MKI to MKII Conversion- Imperial Fists Vindicator

Hello there! Cadaver here from Home of Cadaver and this time I would like to share with you an oldie but goodie from my Imperial Fists army!

I had the old version of the Vindicator model and I decided to upgrade the looks of it by using the newer version of the Rhino.

I thought that the process would be an easy one but there were quite a few things that needed modding… eventually after quite a few hours filling, sanding and cutting the end result looks something like this:

The main problem this conversion had was using the metal plates the old model had in the side of the vehicle. Eventually I decided to use 2 in front and I think it came out well.

For those that don’t remember how the old model looked like, it was something like this :

The end result looks something like this. Those of you that have seen other pieces of my work on vehicles, you will know how much I love weathered vehicles and this one is no exception

I would love to hear your comments and check out my other Imperial Fists pieces in my ever growing Imperial Fists army ah, and don’t forget to leave me a vote in CMON 😉

Till next time, take care!

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