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By Rob Baer | May 16th, 2012 | Categories: Necrons, Product Review, Unboxing, Warhammer 40k

Welcome to a retro look at one of our first Forge World un-boxing articles.

This is the Necron Tomb Stalker featuring many, many, of the same parts.

It would definitely be nice to have a bunch of extras for conversions now that the new codex (and wave 2) is out.

The Kit

Necron Tomb Stalker is available for 38 pounds (~$60) from Forge World.

The Tomb Stalker is a previously unseen type of Necron construct armed with potent Gauss weaponry and razor-edged talons, which adds a devastating mix of firepower and combat ability to any Necron army. The Tomb Stalker is a huge, un-living machine, a swift and tireless engine of murder built to eternally protect the ancient sepulchres of the Necron Lords. The arcane machinery of the Tomb Stalker detects the pulse of life through hundreds of metres of solid rock, unerringly homing in on its unwitting prey and using a form of phase field to part solid matter like water. The Tomb Stalker is a full resin kit which includes Necron green plastic rods and an oval plastic base. Model designed by Will Hayes. –Courtesy FW’s site


So that’s it. Like I said pretty cool kit with lots of conversion potential.

What say you? -MBG

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