BREAKING! Guilliman Pics & Rules REVEALED!

Guilliman Gathering Storm IIIGames Workshop just revealed the next video in Gathering Storm 3, as well as some rules for Guilliman, on Warhammer Live!

The wait is finally over and Guilliman has arrived! Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Roboute Guilliman!

Courtesy of Games Workshop:

Guilliman Gathering Storm IIIGuilliman Gathering Storm III Guilliman Gathering Storm III Guilliman Gathering Storm III Guilliman Gathering Storm III

Guilliman Gathering Storm III

LORD COMMANDER OF THE IMPERIUM?Guilliman Gathering Storm IIIGuilliman Gathering Storm III

Guilliman Rules

Guilliman has some great new rules that are coming with this fantastic looking model. He is a Monstrous Creature (Character), 2+ Save rolls, Leadership 10, Weapon Skill 9, and a 6 in all other stats.

Lord Commander of the Imperium makes it so friendly units from the Armies of the Imperium may reroll failed Morale checks, Fear, and Pinning tests while Guilliman is on the battlefield.

Primarch of the XIII Legion lets you enact Devastator, Assault, and Tactictal Doctrines across all Ultramarine models in your army once per game. This is in addition to any Doctrines you can already use.

Unyielding Will ignores all negative modifiers against Roboute Guilliman’s Leadership, and he may also re-roll failed Deny the With tests.

His Warlord trait is truly impressive, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. Absolute Mastery gives Guilliman all of the Command Traits from the Warhammer 40k Rules book.

Guilliman Rules

Armour of Fate is a great rule that makes Guilliman even more of a force to be reckoned with. The Armour of Fate gives a 3+ invulnerable save, and if Guilliman is slain, place a marker on the spot where he was slain. On a 4+ Guilliman is brought back to life by his armor, and you place him as close to the marker as you can, no closer than 1″ from any unit, he has D3 wounds remaining.

This is some huge news coming out of Games Workshop, and they definitely waited to the last minute to reveal it. Rise of a Primarch Triumvirate goes on pre-sale tomorrow.

What are your thoughts? Is this everything you thought he would be? Or is it a little too much? Let us know in the comments below.

And we are going to leave you with a closer look at Cypher and Voldus. Enjoy!

Triumvirate Gathering Storm 3

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  • Antoine Henry

    If that is true, GW just states : “***** you, we do not care about our rules, anyway its soon end of time and welcome our new Age of Emperor :p”. Why would we think about rules and our game anyway ? Thought they were doing better nowadays, they just erased everything

    • Paul Roberts

      I disagree….

    • BrianDavion

      this is about what I expect of a primarch stat honestly

  • Where-as he’s a cool model, and I love the story direction

    It’s yet another ‘super hero’ model that we have no practically way of dealing with. Thanks GW

    • Andrew Bartha

      I gotta point out the flaw in your logic there mate.

      “Yet another”. So what you’re saying is, the only way he can be equaled or surpassed is by stuff that already exists? Magnus maybe? Swarmlord? Strength D? I am sure mathhammer enthusiasts can work it out.

      Sky isn’t falling.

    • KJQ

      No transport, no deep strike, super slow foot slogger. So buffing and defending back table units is one of the few good roles for him. I’d rather face him than Calgar or an Imperial Knight.

  • Kolobius

    Those rules are good, but not Primarch level great. And why is Belisarius Cawl an infantry model but Roboute is a monstrous creature? It should either be flipped or both should be monstrous.

  • Phil Turner

    Hey Guilliman……Here is a hundred or so poison shots at you, with some dark lances. Dead.

    • Vicent Martín Bonet

      Awww, thinks Dark Eldar can still be worth anything. How cute.

    • BrianDavion

      still gotta get past the armor, I mean PHYSICLY Gulliman’s not super tough, T6 is good but not insane.

  • Valegorn

    Now that we have a decent look as to what Primarchs are like (Wasn’t sure how well the rules from 30K would translate to 40K), Kind of makes me wonder about the Emperors rules!!!! Granted as I say that he’s only going to be in 30k, so my point is probably moot.

  • DDisforDangerous

    Still not as tough as Yarrick.

  • sethmo

    Command traits not all traits.

    yeesh. Still good, lots of 12″ bubble.modifiers.

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