Redemptor Dreadnought New 9th Edition 40k Rules Changes

redemptor hor walPrimaris Ho! The Redemptor Dreadnought updated 40k rules datasheet has been spotted, but the changes may raise more questions than answers…

Reddit U/broken42 posted up a snapshot of the newly updated Redemptor Dreadnought profile. We’ve been seeing multiple datasheets like this emerge as well as the official word from GW explaining what’s been happening with all these new rules that have been spotted. So with that said, let’s jump in and see if the Dreadnought got some buffs or NERFs!

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Redemptor Dreadnought New 9th Edition 40k Rules Changes

redemptor dreadnought updated datasheetThe basic statline on the unit hasn’t changed at all. However, the wargear largely did. Those changes are:

  • Heavy Flamer still 8″ but now Strength 6? We just saw where GW said flamers are going to 12″ so is this a misprint?
  • Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon now Strength 6- this should rip screens apart.
  • Macro Plasma Incinerator has one profile now? S8 -4AP 2dmg.
  • The mini Gatling Cannon got +2 shots but still Strength 5.
  • Redemptor Fist’s profile is S X2 -3AP +3dmg (so does that mean it heals wounds back on the enemy- lol)? 

Overall, the changes are a mixed bag. Why does this flamer have the shortest range even though GW just said flamers are going to 12″? Why does the bigger Gatling Cannon get +1 Strength but the smaller one gets +2 shots (even though they’re basically the same gun)? Why does the fist have a (+) right next to the damage profile?

While the Redemptor looks to be in a better spot than before with more heavy-hitting dakka, these changes are perhaps some of the most puzzling yet…

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How do you feel about the Redemptor now? Will it be the go-to anti screen unit now that one of its main cannons will be wounding T3 bodies on 2’s? 

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