No Stranger to the Death of Planets: Gabriel Angelos Mini


Welcome to Conversion Corner, where we display great looking converted and WIP models. From stuff we’ve done or amazing figures we’ve seen around.

Gabriel Angelos is a much beloved character from the popular Dawn of War game for the Warhammer 40k universe.  A client asked us to create a custom kit bashed version of this figure for their personal use and display.  We started by analyzing the concept imagery from the game.

From there we kit bashed the basic figure from a Cataphractii Pattern Terminator armor suit, with some practical sculpting and converting to get all the little details to come forth, such as the Blood Ravens Icon and his signature hammer.

gabe-6 gabe-2 gabe-3 gabe-4 gabe-5Like many of our Platinum Level display models we mounted the figure to a plinth to really showcase him in all his glory.

I am no stranger to the death of planets.  — Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company


Check out the video on Gabriel below; if you have a favorite character you’d like us to bring to life, contact us at White Metal Games. 

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-Caleb Dillon, White Metal Games

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