House Korvax Chaos Knights & Disciples of Be’lakor Rules

New-imperial-Knights-chaos-rulesIn an upcoming White Dwarf, there is going to be a way to bring your House Korvax Chaos Knights in a Disciples of Be’lakor army!

Rules are getting spotted all over the place for the upcoming Chaos Knights codex. This time around, how you can actually take a Knight while keeping all your benefits from both The Disciples’ rules and the Knights’ ones.

The new rules were spotted over on Reddit, and are actually pretty cool. It really looks like GW wants every Chaos army to be able to take a Knight. Let’s first check out the marks we’ve seen (as they are important to this new rule) as well as how other Chaos armies can take knights, then jump into the new stuff!

New Chaos Knights Codex Rules For Marks

All these rules for marks come from Warhammer Community.

Chaos Marks

Battle-forged armies containing a Chaos Knights Detachment can grant a Favour of the Dark Gods to any Knight in their army. That model gains the keyword associated with its patron god, as well as a powerful new ability – and even a Favoured ability, which you’ll unlock by reaching a certain tally of kills. Naturally, the bigger your Knight, the more kills you’ll need to offer before the gods take notice.

This is pretty standard lately, to pay a few points to upgrade either units or characters, since Knights are big, it’s all single models!

Chaos Marks 2

Are you impatiently revving your newly-improved reaper chainblade? Are you sick of blunting your metal teeth on sacred relics and advanced force fields? Khorne’s Blood Shield offers an answer to such trickery – give a Knight the KHORNE keyword and you’ll be able to shut down all invulnerable saves (for your foe and yourself*) once per battle.

So, you won’t be getting your own Invulnerable saves, but neither will the enemy! So if you need to punch through anything, then this might be the perfect way to go! You will also be able to increase your WS and attacks by 1 if you’re a Psyker, so this will really turn your Knights into combat monsters.

Chaos Marks 3

On the flipside, Slaanesh offers Knights swiftness beyond imagination, turning lumbering engines of destruction into blurs of chrome and steel. Subjugator Machine Spirit binds the gluttonous soul of a fallen Subjugator Titan into the confines of a Knight, saturating every piston and synapse with its overwhelmingly powerful ego.

This is pretty awesome because you can advance and charge, just getting your Knights into combat just that much faster! Then, you just count as remaining stationery basically all the time.

Chaos Marks 4

If you’d prefer your pilot to enjoy a balanced diet of warring Chaos gods, you can instead devote them wholly to the PANTHEON UNDIVIDED, for Favours like the Blessing of the Dark Master. A Fallen Noble who offers worship to a particular shadowy demigod can receive a tenebrous cowl in return, shrouding them from the vision of even the most skilled sniper.

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Getting TH all the time, then getting rid of all re-rolls will make your Knights so much more durable! Considering there are so many re-rolls out there, this is good to see!

New Chaos Knights Codex Keyword Leak

This leak also came from Reddit.

Chaos Knight RulesAs we said, this is the only leak for this one, but it is quite big. This means all CSM armies can take advantage of a Knight and not lose anything.

So if you’ve been dreaming about the new Knight, but don’t want a full Chaos Knight army, this is perfect. Remember as well, it’s only one from your army, so you can’t just do this in each detachment.

House Korvax Chaos Knights & Disciples of Be’lakor Rules

Korvax and Be'lakor rulesSo basically this lets you take a knight in the army, but keep all your special rules, for both sides of the faction. This means both your knight will have all the House Korvax rules and then you still get all the cool special rules from Be’lakor.

This is actually really strong because most times, you only get to keep one or the other (as they even mention above), not everything. Then, you can still upgrade your knight with the marks above, but it must be the Dark Master. Meaning your knight will have TH and no opponents can ever get re-rolls against them. For hits, wounds, or damage rolls.

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Click Gallery below for full-size images.

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Will you be including a Knight in your army with these rules?

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