Good News For Eldritch Omens Box Allocations (sort of)

GW-allocationsThere is some good news this week from Games Workshop for the new Eldritch Omens box set allocations that Eldar and Chaos players have been eyeing.

Looks like Pre-Covid allocations are coming for the new Eldritch Omens box set this week which is a welcome relief for hobbyists. The

For now, though, let’s take a look at the retail price and value inside the box and how easy it should be to get for all those eager hobbyists out there ready for some new Eldar and Chaos Miniatures!  

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New Eldritch Omens Box: Pricing & Value Breakdown


Let’s check out the estimated value for the Eldritch Omens box set and all the Eldar and Chaos Space Marines Miniatures inside.

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set contents 16 models

  • Autarch $35 (based on recent character releases)
  • Rangers $55 (based on Drukhari and Howling Banshees releases)
  • Shroud Runners $60 (based on SM Outriders)

Eldar MSRP $150

  • Warpsmith $35-$40 (based on recent releases, but there is a chance it goes for $40 and not $35)
  • Chaos Chosen $60
  • Forgefiend $75

Chaos MSRP $170

Overall MSRP: $320

Total Estimated Value: $120 (based on $200 retail price)

There is also some intrinsic value inside as 15 of the 16 miniatures are new and we probably won’t see them released on their own for a while. We also hope GW puts these on MTO pre-order as we expect them to sell a decent amount of boxes considering both factions inside rarely get new miniatures.

Is the Eldritch Omens Box Worth It?

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set eldar halfThis box is hard to gauge. The problem is the last box set for Warhammer 40k, Shadow Throne, came with 25 miniatures for a $170 retail price, and ended up being around the same value per side ($55-$60).

From there GW seems to have raised the price $30 on the front end but given less value on the back end for Eldritch Storm. However, all the miniatures inside are not only new, as we mentioned above, but also the normal multi-part kits that you would expect to release later on separately as fully boxed sets.

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The recent Shadow Throne box went for $170 and had about $113 worth of value inside which equals about $7 a figure retail. Eldritch Omens cost per figure in an unboxing is about $12.5, which is close to a 50% jump. Both box sets contain multi-part figures.

Overall the new box set looks good, but if it is price pointed at $170 retail like the Shadow Throne and Hexfire sets before it, each model in Eldritch Omens cost $12.50 each, up from around $7 each in those two previous boxes. That makes the roughly $3 a figure from the 2020 Indomitus launch box, (or the 2012 Dark Vengenace’s 50 figures at $2.20 ea.) look like a steal.

The difference is that these sets were “Starter Boxes” and contained ETB or easy-to-build miniatures.

So in Games Workshop money, there is some value to Eldritch Omens, as the value is about the same as the other box sets from 2021, and you are getting way more “new” models early.

The question is will the $200 price point push away hobbyists, as Games Workshop has not had any new box set release sell out in a very long time for a variety of reasons.

If you do pull the trigger on this box, you can always sell off the side you may not want if you can’t find someone to split it with on release.

Good News For Eldritch Omens Box Allocations (sort of)

Eldar vs Chaos Space Marines Eldritch Omens Battle Box Set

Like we said before, at least there is some good news even though some folks may scoff at the $200 price tag, there are no allocations or caps this week for games and hobby stores. From the looks of it, they can order as many as they want.

So if it’s of value to you please consider buying from a retailer, and not Games Workshop, to help keep more hobby dollars with those stores and companies that directly support the hobby.

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    What do you think about the new miniatures pricing and value coming for Eldar and Chaos Space Marines in the Eldritch Omens Box? 

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