New Updated Primaris Impulsor 40k Rules Spotted

impulsor wal primaris tank space marinesOne of the Primaris newest toys, the Impulsor, just emerged onto the web with an updated 40k rules datasheet. Check out what’s changing on this fast transport.

u/Robftw on Reddit posted an updated pic of the new Impulsor stats. If you haven’t been following along, we’ve been seeing all kinds of datasheets emerge for Space Marines.

Missed all the other new rules for Space Marines? We got you covered with this list:

New Updated Primaris Impulsor 40k Rules Spotted

impulsor wal primaris tank space marines


impulsor updated datasheetThere haven’t been any changes do the basic profile of the unit. However, some minor wargear tweaks are apparent. We’ve got:

  • Icarus Missiles now flat 2 damage.
  • Heavy Stubber lost 12″ of range but gets +1 shot (seems more like a NERF)
  • Ironhail Skytalon Array got +2 shots

The damage and shot output overall has gone up on the unit, but the biggest change is that the Heavy Stubby lost a whopping 12″. That’s a huge downgrade for that weapon. With that said, the unit also moves 14″ so it still has a nice threat bubble on the tabletop. Plus, you never take this thing for its wargear. It’s designed to yeet some friendly units up to the frontline and peace out.


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With a third Primaris unit’s stats now in the open, what do you expect to see changed for the Infantry unit’s datasheets? Will we just continue to see minor wargear tweaks with no changes in wounds?

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