titan is brought to life via an expansion kit that turns a regular Mega-Gargant into a bludgeoning blue-blooded behemoth. He’s covered in Creepers, the tiny red imps who braid the beards of these giant beings, apply their warpaint, and ride them into battle.

There really is a ton of detail on this model, and he’s a priest-king of the Gargants!

New Bloodpelt Hunter

The Bloodpelt Hunter is a curious ogor – while most of his fellows immediately eat their prey and leave only marrow-sucked bones behind, he keeps whole body parts intact, preserved and strung about his person as trophies.

Bloodpelt HunterWhile this is a little different, it’s nice to see any new Ogor models! They didn’t mention whether this is leading to a bigger release for the Ogors, but judging from the Battletome roadmap below, they will be getting something…

9th warhammer 40k banner


This is the New Daemon Prince Kit For Chaos Space Marines!

Chaos Daemon Prince official GW imageThis is the section of the kit we saw revealed first, but the one kit will be able to make all kinds of variations!

Daemon Prince

This fearsome arch-fiend can be built in numerous ways, with different options to pay homage to each of the four dark gods, or Chaos Undivided! You’ll note that he bears some of the marks of his former existence as a Chaos Space Marine, now rippling and twisted into a horrifying new form.

Chaos Daemon Prince

Of course, this battlefield behemoth will have a datasheet to match his prowess. We aren’t quite ready to reveal that just yet, but you can bet your bottom credit that he’ll be a match for the best the Dark Millennium has to offer.Daemon Prince 2

This massive, evil-eye-popping miniature – if you can even call it a “miniature” – won’t be out for a while yet. We’ll certainly have more information on what this fantastic fiend can do in due course, however. Incredibly, he’s part of a dual kit – you’re also able to build the Daemon Prince for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, albeit with very different accessories.

New World Eaters Codex Officially Announced For Warhammer 40k

Games Workshop has confirmed that they have taken them out of the Chaos codex, meaning they will have a new set of miniatures with new Khorne Berzerkers, and they said a few surprises as well!

Earlier today we saw some major reinforcements that the Heretic Astartes are getting alongside their new codex. But while this heretical tome is certainly fuelled by hate and driven by vengeance, it isn’t quite as angry as you might expect – one Legion is conspicuous in its absence.

World Eaters 2They also mentioned that they would get rules in White Dwarf as a holdover until they get their own book.

World Eaters

Khorne Berzerkers can’t go anywhere without their roaring chainaxes, and they’ll be using these heinous hatchets to chop their way through everything the 41st Millennium has to offer.

That’s not all – the codex will contain old favorites, dark legends, and some things that you’ve never seen before… We’ll be bringing you more updates on Codex: World Eaters and these murderous new miniatures over the next few months on Warhammer Community – so you can follow the Eightfold Path right up to release.

It looks like all the rumors we’ve seen about them getting a codex book are true! This also means that Emperor’s Children has a big chance of getting their codex book down the road!

New Khorne Berzerkers are Finally Here!

Khorne berzerkers

It’s been a truly bracing Khorne Day. We’ve seen a realm-murdering Gorechosen, rules for hordes of blood-slicked daemons, and downright hungry-looking XII Legion shoulders. Mountains of skulls tower towards the sky, blood sloshing down from their lofty peaks – and out of the rising carnage steps forth a solitary figure clad in crimson and brass.

This is a heavily updated version of the old model but still keeps with the old aesthetic. While this is the only model they showed off, we expect to see more before too long.

Khorne berzerkers 2

The current Khorne Berzerkers are one of the longest-serving plastic kits of the 41st Millennium – a genuine classic that has spent two decades out on the battlefield, earning them a nice retirement in Khorne’s Domain on the soothing banks of the Rivers of Blood.

The new model looks bigger and has much more detail all around. However, you might be a little sad if you’re a fan of those old heads. Still, it’s great to see such an ancient kit get a rework finally!

Khorne Berzerkers Full Squad

Khorne berzerkers 2We saw that the new World Eaters codex will drop sometime in winter, so we hope the rest of the models actually make it before the end of the year.

Khorne berzerkers 2We already saw one model revealed for the World Eaters, but it’s nice to see the whole squad of Khorne Berzerkers now too!

They basically kept the old style of their armor, and dedication to Khorne, but really brought them into the new age of 40k.

Khorne berzerkers


Khorne berzerkers 2They did mention the box set or Khorne Berzerkers will have ten models, which is pretty sweet.

Khorne berzerkersThere will be more than just new Berzerkers models too, but for now, it looks like this will have to hold us over for now.

Plastic Daemon Primarch Angron Confirmed by GW!

If things weren’t dire enough for the Imperium, what with the opening of the Great Rift and all the other threats from within and without, another Daemon Primarch has rejoined the battle for the fate of the galaxy – he might not look it, but he’s extremely happy to be back.


The Daemon Primarch of Khorne is a gigantic slab of warp-fuelled muscle. He’s been totally reforged into the image of his bloody master, flesh as red as the cascade of gore he leaves in his wake. 

He is quite the monstrosity! This will be huge based on the base size and the model itself; let’s just hope the rules represent his insane power and ferocity.

angron 2

Yet take a closer look and you can still see the origins of this Daemon Prince. The Butcher’s Nails are still present, now fused into his very form. Likewise, scraps of his old Nucerian warplate still remain – like the shoulder pad that pays homage to his former Legion, even if the teeth are now somehow more… daemonic, a gaping maw almost literally eating worlds.

When you get close up on the details, they are quite awesome! As we said, this release is probably far off (perhaps even in 10th Edition) they said we’ll learn more about it in the coming months. Now, let’s look at the leaked picture and what else could be coming with it.

More Khorne Leaks & Imperial Guard

angron daemon primarch khorne berserkersIt seems like there will be a slew of new miniatures, including new Khorne Berzerkers, the other half of the Kasrkin kit, and perhaps a new guard tank as well!

The very first comment on the Angron thread (especially now that it’s confirmed) also pretty much hit the nail on the head as well:

About 6 months before Wraith of Magnus dropped, one of the reliable rumor-mongers of the day (by the name of Hastings) reported seeing detailed design work for Magnus, Guilliman, Mortarion, Angron, and Russ. He was met with skepticism about the idea of Primarchs coming back to 40K until Magnus was released. He is now 3/5 and although Hastings has long since disappeared (or switched identities) I still give this rumor a lot of weight.

Berzerkers are 20-ish years old and in need of a revamp. Redoing World Eaters with Angron to lead them would certainly tick a lot of GW‘s boxes.

So from the image above, we can see a slew of new units, all of which will probably get revealed cheekily soon by Games Workshop making fun of the Photato image that they probably leaked in the first place…

Overall the model seems based on the art from the early 2000s and just really well done from the looks of it.

daemon primarch Angron artRegardless to us, at least, this already looks to be one of the best models Games Workshop has ever produced!

GW Reveals New Imperial Guard Kasrkin, Sentinel, & Creed Models!

As you know, communication across vast galactic distances is complex, and the work of faithless traitors can lead to pictorial intelligence of a substandard quality ending up in your dutiful hands. Fortunately, we stand ready to address this oversight – our astropaths have been able to broadcast glorious images of forthcoming Astra Militarum reinforcements.

Traitors? That’s a little harsh, but it got GW to reveal the minis! Plus, the new models are looking pretty sweet!

New Imperial GuardIf you ask us, there are more units than they showed off below in the picture. However, we’ll also speculate on those

New Imperial Guard 4

The new Lord Castellan deserves to command only the finest troops in battle – and who better than the renowned Kasrkin? These warriors are the elite of the elite, and they’re getting a stunning kit to match their fearsome reputation.

Clad in the finest carapace armour, these special forces have more skills than your standard Astra Militarum trooper, and are able to cut down their enemies with volleys from their hot-shot lasguns.

The New Imperial Guard Kasrkin models really take the look of the old ones and just up the ante! They are sleeker with better-looking weapons and just overall. If you ask us, that’s a pretty good upgrade.

Ursula Creed

New Imperial Guard 2

Ursula Creed is the Lord Castellan of Cadia – and we dare any of you to tell her that she can’t hold the post simply because Abaddon destroyed that entire planet. Creed follows in her father’s footsteps – but while nepotism is alive and well in the 41st Millennium, this is no hereditary title. She’s earned that mantle like her father before her, and is every bit as ruthless, tactical, and unflinching.


New Imperial Guard 3

Wait, could that be her father’s battered old greatcoat? But wasn’t he wearing that when Cadia fell?

This is a really cool addition to the line, and the model has all kinds of throwbacks to Creed. However, we’re not so sure about the paint job on this one, mainly the face, but we’re sure it can be made to look cooler.


New Imperial Guard 5

Finally, there’s an incredible new take on a classic kit – the Sentinel. These agile walker-vehicles are superb hunter-killers, and can be equipped with a variety of weaponry and wargear that enables them to deal with any foe – from blasting apart a tide of frenzied cultists to bringing down xenos monstrosities.

New Imperial Guard 6

The new miniature can be assembled as an Armoured Sentinel or – if you prefer to feel the wind in your hair as you slay the enemies of the God-Emperor – a lightweight Scout Sentinel.

This is pretty sweet! While it keeps the feel of the old one, it really updates it to the new edition! Plus, if you look hard enough in the picture at the top, you can see the scout sentinel there!

New Imperial Weapon Teams & More Models SPOTTED!

Now, let’s see what else this picture could reveal!

In the middle are what appear to be new Cadian Shock Troopers who were rumored to be “more elite” now than regular guard.  However, they could just be the old models with the new upgrade sprue as well- it’s really hard to tell.

Also hard to tell, but probably new appears to be the five-man command squad pictured far right, as even the tassels do not match the current plastic kit from the mid-2000s.

cadian command old

The new Lord Commisar model is also visible in the middle from the previous rumors, and last but certainly not least are the new Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams! Looking close you will notice the armored shields are missing, and the location of the ammo feeds is different from the current models pictured below:

imperial guard weapons squads old

Pretty cool to finally see some pictures, and if we’re seeing them, it most likely means the release isn’t that far off.  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

GW Confirms New 40k Squats aka the Leagues of Votann

April Fool’s joke? The Leagues of Votann don’t do jokes! Or probably April for that matter…
40k Squats
Yes, they’re really real. In an April Fools double-bluff that had Tzeentch himself scratching his feathered head, Humanity’s long-lost cousins actually are making their return to the 41st Millennium as a full Warhammer 40,000 faction.
The model itself is really sweet, and honestly, the name change is probably a good thing, as it just sounds cool. But we won’t mind if you call them by their OG name!
40k Squats 2

These warriors have a long and proud martial history, and to those who aren’t on their bad side, they’re known as the Leagues of Votann – though they refer to themselves as Kin.

Although their civilisation shares common roots with Humanity, the Leagues of Votann have an uneasy relationship with the Imperium of Man. Unlike their superstitious Human cousins, the Leagues emerged from the Age of Strife with far more of their ancient technology intact, including some infamous advances the Imperium would consider extremely heretical.

This is a cool idea in terms of weaponry as well. It looks like you just won’t have shorter Guardsmen with Lasguns or something like that.

40k Squats 3

The First Warhammer 40k Leagues of Votann Rules!

As promised, we can now dive into the new rules previewed for the Leagues of Votann, aka the Squats, from Warhammer Community.

league of votann Hearthkyn warrior

Could this be due to a rigorous martial tradition, or a bit of technological assistance from the Votann? The answer is likely somewhere in between.

Combined with solid void-hardened armour and their knack for sticking around in close combat, these guys march in squads of up to 20 with high-tech guns blazing before charging in to mop up survivors.

Right out the gate, these new guys are pretty similar to Primaris Assault Intercessors as far as statlines are concerned, with the only major difference being -1″ movement and -1 wound in comparison.

Additionally, GW has clear hints about an ability to stay in close combat longer than you’d expect for a one-wound model, so it’ll be interesting to see the squad’s abilities!

league of votann Hearthkyn warrior squad leaderThe Theyn is the Squad leader of the Hearthkyn, and with an extra wound, attack, and leadership, he is exactly what is expected of a squad leader! It’s slightly better but still squarely in the same realm of power level as the rest of their squad.

Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Troops Models


These hardy clone warriors form the core of the Kinhosts, and unlike the Adeptus Astartes, they are not bred solely for war. These soldiers are citizens drawn from the populace of the Holds, regardless of gender, job, or social role. They’re Kin who have undergone rigorous martial training, yes, but they also have fulfilling lives outside of war. 

Hearthkyn 3As you can see, they have a ton of weapon options, and GW mentions they can have up to 20 models in a unit. So that means we would expect these to be in boxes of ten.

Hearthkyn 4

Hearthkyn Warriors are often engineered with particular cloneskeins that allow them to specialise in combat – heightened senses, improved stamina, and the ability to see better in the dark, to name but a few. In contrast, others augment their bodies for battle with mechanical limbs and synthetic organs. Held in equal status in League society, Ironkin also fight shoulder to shoulder with their flesh-and-blood comrades – Kin are Kin, even in war.

They have some decent stats, and with the wording above, you might be able to upgrade units with special augments.

Hearthkyn 5

These units work effortlessly in conjunction with one another, regardless of their specialization. Some are tasked with sundering the defenses of heavily-armored opponents with ion blasters and HYLas auto-rifles, while others capture battlefield objectives and lay down a hail of saturated fire with their Autarch-pattern bolters.

We’ll have to see how you can arm them, but it looks like you can make the units fairly specialized.

Weapon & Theyn Options


Each unit of Hearthkyn numbers 10 to 20 strong, and is led by an experienced Theyn. These doughty squad leaders have the honour and responsibility of commanding their fellow Kin – and are able to arm themselves with a variety of hand-to-hand combat weapons, including brutal concussion gauntlets and vicious plasma axes.

Theyns are actually pretty strong with 2 Wounds and what looks to be plenty of wargear!

The Leagues of Votann believe that nothing is worth doing unless it is done well, and they wage war as methodically as any other pursuit. If the cost of the fight cannot be justified, they’ll retire from the battle in good order. Every commander, from Theyns to the grand leader of an Oathband, will ensure no Kin lives are wasted in the pursuit of victory.

Squats Leagues of Votann Exo-Armour is Back!

Exo Armor Votann

When it comes to protecting their all-important Ancestor Cores, the Leagues of Votann demand no less than the very best weapons and armour around. The honoured warriors who wield them are true elites, wading into battle clad in servo-assisted exo-armour, carrying a name that commands respect from all Kin – the Einhyr Hearthguard.

It looks like they will add a serious combat punch to your army while hopefully having enough wounds and armor to make it there!

Exo Armor Votann 2

Like Hearthkyn Warriors, Hearthguard are dependable fighters, but their experience and inch-thick battle plating take the Kins’ natural durability to a whole new level. Crack units of Einhyr Hearthguard can be trusted to hold the line and inspire their fellows to stand firm even in the face of untold horrors.

Exo Armor Votann 3

They aren’t all take and no give, either. Each Einhyr is equipped with a Volkanite Disintegrator and a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, laying down a solid curtain of fire as they advance. Once the Einhyr Hearthguard join the melee, they’re just as formidable, lashing out with devastating concussion gauntlets. 

They also look to have some serious shooting with a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher and disintegrator. They will most likely be quite expensive points-wise, but we imagine they’ll have the power to back it up!

Exo Armor Votann 4

Exo Armor Votann 5


These marvels use ancient technologies to increase the mass of a warrior’s fist as they swing, turning an already burly uppercut into an earth-shattering blow that can lift a hulking Ork right off their feet. Those who prefer the deftness of a sword over the raw power of their gauntlets can fit a thrumming plasma blade to their wrist, perfect for slicing and dicing the galaxy’s less damage-resistant dangers.

Exo Armor Votann 6We assume they will be similar to Power Fists, but with a few extra rules for the bladed ones. Either way, this could add some nice combat punch to the army!

Leagues of Votann Chthonian Berserks!

Cthonian Berserks


Cthonian Berserks 2

The courageous warriors of the Cthonian Mining Guilds represent some of the most heavily augmented Kin – unreasonably brave souls who have enhanced the physical capabilities of their cloneskeins with cybernetic upgrades, all the better to extract precious minerals from rad-plagued nebulae, explosive asteroids, and fathomless ocean depths. 

Also, if you didn’t know, Cthonia is Horus’ homeworld and was mainly a mining world. However, it was destroyed, so this is an interesting way to bring that lore into 40k, with them mining the leftover asteroids. Especially considering in the lore, it also says they had mine works already set up everywhere.

Cthonian Berserks 3


Cthonian Berserks 4

Boosted by the cyberstimms that flood their systems, the Berserks can keep battling through life-or-death situations. They eschew the high-tech STC weapons wielded by the rest of the Kin, using robust mining equipment such as heavy plasma axes and concussion mauls.

They don’t give much in the way of rules, but with giant weapons, we expect them to hit very hard, and maybe the cyberstimms will give them more toughness or, more likely, an FNP. Either way, this is an interesting way to incorporate a melee-only unit into the army.

Cthonian Berserks 5


Cthonian Berserks 6

In the muscled (or mechanical) hands of Cthonian Berserks, these tools become weapons that can penetrate heavy armour or alien carapaces just as easily as stubborn rock and stone. 

We’re not done with the Leagues of Votann – there are even more surprises to extract from the mantle below.

They even say this is not the last unit either, so expect to see even more reveals before the faction drops!

Leagues of Votann Sagitaur ATV Vehicle

Sagitaur ATV

Designed for surveying inhospitable alien terrain, the Sagitaur is a rapid-response ATV suited to scouting operations and lightning-fast armoured offensives alongside Hernkyn Pioneers. Its armoured carapace is durable enough to shrug off everything from rockslides to plasma blasts, making it an ideal spearhead for any League-sponsored colonisation effort.

They gave this a rover look for exploring, and it has a distinct look compared to many other Warhammer 40k vehicles.


Sagitaur ATV 2

Sagitaurs usually operate in pairs – they’re remarkably heavily-armed for their size, with a nose-mounted twin bolt cannon complemented by a swivelling turret weapon, such as a HYLas beam cannon, L7 missile launcher, or MATR autocannon. 

Mentioning they work in pairs gives us a big look into how you can run them. Probably something like running two will only take up one slot, or you might have to take two when you look at the rules they mention below.

Sagitaur ATV 3

Once they’re right up in enemy lines, they disgorge their ornery cargo – a full squad of infantry, which can be split between the two vehicles. These hardy warriors pop out, engage enemy units with their superior weaponry, and claim vital objectives – while the Sagitaurs speed off to deliver their heavy firepower wherever it’s needed.

So, they will be troop carriers, and we’re not exactly sure how splitting up the units will work, but maybe that means each can only carry five models?

Leagues of Votann Squats Trike Hernkyn Pioneer

We’ve seen a few models for the Leagues of Votann, and we wished for more! Well, this is a totally different style than we’ve seen and pretty cool for sure with the retro vibes!

Leagues of Votann New Squats 1

You’ve heard of flying pigs – well, what about a flying hog? For anyone who hasn’t been following the Leagues since parachute pants and giant shoulder pads were in fashion,* here’s the kind of trike the Kin were riding around in the 1980s.

Leagues of Votann New Squats 1

Leagues of Votann 4

Though the old Squat Trikes were noticeably less airborne, you can see a number of key design cues that carried over to the Hernkyn Pioneer… as well as a few places where the technology of the Leagues of Votann has clearly diverged from the Imperium. There’s no mistaking this for a Space Marine bike!

Overall, this is a pretty sweet model, and it’s cool to see them keep with that old Squats trike miniatures aesthetic for the new Leagues of Votann.

Leagues of Votann 3

And check out the tough-and-testy triker holding the handlebars of the Hernkyn Pioneer! It’s our first look at a female Kin, clad in a coat and goggles worthy of any aviating outrider. In the Leagues of Votann, when the clan-family calls, everyone answers.

Leagues of Votann New Squats 1We’re all for Squats, so any miniature or vehicle kit previewed for them is exactly what we want to see!

Leagues of Votann Trikes Hernkyn Pioneers

Hernkyn pioneers

Armed to the teeth with practical, yet high-tech weaponry, the Leagues dispatch Oathbands and Prospects to roam the galaxy seeking out fresh resources and mounting aggressive defense of their Holds. Roving before these expeditions are the Hernkyn Pioneers – hardy outriders dispatched for days or weeks at a time to scout ahead of the main force.

These are super cool (even though they took the wheels off) and look to have all kinds of weapon options.

Hernkyn pioneers 2

“In a lot of factions, bikers are shock troops, swift hunters, or even (in the case of Orks) just marauding speed-crazed loons,” Andy explains. “By comparison, the Hernkyn Pioneers serve as armoured cavalry. They are extremely sturdy, highly mobile, and pack a tremendous amount of firepower – which to my mind makes them a more central and powerful element of the main Kin battle lines than some other factions’ bikers.

From the sounds of it, you might have to include these as they will be super tough and have all kinds of firepower, which the guy above points to!

Hernkyn pioneers 3

Their magna-coil bikes are fast and manoeuvrable, even over the most difficult terrain or bodies of water, which might confound more conventional bikes with wheels. What’s more, they have some seriously big guns, and with their multiwave comms arrays and pan-spectral scanners they have all the supporting tech needed to operate as intelligence-gathering assets

While we love the old trikes, this fits in more with the new 40k aesthetic of floating vehicles.

Hernkyn pioneers 4

Their hand-held weaponry is similarly prosaic, with bolt pistols and shotguns, and big plasma knives. On the other hand, the bikes themselves mount weaponry that employs some of their more advanced technologies. Their variant uniforms and weaponry give a contrast to the more armoured Kin, adding texture to the range and a distinctive image to an important element of Kin society.

Hernkyn pioneers 5

Their armour style has a rounded, almost muscular feel, with additional layers and countersunk bolts that are reminiscent of the Kastelan Robot used by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Some of the Imperial weapon types usually described as ‘relics’ are more commonplace in the Leagues, and they also possess better versions of most Imperial technologies – even common ones like las weapons. Just look at the HYLas rotary cannon that can be mounted on a Hernkyn Pioneer – HYLas is short for High Yield Laser.

While we haven’t seen a ton of weapon profiles, they are giving themselves the option to put out some cool old weaponry.

Leagues of Votann HQ Kâhl

Leagues of Votann Kâhl

Appointed from among the Leagues’ most skilled and dependable warriors, these generals are the final authority over an individual Oathband. Subordinate only to their Kindred’s ruling Votannic Council, the Kâhls back up decades of hard-won experience with rigorously drilled combat skills, and the Leagues’ signature advanced weaponry.

You know this is a cool model because it has dual tactical rocks! Who could possibly beat this monster? Seriously though, it’s actually a really cool mini, and we’re excited to see what other HQ choices they grab.

Leagues of Votann Kâhl 2

On the tabletop, these stalwart HQ choices are the core around which the Leagues of Votann’s war machine revolves, directing assaults while smacking their foes with the business end of a plasma axe. Their most important role, however, is to cast the Eye of the Ancestors over their foes – marking out priority targets and ensuring the most dangerous enemies are the first to feel the wrath of the Kin.

This is a multipart kit with options for heads, weapons, and equipment, so you can tailor your commander to a particular battlefield role. We can’t say exactly what all the weapons do yet – but a volkite-and-power-fist combo can’t be bad.

It’s nice to get this as a multi-part kit, as more weapons are always better! Plus, the extra options look really cool, and that powerfist is awesome.

Leagues of Votann Kâhl 4

This is the first time we’ve seen a Kin in red armour.  He’s from the Ymyr Conglomerate, while that classic teal colour we’ve seen so far are from the Greater Thurian League. We’ll have more on these and the other sub-factions of the Leagues of Votann soon…

We haven’t seen much about subfactions, so it’s good to get a little more on the other options!

Leagues of Votann Brôkhyr Thunderkyn

We’ve seen plenty of awesome Leagues of Votann technology already, from nimble Sagitaurs to thundering Einhyr exo-armour, but we’ve only scratched the surface of the ingenious Kin that create it all. It’s the job of the Brôkhyr to toil in forges, and when the Oathbands head to battle, they strap into powerful exo-frames to become the mighty Thunderkyn.

Interestingly, GW said they just scratched the surface of what the Leagues can create. This could easily be them just saying they can create all kinds of stuff, or maybe we have more reveals coming than we expected.

The powerful suits they wear are adapted from rugged engineering rigs and allow the Brôkhyr Thunderkyn to heft the heaviest man-portable weapons the Leagues can muster with ease. Hordes of enemies fall before bolt cannon salvos, while heavy infantry find themselves pierced by the unstoppable lances of SP conversion beamers. 

The suits are interesting for sure, and it looks like they will be able to be outfitted for either anti-infantry or anti-armor. They also mention they aren’t super armored, meaning they might not have a very good armor save.

The rigs themselves are rough and workmanlike, a far cry from the Kâhl’s beautifully ornamented armour, but they get the job done – and the Brôkhyr would have it no other way. Their advanced engineering equipment also helps out, with omni-visors able to pick out the telltale signs of enemy units through dense terrain.

How Big the Leagues of Votann 40k Models Size Are

How Big leagues of votann

The first thing you might notice is that they look a little squat compared to many other races in the galaxy. Measuring up at around 4ft (1.4m) on average, Kin are minuscule compared to the warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, but they can pack almost as much of a punch.

As you can see, they definitely kept them fairly small, but we also wish they had thrown an Imperial Guard model in there. However, from this comparison, they do appear to be still shorter than an IG model, which makes sense.

Leagues of Votann Army Box & Codex (Nova Open Preview August 31, 2022)

The first wave of Kin includes Ûthar the Destined – who you can also build as a Kâhl – a formidable Einhyr Champion, three nippy Hernkyn Pioneers, and 20 Hearthkyn Warriors who can be taken as two squads of 10 to fill out a Patrol Detachment.

It’s the first place to acquire the 104-page Codex: Leagues of Votann – with an exclusive cover no less – alongside a pack of 50 datacards and two transfer sheets filled with the symbols and logos of the major Leagues. Everything in this set will be available separately later – except that exclusive codex cover.

leagues of votann army setThe box looks like it will basically be a 500-point list. More or less a Combat Patrol, but with two HQs, so we’ll have to see if they just rebox it for a Combat Patrol or come with something new.

Leagues of Votann preview 3The Leagues of Votann Army box set will have a decent number of new models inside and just like they did the Beast Snaggaz, this will be released early with the codex.

So, if you want it, you better prepare to order it fast. Unless they hopefully do the MTO option once it sells out.

Leagues of Votann codexLastly, it also comes with a collectors edition of the new Leagues of Votann codex, with a unique cover for the army box. But a normal version along with a limited edition one will be sold later on afterward.

Einhyr Champion

Leagues of Votann preview 3They mentioned this Einhyr Champion will be the best melee unit in the army (well, armed the best), and actually has a jump pack to fly through walls, so will probably have some really nice bonuses on the charge. They also said it will be a multi-part kit in plastic as well.

Uthar the Destined

Leagues of Votann New Squats 1Next up, Uthar the Destined will be the only named character in the book, but could also just be modeled as a regular character as well. they didn’t say too much in the way of rules quite yet.

Mole Grenade Launcher

Mole LauncherThis is a bit of a throwback to the old-school tech the Squats used to have. This will launch a round into the ground and it can pop up and destroy the enemy!

Brokhyr Iron-Master

Iron MasterThe Iron Master is sort of like a Techmarine, and only the Ironkin model to the right is a thinking being. The other floating models are like servitors and will help him repair vehicles.




GrimnyrThe Grimnyr will be the Leagues of Votann psyker and has a second head option from the looks of it, as well as, a female option for the kit. They are also the closest thing the Leagues have to priests, so they can also buff units around them.

Hekaton Land Fortress

Hekaton land fortressThe Hekaton Land Fortress is the biggest model in the line and will have plenty of firepower. They also mention how durable it will be, while also being a transport.

Think Hammerhead mixed with a Land Raider, so expect plenty of power from this. The top weapon is also basically a railgun equivalent (ignores invulnerable saves) and can wipe out squads simultaneously.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Votann Alternatives!

If you looking for inspiration on how to paint your own Leagues of Votann, one hobbyist has an idea for you:

With some great photoshopping, the world found out that the Leagues of Votann will make some excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alternatives minis! Read More

40k roadmapLastly, they dropped a roadmap for the new codexes. So, Leagues will be jumping Imperial Guard, and then finally, World Eaters.

New Space Marine Heroes for 2022


Space Marine heroes 6

If you aren’t familiar with blind boxes, they’re simple. There are six sculpts of Space Marine Heroes – this time in the form of Blood Angels – packaged into mystery boxes you can pick up at a variety of stores or online. Each box gives you a chance of getting any one of the six – or if you buy the whole dispensary, you’ll be guaranteed to get one of each, plus two duplicates for a total of eight miniatures!

The packs are pretty cool but fairly expensive for what you get. As an $8 Firstborn mini really isn’t too exciting, but it is fun to open the pack not sure of what you’re going to get, and they are special sculpts. So might be worth it as far as that goes… Plus, you get the card and a textured base.

Space Marine heroes 7

You’ll be able to order these red rogues from selected outlets from the 30th of July, and then from the Games Workshop webstore and Warhammer stores from the 1st of October. Each box will cost £5 and a full dispensary pack of eight will be £40 – see below for the equivalent in your territory.

Many times these go to big box stores and might be a decent way to get new people into the game. As they grab one mini and might get hooked (maybe). It might be easier for current players to wait until they hit the webstore.

With all that, GW isn’t even trying to hide the fact these are the same minis from before, just in red plastic instead of blue.

Necromunda banner

Necromunda Roadmap

necromunda roadmap

This toxic, rad-scoured landscape is too expansive to fit into a single book. In fact, the wastes are so vast we’re introducing them with a massive new boxed set, which will be followed soon after by a whole series of books exploring the factions that battle across the wastes. 

Summer Skirmish Previews: New Necromunda Releases


Goliath Mauler 1

The Goliath Mauler is the preferred light vehicle for the musclebound forge-masters of Necromunda. Trading speed and slick manoeuvrability for raw power and the ability to roll over difficult terrain – or other vehicles – the Mauler can thank its power ram and hybrid drive for getting the job done.

There is a new biker gang in the Ash Wastes, as the Goliaths are looking to tear it up in the dunes very soon!

Goliath Mauler 2

There are also two builds GW showed (that we know of) that add a little bit to the variance of the kit.

Goliath Mauler rules 1

Philosophically aligned with the Goliath’s “percussive maintenance” attitude to much of their equipment, the Mauler is a mean machine that can smash straight through the flimsier vehicles of other gangs.

With an inclination to ram and great traction, this bike will be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Goliath Mauler rules 2

With the prevalence of heavily armoured vehicles, giant bugs, and suits of exo-armour across the Ash Wastes, the Goliaths need all the mechanical muscle they can get. 

And with this stat line and special rules so far, it looks like they might have a chance battling in the Ash Wastes!

New Necromunda Escher Cutter Revealed!

The Escher Cutter is a solution dreamed up by the engineers of the House of Blades, who are clearly enjoying slightly too many of their own Clan Chymists’ chemical creations. 

Escher Cutter 2

It’s a jetbike in its purest form – a giant engine propelling Escher gangers at staggering speeds, granting them a Movement of 9″ and the ability to soar over buildings and rivals. Combine that with the underslung weapons – a choice of twin-linked grenade launchers, plasma guns, or heavy stubbers – and these beauties really pack a punch, no matter where they are in the engagement zone.

With super high movement and plenty of weapon options, we’re sure to see these terrorizing battlefields soon.

Escher Cutter 3

Perceptive hivers will note that Cutters don’t count as vehicles – instead, much like the dirtbikes found in the Book of the Outlands, they grant the Mounted condition.

This is interesting as they aren’t vehicles, but it also makes sense.

Escher Cutter 4

That means they’re personal equipment, and can be handed to Queens, Matriarchs, Prospects, or even Death Maidens. Of course, with a 9” move, if your gang leader is clipped at top speed, she’s really going to feel it when she reconnects with the ground. Better hope that famous Escher Initiative helps her cling on…

This gives you many options, and you seem to be able to really kit your bikes the way you want!


Escher Cutter 5

The rules for the Escher Cutter, the Goliath Mauler, and specialist vehicle crews for both gangs are only some of the goodies being made available in The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning, the upcoming narrative supplement for Necromunda. 

New Necromunda Narrative Expansion Cinderak Burning Announced!

Cinderak Burning

As if the aftermath of the Great Rift wasn’t enough, Gerontius Helmawr, undisputed Lord of Necromunda, now lies in medical stasis after a failed assassination attempt. The movers and shakers of Necromunda have reacted with all the dignity you’d expect, and the planet faces a desperate scramble for power between Nobles, Clans, Guilds, rebels, mutants, cults, nomads, outcasts, and every single heir to ever spring from Helmawr’s dalliances – be they legitimate, illegitimate, or apocryphal.

Cinderak Burning includes a long and twisting timeline of events, including dark prophecies, power shortages, global storms, and wasteland sieges, laid out in nearly 50 pages of lore – giving you all the background you need to play through Part 1 of the new Succession The Campaign.

This sounds like a perfect setting for some serious gang warfare! Plus, if you could somehow rise all the way to the top, your friends will have to bow down to your true underworld dominance!

Cinderak Burning 2

Alongside the campaign rules, you’ll find 12 new scenarios – suited to a mix of Ash Wastes, Sector Mechanicus, and Zone Mortalis battles – as well as boons and rewards that you can carry forward into future expansions.

This book also contains extended rules for Escher and Goliath gangs, including unique vehicles and petrol-head gang tactics, as well as new Dramatis Personae straight from the unfolding narrative, such as Lady Haera, the 13th Daughter of Lord Helmawr, who wields terrifyingly arcane weaponry from an earlier age.

This also opens the book for some really cool new models. Especially with new vehicles and characters being teased! If you’re not too worried about minis, you’ll also grab 12 new scenarios to play through. However, they didn’t give an exact release date, but we expect it somewhat soon.

New Escher Hangers-on

Escher hangers on

Paying heed to a Shivver’s precognitive talents can save a gang from tragedy or lead them to great riches. Of course, the future isn’t always clear, and a Shivver can sometimes give misleading predictions. That tall, moody stranger about to crash into your life could always be arampaging Ogryn.


Escher hangers on 2

Joining the new Shivver miniature is the Apprentice Clan Chymist. House Escher knows that the best way to learn all about poisons and toxins is through trial-and-error,* so they put their aspiring alchemists on the front lines with the gangs to pick up some practical experience.


40k kill team banner

Into the Dark: Individual Releases

First up there was an announcement for a brand new Warhammer 40k Kill Team boxset called “Into The Dark”. That box was released on September 10th, 2022, but we’re still waiting on the individual box set releases, which should come out before the new year (fingers crossed).

Moloch releases came out after about three months had gone by, so hopefully, these follow a similar pattern.

Dare you brave the Gallowdark? This ancient space hulk is an amalgamation of countless ships from hundreds of civilisations. It drifts through the void, hopping in and out of the warp and realspace, and now it’s back. Factions from all over the galaxy are sending their boldest and best to plunder its innards – Welcome to Kill Team: Into the Dark.

This isn’t a new edition or anything like that, so feel free to continue all your normal warbands.  That being said, two new Kill Teams are coming in the set!

into the dark imperial navy breachers

The Gallowdark is a legendary vessel, tracked by the Imperium for centuries. The Imperial Navy Breachers are among the first to board the hulk after its latest reappearance. Also known as Voidbreachers, these elite soldiers are trained to carry out hazardous boarding actions, with gear and weapons optimised for fighting in cramped quarters of enemy ships.

As highly trained and specialized units, expect the Imperial Navy Breachers to be a pretty elite force.

into the dark kroot farstalker kindband

They aren’t the only space-faring Kill Team to have boarded the Gallowdark. A Kroot Kinband of expert trackers, sharpshooters, and guerrillas is also stalking through the hulk in search of glory, treasure, and fresh meat.

The Tau empire also has a stake in the boxset in the form of Kroot, who might just be more of a threat than we think.

into the dark terrain

As you would expect from the innards of a giant spaceship full of gloomy corridors, eerie flashing lights and inviting vents, the terrain you’ll be fighting over is a little different from previous Kill Team boxes. This set lets you create maze-like boards, full of narrow lines of sight and with sturdy doors to breach.

While we didn’t get a look at too much of the terrain, we do see a few bits and a sense of what the setting will look like!

warhammer exclusives wal new releases pre order

Exclusive Primaris Company Champion

Warhammer Community announced the new models and some of the events you can get them at, such as AdeptiCon. Let’s check out the minis you can score in 2022!

exclusive Minis

For Warhammer 40,000 comes the sword-swinging Primaris Company Champion. These formidable warriors of the Adeptus Astartes defend their chapter’s honour on the battlefield, armed with a devastating master-crafted power sword and skills honed over countless duels.

exclusive Minis 2

The Primaris Company Champion even has an entirely new datasheet for use in Legends games of Warhammer 40,000, loaded with three deadly Blade Stances. You can also use him in other games, perhaps as a particularly cool squad leader, or even the Emperor’s Champion.

While this exclusive Space Marines Primaris company champion doesn’t have a set role in regular 40k games, it would make for a ton of really cool proxies, and since it’s a GW product, nobody can hassle you for it. It’s an interesting mini but not the wildest thing we’ve ever seen.

You’ll be able to acquire these miniatures at Warhammer events throughout 2022 – such as AdeptiCon, which is taking place from the 23rd to the 27th of March in Schaumburg, Illinois.

If you’re going to the event and want either, better to pick it up there instead of trying to fight for it on the secondary market.

Exclusive Swampcalla Shaman

exclusive Minis 3

For Warhammer Age of Sigmar, meet Mugruk Da Watcha! This Swampcalla Shaman believes he’s found a new way of observing the battlefield using a special seeing-eye rock, but it’s really nothing more than a neat hat.

exclusive Minis 4

Wearing a blindfold won’t keep this malodorous mage from getting stuck in with a bogbark staff and he’s brewing up a bevy of elixirs to empower the venom-tipped weapons of his fellow Kruleboyz. Mugruk isn’t accompanied by a pot grot, but he can still jab at foes with his own backup stabba.

Exclusive Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus

You can grab the new exclusive Inquisitor and Gutrippa Boss minis this year at Games Workshop store anniversary events!

 Click to get yours on Amazon or eBay

new exclusive inquisitor

The Ordo Malleus is dedicated to hunting and exterminating daemons wherever they appear, and Erasmus Cartavolnus has been doing it for over 300 years. Despite his advanced age, this zealous Inquisitor still strides the battlefield in search of daemonic quarry, and his knowledge of binding rituals is second to none.

This is honestly pretty cool with the huge flame exploding from the book and giant sword. While the pose itself isn’t super dynamic, all the extra pieces of flair make up for it. We’ll have to see if they come up with any rules for him, but probably not.   Still, he would be a cool Inquisitor to add to your forces.

GW Exclusive Gutrippa Boss Haggok

Gutrippa Boss

It takes a wily creature to command the respect of a Kruleboyz Gutrippa mob, and Haggok is always on the lookout for his latest would-be usurper to pre-emptively run through. With a (mostly) tame vulture keeping its beady eyes open for incoming threats, Haggok has time to relax a little and survey the battlefield, leaning casually on his skareshield. He fits in perfectly with your existing Gutrippa warbands, and as a unit leader, he has a more refined air than your average Kruleboy can muster.

It’s nice, at least this year, to see something other than Necrons or Space Marines get the minis! He’s not the most exciting model, but still pretty cool. If for nothing other than the vulture! We also saw Gutrippa Boss Haggok long ago as he was hidden in plain sight and in a rumor engine (or two).

Warhammer Plus Year 2 Miniatures Revealed!

With our two guesses, we were almost dead on! Warhammer Community has just shown off the two models.

MIbyllorr Darkfang chaos sorceressFirst up is Mibyllorr Darkgfang, a brand new Chaos Sorceress model and the one we couldn’t do as much digging about. We did, however, know it was a new Sorceress!

Azrakh the Annihilator

The second model was exactly what we thought! Thanks to our sleuth work, we matched up all the details and imagery. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

We also got some details to highlight;

These brilliant miniatures accompany the upcoming Chaos releases, from the creepy, capering familiars that accompany Mibyllorr Darkfang to the intimidating presence of Azrakh the Annihilator, who has leapt straight off the cover of a classic issue of White Dwarf.

Azrakh the Annihilator details

Getting your hands on these miniatures is easy. Sign up for – or renew – an annual subscription of Warhammer+ and you will receive your choice of miniature one month after subscribing. Monthly subscribers will need to wait the full 12 months to claim their miniature. Like last time, you can buy the one you didn’t choose with your subscription. It’s as simple as that.

new horus heresy logo banner

GW Releases Horus Heresy Road Map For 2022!

HH road map

…and that’s just what’s coming in the next couple of seasons! That’s four faction books – one each for the Loyalist Legions, the Traitor Legions, the Mechanicum, and Imperial forces sworn to neither the Primarchs nor the Omnissiah.

These will all be supported by Legacies of the Age of Darkness, free downloadable PDFs which contain rules for old Forge World models that aren’t at present planned to return to the current range, so you can use your existing models in the new edition. And on top of that, two additional army lists will be available to download for other factions – the Daemons of the Ruinstorm, and the Imperialis Militia and Warp Cults.

However, one important thing to note is the bottom right of the picture. As we said, there could easily be delays and changes, and GW is covering itself this time. Welcome to 2022, we suppose.

New Plastic Land Raider Proteus Kit Confirmed by GW!

Before the Spartan Assault Tank, before the Termite Assault Drill, and before the mighty Mastodon, there was one true king of armoured troop conveyance – the Land Raider. Many patterns of these lumbering tanks exist in Legion armouries, but none have the pedigree of the venerable Land Raider Proteus, which now returns to the Age of Darkness with a new plastic kit.

Land Raider Proteus

In more practical terms, the Power of the Machine Spirit can take over targeting duties, so each weapon can fire at completely different targets. The Land Raider Proteus is an excellent tank-killer in its own right, with a pair of lascannon sponsons and a choice of hull-and-pintle-mounted guns. 

GW actually did a great job with the sprues on the Land Raiders as all they have to do is switch out a single sprue or maybe two. So, we also hope GW does the upgrade sprue as they have been doing with the Dreads.

Land Raider Proteus 2

But what if you don’t want to slam a squad of Terminators face-first into the thick of the fighting? Assemble your kit as a Land Raider Proteus Explorator instead, and you’ll trade your hefty assault ramp for a dozer blade to clear away battlefield obstacles,* together with a sophisticated explorator augury web to gather detailed terrain data.

Then with the kit, you’ll be able to also create the Explorator, which does make the sprue bigger, so it might be more expensive for the upgrade compared to the other ones out there (which were only one small sprue).

Land Raider Proteus 3

Fans of a certain vintage will spot that the design of this Land Raider owes much to the original plastic version, released in the 1980s, during the very first edition of Warhammer 40,000. The classics never die.

Overall, it’s great to see more of the kits coming in plastic!

New Horus Ascended Model Announced by GW

This incredible resin model captures Horus at the height of his warp-twisted powers, adorned with his full accursed panoply and draped in the puissance of Chaos. He’s not just not just an exquisite display piece, either – you can find unique rules for this transfigured paragon in the Liber Hereticus, allowing him to lead your Sons of Horus Legion on the tabletop.

The big guy is almost here in all his Chaos glory!

Horus Ascended


HorusWell, first up, this model is just awesome! Plus, it’s really cool to have a separate model for the ascended version, as you can play both in games of Horus Heresy.

Horus Ascended 2

Rendered in highly detailed resin, this model is the first in a new Character Series from Forge World, representing each of the Primarchs at the height of the Heresy – whether they’re fully under the sway of Chaos, or rallying to defend the Imperium in its darkest hour – giving us a fresh look at the driving characters of this epic saga as they lead their Legions into the biggest battles.

Ruler front painter hor 3dart guyClick Here To Get The New Sci-Fi Ruler Miniature!

They also mentioned we will see more ascended versions of Primarchs in the future.

Horus Ascended 3Games Workshop confirmed he will be cast in resin from Forge World, which is probably a seriously hefty price tag. But hey, what can you do?

Horus Ascended 4Lastly, they showed how big he is compared to the old model, and he looks enormous.  You can tell this is much larger than the “Lupercal” version, with a ton more detail!

BLood Bowl banner

New Blood Bowl Releases

New tidings from the Old World – straight from the sweltering jungles of Lustria, the Amazon team is here to tear up the astrogranite. This is a classic team brought back to life in vivid detail, with more than a few tweaks for the modern game of Blood Bowl.

A new all-female Blood Bowl team is arriving, and they have a unique theme about them that some fans may enjoy.

blood bowl amazon team

Kitted out in fabulous teal and saffron livery, the Kara Temple Harpies are organised into distinct positions inspired by their martial culture. Teams field Piranha Warrior Blitzers, Python Warrior Throwers, Jaguar Warrior Blockers, and Eagle Warrior Linewomen.

Like the Mayan inspiration or not, those wolverine claws will jack you up! (and any opposing Blood Bowl players too)

kara temple harpies

Amazon teams are as ferocious on the pitch as they are defending their hidden homelands from marauding foes – and they’ll soon be ready for primetime matches in the world of Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl Estelle

blood bowl estelle

Hailing from deep within the jungles of Lustria, Estelle is an eccentric individual who’s decided – for reasons known only to her and her amphibian associates – that the best way to protect her home is to rise to Blood Bowl stardom. It would be just another amusing footnote in the history of the gridiron… if she wasn’t so outstandingly effective on the pitch.

blood bowl estelle 2

Her skills include Disturbing Presence and Guard, which combined with an amazonian level of agility, make her a great supporting player, and that’s before adding her stranger powers into the mix. Using esoteric lore from deep within the swamps, Estelle can place a Baleful Hex on an opposing player at a critical moment, potentially removing them from the game for a turn.

Glotl Stop Str Player

Glotl Stop

This new resin miniature from Forge World is a hulking brute of a Kroxigor, unchained and ready to satiate his primal hunger on the nearest snack-sized player – just make sure your own team keep clear of him when he starts looking peckish… 

Glotl Stop 2

Glotl’s rules come packaged with him, so you can hit the pitch right away. They also appear in the upcoming Blood Bowl: Spike! Journal Issue 15, which contains all you need to run the hot-blooded Amazon team, the Kara Temple Harpies – as well as other Star Players such as Boa Kon’ssstriktr and Estelle La Veneaux.

New 40k JOYTOY Thunderwolf Cavalry Spotted!

Thunderwolves 2These are quite giant and if you play Space Wolves, you pretty much have to get at least one!


Thunderwolves 5We actually heard rumors about these coming out along with a ton of other figures, so seeing these makes those seem much more plausible!

Thunderwolves 6


Thunderwolves 7The wolves and riders both look great and we expect the wolves to have decent articulation.

ThunderwolvesIt looks like there will most likely just be these two variations.

Thunderwolves 3As we said, just like with the outriders, you can pose and use the rider on its own if you wanted to.

Thunderwolves 4As you can see, these are huge!

New Ultramarines Veterans JOYTOY Action Figures!

JOYTOY Ultramarines 2As with all the JOYTOY stuff, there are plenty of parts and articulation!

JOYTOY Ultramarines 3


JOYTOY Ultramarines 4It really looks like you can get some insane poses with this one, and if you have this figure overlooking your games like this, you will get +10 IQ for sure.

This might actually be the better of the two, but both are awesome.



With the bolt pistol option, he can be quite versatile! This would be a great addition for anyone who plays Ultramarines!

Grey Knights New JOYTOY 40k Action Figures Revealed!

All these all come from Twitter.

We also saw pictures of the dread recently (we’ll have some pics below), but together as a group, they are just amazing!

Grey Knights JOYTOYUnfortunately, they didn’t really say much about the release date or anything like that, but usually, we see them show up somewhere in about a month after the first pics (hopefully sooner).

Grey Knights JOYTOY 2This is the biggest banner we’ve seen, and they did a pretty decent job with it, but like with all of these, if you want, you could repaint it.

JOYTOY grey knights

JOYTOY grey knights 2That hammer is about to smash some daemons, and just in time for their new codex to drop! Just be sure you bring this guy to your battles for good luck.

New Grey Knights JOYTOY Dreadnought Spotted!

Grey Knights DreadnoughtRevealed online, this is just a super cool figure with plenty of Grey Knight insignia and stuff everywhere. Plus, you get an extra fist, which gives you more options, and you need more articulation and bits for the price!

Grey Knights Dreadnought 2However, when you look at this, it does look an awful lot like the previous one with a new paint job and extra bits.

grey knights joytoy action figure dreadnought


JOYTOY Dreadnought 9As you can see, even the words on the left side are the same on both models, the guns and fists are the same, and basically everything else. There are a few small differences, like the leg decorations, the light, and a few other small details. Either way, if you play Grey Knights, might as well pick one up!

JOYTOY Action Figure Scale Space Marines Invader ATV

JOYTOY ATV 2This is basically 8×10″, so quite large, and looks to be really cool to have on the shelf!

JOYTOY ATV 3From the looks of it, you’ll have to buy the ATV separately from the models on top, so it’s just something to keep in mind.



JOYTOY ATV 5The models do look great when mounted up, and who knows, maybe they will be included; we really don’t know quite yet.

New Space Marine Action Figures

JOYTOY Space Marines


JOYTOY Space Marines 2We’ve seen a ton of Ultramarines so far, but they are always cool, so hard to complain! Plus, the poses are getting more and more interesting, so that’s always a great thing to see.

JOYTOY Space Marines 3


JOYTOY Space Marines 4This actually looks like one of the models who will ride in the ATV, so that’s pretty awesome.


Again, this looks like you could put him in the ATV; however, just on its own, he’s pretty awesome!


JOYTOY Space Marines 8Last but not least, the Imperial Fists! If you need to defend your territory, then it’s time to grab this figure!

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