Let ‘Em Burn! Plastic Ork Skorcha Conversion

GW currently sells no Ork Skorcha kit, but if you’d like to have this hunk of burning love in your Ork horde it’s fairly simple to build one from existing Games Workshop plastic kits.

A good place to start is the Ork Wartrakk kit. The current list price is $27.25 US so this won’t hurt your wallet badly.

If you own a number of the other kits in the Ork model range then you’ll surely have everything else you need to build a Skorcha conversion of some kind.

Here’s how I built mine.

I used parts from the Ork Warbike, Deffdread, Battlewagon and Stompa kits to finish my conversion. Since all the parts are conventional model plastic you won’t need any special tools or super glue, just a modeling knife and plastic cement.

In this unpainted work-in-progress photo it’s relatively easy to see all the different parts of the conversion. The driver and fairing that come with the Wartrakk are fairly small and outdated, so I upgraded them to current Ork standards with parts from the Ork Warbike kit. The round turret is a part from the Stompa kit. The flamethrower barrel is from the Deffdread and if I recall correctly the turret is mounted on a bit from the Battlewagon kit.

I mounted the Skorcha on a GW chariot base and painted it to match the rest of my Ork horde. It’s now ready to literally lay down some fire on the enemies of Da Boyz!

Building this was a bit of creative hobby fun and of course it’s game useful as well if you play 40K. Orks love driving fast and bathing their enemies in gobs of fire. Skorchas let Da Boyz do both simultaneously!

Orks are especially fun to work with for hobbyists who like to convert. If you’d like to see more of this kind of thing check out my Ork Big Mek Stompa Conversion and Ork Warbike Mob.

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