RUMORS: New Imperial & Chaos Knights Codex Rules

New-imperial-Knights-chaos-rulesNew 40k rules rumors and previews are here well ahead of the new Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights codex book- check it out!

Somehow even before the reveal, rules have already been spotted on the interwebs. Obviously, these aren’t actually put out by GW, so they are rumors at this point and were eventually proven to be “fake”.

Both Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights are getting new rules in their upcoming codex books, and we have already seen plenty of rumors as well…

GW Reveals Puzzling New Imperial Knights & Chaos 40k Teaser

The preview video itself doesn’t show too much, but we can tell the following:

Knights CodexHere’s what Games Workshop has to say about the teaser:

With portents of Chaos popping up all over the Imperium and new Xenos threats preparing to swarm the galaxy, Humanity needs its mightiest defenders on the front lines. The Code Chivalric demands a response, and thus the Imperial Knights stride forth once more to smite Mankind’s deadliest foes on the glorious field of battle.

We weren’t sure how soon they would get a book, and it’s a little surprising that Imperial Knights are now be next in line for one after the Tyranids with this reveal.

Imperial Knights

Across the Imperium, crowds are gathering to watch these highborn cavaliers mount their colossal steeds and embark on their crusade against the forces of ruin. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of these magnificent behemoths at AdeptiCon later this week?

As we said, this seems to be covering the 40k portion of the reveal, so if you play Knights, probably Chaos or Imperial, you might be in luck!

Games Workshop’s teaser email also had the following to say:

Saddle up – the Imperial Knights are riding out to battle a truly terrible foe in this tantalising teaser.

GW AdeptiCon Preview Reveals New Chaos Knights

Yes, new codexes are on the way soon for Chaos Knights and Imperial Knights! The crowd at AdeptiCon have already seen the books for the first time – now it’s your opportunity to admire these mighty tomes.

Chaos Knights Abominant 

The Abominant has everything you could want in a Chaos Knight – tusks, a volkite combustor to devastate distant enemies, an electroscourge to crush anything that gets too close, AND it’s a psyker. Yes, a Knight that has psychic powers! And that gun is a nod to classic Heresy-era weaponry, which their Imperial counterparts have all but lost.

The first miniature up is the upgrade kit to make a Knight Abominant, which will actually be a psyker. It covers most of the things from the above preview video, so don’t expect too much else from them. One thing to note here though, is all the current Questors, and Dominus Knights currently go for $170, so we’re not sure what the upgrade sprue will push it to when it releases separately…

The new army set is a great way to kick off a Chaos Knights army and perfect for adding reinforcements to an existing host of Descecrators and Rampagers. This box will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on the new Codex: Chaos Knights before it comes out as a separate release soon after. 

They also mentioned the army box will have 3 knights (the Abominat and box of two Karnivore models) and the codex, along with some transfer sheets

Chaos Knight War Dog Karnivore


Armed with a reaper chaintalon and slaughterclaw, the Karnivore can tear its way through anything from Dreadnoughts to Trygons.

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Be careful not to upset the Karnivore, or you’ll have to face its bigger brother – the Abominant! 

Next up is the Karnivore, which is fully geared up for close combat.

Lastly, we have the two new codex books, so at least Imperial Knight players are getting that!

GW Reveals New 40k Imperial & Chaos Knights Weapons Rules!

titan weapons rules 3

In an attempt to win over undecided Nobles with fancy ancient technology, the Chaos Knights debut the Desecrator’s updated laser destructor. The Idolators have been hard at work to make this long-range firearm much more reliable than before – and while consistency may not be especially Chaotic, redirecting power from its explosive blast allows the destructor to punch through armour more effectively, dealing eye-watering damage with every shot.

With increased range, more consistent shots, better AP, and improved damage, this will hit harder than ever!

titan weapons rules

Will these brave Knights be content to use the safer, low-power option, or will they reach for even higher Strength and Damage as they ignite the catwalk with its even riskier supercharged mode?

Again, an increase in damage and AP makes this version just much better! However, you will be taking 2 mortals for 1’s instead of 1 mortal.

titan weapons rules 2

Given that these chainswords are the size of trees – and a mite more dangerous than even the most well-heeled giant foot – Knights appropriately attired for close-quarters combat earn a solid power boost. What’s more, the reaper chainsword comes with two fresh new looks – for sweeping away hordes of enemy infantry, or striking down a single large target.

This has gotten so much better! With increased AP and obviously the addition of the sweep attack to get three hit rolls for each attack!

titan weapons rules 4

Blast keeps the Knight Preceptor from firing at enemies that get too close – at least, under normal circumstances – so the high-intensity version also gains an extra 6” range to help keep your foes distant.

With more range and more consistent damage, this should be more reliable.

Comparing them to the Imperial & Chaos Renegade Knights Rules Rumors “Leaks”

So at this point, as a lot of folks have speculated, some salty hobbyists have been sowing discord with “fake” rules leaks and rumors for the Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights codex books too.Knight castellan DatasheetWell, this isn’t good for the Imperial Knight rules leaks as this datasheet is totally different than the one previewed by Games Workshop! Perhaps it was just an old playtest version, or someone took the time to make it up.

We really don’t know but either way, the profiles on the weapons are very different, in almost every respect.  So, just remember whenever you see any rumors out there, take them with some serious salt.

Chaos Knights Codex Keyword Rules Leak Rumors

Chaos Knight RulesAs we said, this is the only leak for this one, but it is quite big. This means all CSM armies can take advantage of a Renegade Knight and not lose anything.

So if you’ve been dreaming about the new Knight, but don’t want a full Chaos Knight army, this is perfect. Remember as well, it’s only one from your army, so you can’t just do this in each detachment.

RUMORS: New Chaos Knights 40k Points

RUMORS New Chaos Knights Points From 40k Codex

We supposed the biggest takeaway is that there really are no cross rumors to compare these to as there was nothing about any specific Favor of the Dark Gods to compare this chart. However GW themselves revealed the mechanic in a preview recently, that’s worth a second look now.

New Chaos Knights Codex Rules For Marks

Chaos Marks

Battle-forged armies containing a Chaos Knights Detachment can grant a Favour of the Dark Gods to any Knight in their army. That model gains the keyword associated with its patron god, as well as a powerful new ability – and even a Favoured ability, which you’ll unlock by reaching a certain tally of kills. Naturally, the bigger your Knight, the more kills you’ll need to offer before the gods take notice.

This is pretty standard lately, to pay a few points to upgrade either units or characters, since Knights are big, it’s all single models!

Chaos Marks 2

Are you impatiently revving your newly-improved reaper chainblade? Are you sick of blunting your metal teeth on sacred relics and advanced force fields? Khorne’s Blood Shield offers an answer to such trickery – give a Knight the KHORNE keyword and you’ll be able to shut down all invulnerable saves (for your foe and yourself*) once per battle.

So, you won’t be getting your own Invulnerable saves, but neither will the enemy! So if you need to punch through anything, then this might be the perfect way to go! You will also be able to increase your WS and attacks by 1, if you’re a Psyker, so this will really turn your Knights into combat monsters.

Chaos Marks 3

On the flipside, Slaanesh offers Knights swiftness beyond imagination, turning lumbering engines of destruction into blurs of chrome and steel. Subjugator Machine Spirit binds the gluttonous soul of a fallen Subjugator Titan into the confines of a Knight, saturating every piston and synapse with its overwhelmingly powerful ego.

This is pretty awesome because you can advance and charge, just getting your Knights into combat just that much faster! Then, you just count as remaining stationery basically all the time.

Chaos Marks 4

If you’d prefer your pilot to enjoy a balanced diet of warring Chaos gods, you can instead devote them wholly to the PANTHEON UNDIVIDED, for Favours like the Blessing of the Dark Master. A Fallen Noble who offers worship to a particular shadowy demigod can receive a tenebrous cowl in return, shrouding them from the vision of even the most skilled sniper.

Getting Transhuman on a knight all the time, then getting rid of all re-rolls will make your Knights so much more durable! Considering there are so many re-rolls out there, this is good to see!

From here it seems like a few points increased, but the way to go may be getting the Blessing of the Dark Master, and whatever the Putrid Carapace, and or the Mark of the Dread Knight is. Those upgrades seem to cost the most, and if they are anything like the no reroll, gain the transhuman ability from the Dark Master, then these walkers may slap.

House Korvax Chaos Knights & Disciples of Be’lakor Rules

Korvax and Be'lakor rulesSo basically this lets you take a knight in the army, but keep all your special rules, for both sides of the faction. This means both your knight will have all the House Korvax rules and then you still get all the cool special rules from Be’lakor.

This is actually really strong because most times, you only get to keep one or the other (as they even mention above), not everything. Then, you can still upgrade your knight with the marks above, but it must be the Dark Master. Meaning your knight will have TH and no opponents can ever get re-rolls against them. For hits, wounds, or damage rolls.

RUMORS: New Imperial & Chaos Renegade Knights Codex Rules

According to Reddit: 

From Dakka, but have been said to be “all true” by the Chosen One (Ok_Entrepreneur3004) who has revealed many secrets from other codexes in the past.

Army Trait

  • Power From Pain Like Mechanic. Looks like you chose 1 of 3 categories, and the effect happens. They stack as the game moves on and they are all debuffs to enemies within 12′

Overall Rules

  • All Knights lost -2′ of movement, with the exception of the Melee Knights (Rampager)
  • Dominus Class Knights have a 2+ Save
  • NO -1 Damage
  • 5++ Only in shooting, NO built-in Melee Invuln.

House Traits

  • Fell Bond (Custom Trait), Ramshackle.

Warlord Traits

  • Warlord can get a second trait


  • Volkite does 3 MWs on 6’s
  • Melee Knights retain 2+ WS
  • Thunderstrike Gaunt is flat 8D and also has a sweep attack at 3 Damage with no more minus to hit. Sweeps are X2 Attacks.
  • Wardogs get reroll 1’s in melee near a Melee Knight
  • Havocs are 48′ S5 no LOS on Armigers
  • Wardog Gatling 12 shots Strength 6 AP -1 1D
  • Thermal Spear: 30″ Heavy 2, S9 AP-4 Dd6 (Dd6+2 in half range)
  • Thermal Cannon: 30″ Heavy 2d3 S9 AP-4 Dd6+2 (Dd6+4 in half range)
  • Volcano Lance D3 Shots, D6+8 Damage
  • RFBC: 72″ Heavy 2d6 S8 AP-2 flat 3 damage
  • Helvrins: get an additional AP(!)
  • Armigers are now all distinct Datasheets.
  • Upgrades – “Favored of the Gods” Paid points upgrades that are updated based on wounds delivered. Every Knight can have up to one.
  • Can get a full 4++ (useable in melee as well)

Chaos Knight Psychic Tree

  • WC 6: No Overwatch + Weird Smite
  • WC6: D3 Mortals and nearest to target takes 1 MW. 11+ D3 on both
  • WC6: 5+++, Higher cast gives Wardogs within 6′ a 6+++
  • WC6: All Enemies within 12′ take a dread test. If failed, take 1 MW.
  • 2 more than were not seen

Infernal Chart

  • 1 MW for random, D3 for Choice
  • +3 inches
  • +1 Wound on a Weapon
  • Transhuman


  • Heirlooms/Exalted Court down to 1/2 CP.
  • Rotate now a flat 2CP for all knights
  • 2CP, roll a D6 for every model you kill in the fight phase, for every 4+ you gain a Wound back to a max of 8
  • -1 Damage in Melee


  • HELM OF the Dogs – Wardog only relic +1 attack and all dogs 6′ get reroll wound rolls of 1.
  • House Korvax Relic – This allows you to negate 1 saving throw a battle round.

Chaos Marks

  • Mark of Nurgle – Machine Spirit Resurgence

Interesting split on the Armigers with their own datasheets now, which is cool. Looks like big changes to saves and movement may be on the way as well. Healthy buffs for potentially both Wardogs and Armigers as well may see a lot more of the “little” knights on the tables soon!

It will also be cool to see how the Chaos Knight works with rumored Psychics too, as besides the Libby Dreadnought we can’t remember anything similar in the base 40k game as of late.

Now with all that out of the way, here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

Do you like the new Imperial and Chaos Knights Models so far, and are you excited about the new 40k codex and rules so far? 

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