Azrael Is Back, Dorn Gets His Bottom Bits & Free Mini LATEST

free-from-gwDon’t miss all these wargaming releases, previews, rumors, plus the latest from Games Workshop this week!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby and our expert commentary from mid-January.  Let’s look at the latest news for Warhammer and tabletop wargaming!

Azrael Returns in Wrath of the Soul Forge King Box Set!

wrath-of-the-soul-forge-king-box-set-warhammer-40k-dark-angelsA new Dark Angels vs. Chaos box set, Wrath of the Soul Forge King, was revealed at the LVO 2023 preview with both Vashtor and Azrael inside! Read More

Space Marines Get a New Codex, Strikeforce, & Dreadnought

New-Space-Marines-strike-force-agastusNew Space Marines Desolators, Lieutenant, Strikeforce, and Brutalis Dreadnought were revealed at the LVO 2023 preview- check it out! Read More

Preview Copies of GW Miniatures Stolen at LVO

angron-horus-stolen-lvo-2023Apparently, preview copies of Horus Ascended and Angron were stolen from Caleb Wissenback of CK Studios while at the GW store booth at LVO 2023… Read More

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Core Set & More Sets Hit Pre-Order

shatterpoint-star warsThe Star Wars: Shatterpoint core set and six other sets have hit pre-order from Atomic Mass Games for a June release date. Read More

Massive New Warhammer 40k & AoS Previews!

gw-previews-new-warhammerThere were massive previews of all things Warhammer revealed by GW at the Las Vegas Open 2023 check out everything that is coming soon! Read More

Adeptus Arbites & Dark Eldar Coming to 40k Kill Team!

kill-team-soulshackle-arbitesA new 40k Kill team box, Soulshackle, featuring hew Adeptus Arbites and Dark Eldar miniatures, was revealed at the LVO 2023 previews! Read More

Games Workshop Updates Retailers On Last Second-Price Increases

GW-price-hikes-increasesIt looks like more price increases are here as Games Workshop updated retailers last second before pre-orders went live and changed the retail value of a few products… Read More

You’re Not Ready For These Top Painted 40k Xenos Armies at LVO 2023

Top Xenos ArmiesThese are the top-painted Warhammer 40k Xenos Armies at LVO 2023, as players brought the heat with these amazingly painted miniatures! Read More

GW’s New Free Miniature & Coin Promotion For February

free-from-gwGet a free Warcry model for the new GW miniature of the month, along with their Adeptus Arbites coin promotion in February 2023! Read More

GW Reveals New Forge World & Black Library Pre-Orders For FEB

new forge world releases games workshop wal hor warhammer communityMore Forge World releases are coming, along with new Black Library books that are all hitting pre-orders for the first week in February! Read More

New January Infinity Miniatures Available Now!

January Infinity releases featureThere are a ton of new January Infinity Miniatures available right now, so get them soon to start your new year painting project! Read More

Tons of New Seraphon Models Coming for Age of Sigmar!

new-seraphon-age-of-sigmarTons of new AoS Seraphon Models were revealed at the LVO 2023 preview including the Slann Starmaster, Saurus Warriors, and more!  Read More

New Angron, World Eaters & Battleforces Pricing CONFIRMED!

new-angron-releaseHere’s the pricing and new pre-order lineup for the World Eaters, Battleforces, Black Library, and the new Daemon Primarch Angron! Read More

These Painted 40k Imperial Armies From LVO 2023 are Insane!

Top Imperial ArmiesThe hobby is strong at LVO 2023, as players brought the heat with these amazingly painted Imperial Warhammer 40k Armies that are insane! Read More

Retailers Capitalizing On Games Workshop’s Big Mistake

Rogal dorn bottom featureRetailers are capitalizing on Games Workshop’s mistake by producing bottom upgrade bits for the new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank! Read More

All the Newest GW Models & Rules Previews

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