All The New Space Marines 9th Edition 40k Rules So Far

new-rules-space-marines-40k-9th-editionSpace Marines both new and old are getting new 9th Edition 40k datasheet rules tweaks across the board, here’s a roundup of all the updated profiles so far.

As we inch closer to the new Space Marine Codex in October, we’re seeing redesigned datasheet profiles beginning to pop up bringing tweaks to wargear and even base stats. Here are all the new 9th Edition 40k rules datasheets for Space Marines that we’ve seen so far.

The Primaris Impulsor

impulsor wal primaris tank space marines


impulsor updated datasheetThere haven’t been any changes do the basic profile of the unit. However, some minor wargear tweaks are apparent. We’ve got:

  • Icarus Missiles now flat 2 damage.
  • Heavy Stubber lost 12″ of range but gets +1 shot (seems more like a NERF)
  • Ironhail Skytalon Array got +2 shots

Redemptor Dreadnought

redemptor hor wal


redemptor dreadnought updated datasheetThe basic statline on the unit hasn’t changed at all. However, the wargear largely did. Those changes are:

  • Heavy Flamer still 8″ but now Strength 6? We just saw where GW said flamers are going to 12″ so is this a misprint?
  • Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon now Strength 6- this should rip screens apart.
  • Macro Plasma Incinerator has one profile now? S8 -4AP 2dmg.
  • The mini Gatling Cannon got +2 shots but still Strength 5.
  • Redemptor Fist’s profile is S X2 -3AP +3dmg (so does that mean it heals wounds back on the enemy- lol)? 

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Vanguard Veteran Squad

veteran vanguard


vanguard veteran squad datasheet update

  • +1 Wounds
  • Chainsword also -1AP
  • +1 damage on Thunder Hammer
  • Relic Blade changed to 2 damage instead of D3
  • Power Fist also updated to 2 damage instead of D3
  • +1 Strength on Power Sword
  • +1 Strength on Power Axe

Space Marine Company Command

company command updated boxRedesigned Box Art

9th-edition-company-command-datasheetThe major changes to note out of the Company Command sheet is the wargear, which is:

  • Captain’s Relic Blade Going to +3 Strength and flat 2 damage.
  • Company Champion’s sword is +1 Strength and flat 2 damage.
  • Chainsword has -1 AP.
  • Power Fist now flat 2 damage.
  • NEW Boltguns going up to 30″ range instead of 24″. (that’s a big change considering maps also got smaller) 

Space Marine Terminators

terminator squad


terminator datasheet updatesThere are a few key points to make about this pic.

  • +1 Wounds
  • Heavy Flamer now 12″
  • Power Fist 2-flat damage.
  • Chainfist D3 dmg (did a switch with the Power Fist on damage).

We’re bound to see even more datasheets emerge as we close in on October’s Space Marine Codex release. However, based on the way things are looking, Space Marines across the board are looking to be more tanky and more killy.

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What are your thoughts on regular Marines going up to two wounds each? Are Terminators going to replace regular Primaris? 

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