New Necromunda Ash Wastes Pre-Orders Announced

new-next-week-ash-wastesGW revealed next week’s releases as Necromunda Ash Wastes- with all the new models and rules hitting pre-orders.

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states.

Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community.

Necromunda Ash Wastes Boxset

Necromunda Ash Wastes

Set off into the great outdoors with Necromunda: Ash Wastes, a new boxed set that brings ruthless gang warfare to the barren wild. Contend with howling winds that’ll strip the flesh from your bones, radzones hot enough to cook your blood in seconds, and locals who’ll eat you as soon as look at you. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather stay inside?

Necromunda Ash WastesWe’ve been seeing previews for about a month or so for this, and GW promises this is the biggest thing to happen to Necromunda since 2017.

Necromunda Ash Wastes



The box features House Orlock prospectors duking it out with the Ash Wastes Nomads – a brand new gang native to the hazardous plains beyond the Hive walls. We’ve already glimpsed one of these mysterious desert dwellers, and now it’s time to get a first look at every member of the new gang.

The minis themselves are really cool and have an interesting feel and make sense with the super harsh wastes of the planet.

Necromunda Ash Wastes

These Outrider Quads are impressive, but what of the Ash Wastes Nomads? Surely they won’t be left in the (radioactive) dust by their hiver adversaries? Who needs little buggies… when you have big bug-guys?

Necromunda Ash WastesThese Dustback Riders are definitely something interesting! If you want some weird bugs, even if not for Necromunda they could make for some wild conversions.

Necromunda Ash Wastes

This is the first time we’ve ever been outdoors on Necromunda, and the wide-open spaces allow for a completely different type of fighting. The box includes a full gang from the House of Iron, and they’re accompanied by a whole new breed of ganger – time to finally break out the dune buggies!

House Orlock regularly makes trips into the wastes, so it’s good to see. Then, these are the first vehicles in Necromunda, but they said there will be more than this

Necromunda Ash Wastes

Take your games of Necromunda into the great outdoors with the massive Ash Wastes boxed set. This gives you a completely new high-speed way to play as you fight for domination in the open desert.

The box includes everything else you need to play Necromunda. There are tokens, cards, dice, templates, a playing mat, and an updated rule book – which features all of the basic rules for the game (indoor and outdoor) as well as new rules for mounted fighters and vehicles. Everything’s been updated and clarified for the new edition.

So again as we had seen, this giant new boxset comes with everything you need to start playing! The Rulebook, measuring tools, dice, reference sheets, tokens, cards, mats, models, terrain… It really does come with everything you need!

Ash Wastes Nomad gang

The box includes two complete gangs – 10 Orlocks on foot and two hardy Outrider Quads, and the never-before-seen Ash Wastes Nomad gang, who bring four Dustback Helamite riders to the (raiding) party.

As part of the box, there are of course two gangs’ worth of models, and one of them is made up of entirely new models!

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10 Orlocks on foot and two hardy Outrider Quads

While the new Orlocks, don’t have quite the same excitement surrounding them, the brand new 4-wheelers are pretty dope!

Ash Wastes Nomads

Ash Wastes Nomads

A deadly new gang emerges from the deepest ash wastes, seeking vengeance on any who would dare to invade their lands. Appearing from nowhere, the Ash Wastes Nomads strike without warning, slipping back into the dunes before there’s any chance of reprisal.

Additionally, you’ll be able to pick up these nomads separately from the box!

Dustback Helamite Riders

Dustback Helamite Riders

Strike even faster and harder with your Ash Waste Nomads by putting them on top of giant bugs! The Dustback Helamite Riders add incredible hit-and-run options to your gang, allowing you to swiftly cross the plains and bring your deadly chain lances to bear.

The exciting new cavalry options are also up for grabs separately if you were looking forward to them.

Ash Waste Nomads Tactics Cards

Ash Waste Nomads Tactics Cards

Deploy cunning Ash Waste Nomads tactics with this card pack.* It comes with 18-gang specific tactics to earn you the upper hand in your games, and also includes eight fighter cards so that you can track the stats, skills, and weapons of your nomads.

As with most new products/rules you can pick up these cards to provide a little bit extra inside your games with the new faction!

Orlock Outrider Quads

Orlock Outrider Quads

Blast out into the ash wastes with the Orlock Outrider Quad. These nippy four-wheeled wonders get your heavy weapons – a choice of harpoon launcher or heavy bolter – exactly where you need them with speed and style. These are great for adding to your fleet of vehicles from the Ash Wastes boxed set or for starting your own deadly biker gang.

As the new unit for Orlock, this might be an easy pick-up for the fans of the faction looking to jump into the Ash Wastes experience without having to pick up the box.

Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards

Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards

Your gang will need some new tactics to survive the ash wastes, and these Orlock Vehicle Gang Tactics Cards* help you pull off audacious vehicular gambits in the heat of battle. There are also eight blank fighter cards for your mounted fighters from the House of Iron.

Just like the other set, these new cards are an easy pickup if you’re looking to get a little bit more out of your gang.

Carta Galactica: The Western Hemisphere of Necromunda

Carta Galactica The Western Hemisphere of Necromunda

Of course, to find your way around the ash wastes – which do often look quite similar – you’ll need a map! This stunning map of the western hemisphere of Necromunda shows you where all the great hives are and the roads that connect them. It’s printed on heavyweight poster paper and is significantly larger than A1 size. It’s great for plotting out your campaigns amongst the dunes and features enough places of interest to whet the appetite of even the most grizzled danger.

forgworld banner

Orlock Upgrades

Orlock Upgrades

Forge World are also getting in on the Ash Wastes fun with an upgrade set for the Orlock gang. It comes with alternate heads for your fighters sporting a selection of goggles and rebreathers – just what you need out in the desert. There are also water bottles and backpacks to ensure your survival in the harsh conditions.

Upgrade kits are pretty simple, but they are a great way to break up the appearance of your gang and provide some variety!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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