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chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopEven more rumors are here for new 40k Chaos Space Marines datasheets and unit rules that may be on the way in the upcoming codex book!

Obviously, these are rumors, so take them with as much salt as you need. However, with the new Chaos Space Marines Codex book on the horizon, there are bound to be some pretty strong leaks out there.

Plus, supposedly these come from a playtester and match up with previous legion rumors we have seen out there.  So plenty to sink your Chaos teeth into!

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Some of those are super spicy for sure, and some are not. Either way, we know new Chaos Space Marines are on the way. Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rumors above!

New Chaos Space Marines 40k Datasheets & Unit Rules RUMORS

Let’s check out the latest en masse:

Chaos lord

  • Base loadout is thunder hammer and plasma pistol
  • Has access to all melee weapons
  • Can only have a bolt or plasma pistol


abaddon new chaos release games worksjop

  • 8A s10 ap4 d3, 6+ to wound causes d3 MW (drachnyen pierce)
  • 16A s7 ap4 d1 (drachnyen sweep)
  • always fights first
  • -1 to wound
  • The damage of the first failed save is reduced to 0 damage
  • +1s on the charge
  • can only take a max 3 damage per phase
  • full rerolls
  • charge bonus
  • supposedly very pricy (would be around 300 ish points)

Disco lord

  • +1 to hit vehicles in melee
  • Bs2 ws2 s4 t6 9w 6A LD9 2+/5++
  • Limited to 1 and cant get multiple boosts (i don’t understand what this means yet)
  • Techno virus injector: in engagement range, all weapons get +1 damage vs VEHICULES
  • impaler chainglaive: ap3 d2; on the charge +1 to wound
  • the melta mouth weapon is a melta pistol
  • claws and tail are 4 additional attacks @ S6 ap2 d2
  • mechadentritees: 4x s4 ap0 d1
  • ability to wound vehicles: you can corrupt a vehicle: roll a d6 for every wound that a vehicle has on a 6s=1MW (maximum of 6); if you kill an enemy vehicle in melee you can corrupt 2 different vehicles instead of just 1. The double corruption ability is gained for the rest of the game. Happens in the command phase.


  • Can heal vehicles
  • +1 to hit for VEHICULES for shooting
  • MoE (elite slot)
  • Rerolls wounds v char
  • 6″ heroic intervene
  • Hits of six do two mortals and the attack ends
  • Axe got worse Doesn’t reroll hits Doesn’t explode (does with legion)
  • Gains a wound and an attack

Dark Apostle

  • All god specific prayers are entirely new
  • cast 1 prayer (stratagem to cast another prayer)
  • no longer has an illusionary supplication
  • MoP
  • Has a staff that causes perils in combat with a psyker
  • Cast 2 deny 1
  • When casting, can cause d3 mortals to a friendly non-daemonkin unit to gain +2 to cast
  • Enemy psykers suffer one additional wound if they peril within 12″
  • Sorcerer in terminator armor
  • can have a chaos familiar

Cultist HQ squad

  • It’s a squad, with a banner, a priest and a psyker, + some extra bullet catchers
  • The banner: rerolls 1s to hit for cultists & +2Ld to cultists
  • psyker: cast 1 deny 1
  • priest: knows the basic prayer and another, always lands prayer on a 3+
  • a squad of 5 models


  • gains 3 additional attacks
  • +1 damage if fighting a unit with a 3+ WS


  • Can make a raptor unit reroll to hit and wound


  • Gains one toughness, wound, attack & leadership
  • His claw doubles his attacks instead of being a powerfist.


  • In the codex
  • can only be hit on a 4+

CSM Legionaries (5-10)

  • Legionaries is the new name for the CSM troop unit choice
  • same profile as before but 2W and 2a (3a on the AC)
  • Ld9
  • loadout:
  • AC gets a daemon blade (S user ap2 d2; 6s to wound= 1MW); plasma pistol; can choose 1 weapon from the melee weapons list
  • Any of all legionnaires can replace bolter for chainswords
  • 1 legionaire can take a special weapon
  • 1 legionaire can take a heavy weapon
  • 1 legionaire can take balefire tome (cast 1/deny 1)
  • 1 legionaire can take a heavy chainaxe (S+4 ap4 d2; -1 to hit)
  • 1 legionaire can take a chaos icon


  • 10-20

Accursed Cultists

traitor guard renegade chaos warhammer 40k

  • a squad made of a mix of big mutant and small mutants
  • 3-6 big models per unit
  • 5-10 small models per unit
  • big mutant at S5 t4 1W & ap2 in melee
  • small mutant are S4 t4 1W & ap1 in melee

Cult units (berzerkers/rubrics/plague marines, only noise marines are still in the codex because EC won’t be getting their own book very soon)

  • Are no longuer in the codex
  • Act like harlequins in a CWE army, or like Scions in Guard (including them is like including Fabius Bile, it doesn’t cancel your legion trait)
  • Always Elites
  • can benefit from army rules
  • Cannot gain a legion trait


  • Not in the codex

Exalted Champion

  • Same loadout as the model (power axe, combi melta & pistol)
  • Is elite and is now a lieutenant (rerolls 1 to wound @6″)
  • Cannot change loadout
  • Hits better, more wounds, more attacks

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Chosen (5-10)

  • 3w
  • Stat wise similar to CSM troops (6” S4 T4 3+/no invul)
  • WS 3+/BS 3+/ 3A (champion 4a)
  • can take icon
  • Gain gain an additional trait that you can choose, this trait is one of the traits from the list of: build a warband traits
  • everyone comes with a bolter, bolt pistol, and accursed weapon (S+1 ap3 d1; +1A)
  • 2 per 5 chosen can replace their bolt pistol with a plasma pistol
  • 2 per 5 chosen can replace their bolter with a combi-weapon
  • 1 per 5 chosen can replace their bolter with an additional accursed weapon (S+1 ap3 d1; +1A)

Terminators (5-10)

  • Base loadout combi-bolters, accursed weapons (S+1 ap3 d1; +1a)
  • 1 per 5 can replace combi bolter with autocannon or heavy flamer
  • 1 per 5 can replace combi bolter with an extra accursed weapon
  • 3 per 5 can replace an accursed weapon with a powerfist
  • 1 per 5 can replace an accursed weapon with a chainfist
  • 2 per 5 can replace combi bolters with up to 2 combi flamers
  • 2 per 5 can replace combi bolter with 2 combi melta
  • 1 per 5 can replace combi bolters with 1 combi plasma

Greater Possessed

Not in the codex (my guess is the models are the new regular possessed models)

Possessed (5-10)

  • 9” s5 t5 3w 5a 3+/5++
  • Melee S user ap2 d2
  • Take 2 slots in transports
  • Personal guess: either the greater possessed model will be the new stand possessed model, or it will be an upgrade to the standard possessed unit


  • no longer in the book

Warp talon (unit 5 to 10)

  • lost cancel overwatch
  • gained no fallback rule
  • 5a (these are total with claws)

Raptors (unit 5 to 10)

  • still have the -1LD aura
  • +2a
  • Chainsword and pistol
  • Up to 2 special weapons
  • Up to 2 plasma pistols
  • Champ can take plasma pistol Power sword or fist


shadowspear venomcrawler new multipar chaos

  • is now FA
  • 12″ bs3 ws2 s7 t7 9w 6a 3+/5++ (no longer degrades)
  • Assault 3 s6 ap2 d2
  • Melee S user ap3 d2
  • now gives +1 to psychic tests
  • Bikers (unit 3 to 9)
  • 14″ bs3 ws3 t5 3w 3a ld9 3+
  • Replace pistol for chainsword
  • Up to 2 special weapons
  • Up to 2 replace combi weapons with combi plas/melt/flam


  • Champ
  • Plasma pistol
  • 1 weapon from Melee weapon

Obliterators (1-3)

  • 5″ bs3 ws3 t5 5w 4a ld9 2+/5++
  • have essentially big guns never tire(shoot into engagement range with -1 to hit)
  • Not core
  • ignore modifier for heavy weapons
  • armed with powerfists without -1 to hit
  • 24” range
  • Has 3 shooting profiles:
  • Heavy 9+d6 s5 ap1 d1/ Heavy 3+d3 s7 ap2 d2/ Heavy d3 s9 ap3 d4

Havocs (5)

  • exactly the same as right now but 2w

Noctilith Crown

  • T8 14w
  • Lash has 8 shots and improved strength but degrades
  • Increasing aura every turn of -1l/4++ vs shooting
  • PRIEST & PSYKER within 9″ can perform an ACTION: perform leadership test, if equal or below, gain 1 CP, can also replace 1 prayer or 1 spell

Some of these we have already seen in the past, and some of these are new. Obviously lining up with previous rumors is a good sign that the rules in the new Chaos codex may be headed in the right direction soon!

The question is what else will we see for the followers of the dark gods this year?  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Some of those are super spicy for sure, and some are not. Either way, we know new Chaos Space Marines are on the way. Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rumors above!

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What do you want to see in an update? Do you think these new Chaos Space Marines Codex rules and rumors are true?

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