Necromunda: Ash Wastes Nomad Stormcaller Revealed!

new-necromunda-modelsThis Nomad has the power of storms in the Ash Wastes, with the reveal of the new Necromunda Stormcaller miniature!

It’s not clear if this mini will be plastic or Forge World, but it still looks sweet either way. The new miniature also follows the Nomad theme of Dustback walkers!

Warhammer Community unveiled the new model along with some hints at what it will do in games of Necromunda.

Necromunda: Ash Wastes Nomad Stormcaller Revealed!


In the ash-choked wilderness of Necromunda, visibility is everything. When your gang’s been hired to guard a Merchant Guild caravan, there are countless very real threats lurking just out of sight – so when a storm closes in and you hide your attackers from view, you’re going to need more than photogoggles and the headlights of your tricked-out dune buggy.

With a little less tech, hit and run tactics might be a hallmark of the nomads, and judging by the hints, evasive rules might help them to stand up and take over things like caravans in the wastes.

Stormcaller details

These shamanic warriors are practically born in the saddle of the terrifying Dustback Helamites they ride, leading war parties from the deep wastes to pillage great convoys of Cargo-8 Ridgehaulers and the hapless underhivers paid to protect them. Ash Waste Nomads work best with the element of surprise, and can learn the art of seeing through a dust storm* – so as the thickest clouds roll in, the Stormcallers begin the killing.

Furthermore, we know that this is a master Dusback Rider, so maybe there will be some speed bonus to show that skill off.

Stormcaller art

Are the Stormcallers psykers? Sorcerers? Really good at guessing the weather? No one can say for sure – and they’re not going to hang around outdoors long enough to find out.

Still, their meteorological mastery might have something to do with the stormcaller staves many of them wield. Like much else on Necromunda that’s been left in forgotten garbage dumps from an earlier age, these staves have all the hallmarks of archeotech. They also work quite nicely for whacking storm-dazed underhivers from the saddle of your Helamite as you bound past.

All-in-all it makes sense that these mysterious Stormcallers are good at what they do, after all a huge portion of their lore and lives are surely surviving in the wastes where others could not.

No word yet on if this can be made from the plastic kit, or if it will be a Forge World character like Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena!

Vespa Merderna

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