NEW RUMORS – More Space Marines In 2016?

By Rob Baer | November 24th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors


death watch

A new trend looks to be forming at Games Workshop, and guess what new Space Marine faction may be coming in 2016 to the Grimdark!

A source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity, says:


  • Look for the Deathwatch to arrive in the Grimdark in 2016.
  • They will make their initial appearance in a boxed boardgame like Execution Force / Betrayal at Calth.
  • The Deathwatch models are based around a new Deathwatch upgrade sprue.
  • The sprue will contain items such the distinctive shoulderpads, and specialist equipment and weapons of the Deathwatch.
  • The Deathwatch sprue will be bundled atop the Sternguard base kit in the boardgame.
  • The game will allow for you to equip your Killteam’s weapons and equipment in a variety of ways with rules to support them all.
  • As with Betrayal at Calth – these are standard 40K models fully usable outside the boardgame.
  • There will be an opposing force the Deathwatch is pitted against with their own models in the box.



More as we get it.  You can see the pattern forming of 2 of these types of things a year as GW begins to hammer down their winning formula for these boxed games.  There is no date listed for this new boxed game, bit I wold expect sooner than later.  In 2015, the two boxed games arrived:

Execution Force: April 25th

Betrayal at Calth: November 7th

~Would you be all over Deathwatch forces that could evolve into a standalone codex later down the road for the Grimdark?

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