New Warscrolls & Points Spotted For AoS Fan Favorites

By James Rodriguez | June 25th, 2017 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop, News / Rumors

Vandus Khul ArtAge of Sigmar has got a rules and points update for a couple classic models that were just re-released. Come see the new rules for Vandus and Korghos.

Warhammer Community put out new Warscrolls and points for Vandus Hammerhand and Korghos Khul. Let’s see what they had to say about the new update for Age of Sigmar.

We know loads of you guys have been asking for matched play points for Korghos Khul and Vandus Hammerhand ever since we showed you their Warscrolls last week. We’ve got good news – you’ll soon be able to add these two legendary heroes to your matched play games. We’ve got some suggestions at how you might want to use them:

Vandus Hammerhand


Vandus Hammerhand makes for an interesting choice in a Stormcast Eternals army. As a member of the Hammers of Sigmar (that’s the gold ones!) he can be taken as part of a Hammers of Sigmar Warrior Chamber. In this case he can take the place of a Lord-Celestant in a Lords of the Storm battalion as part of the wider force. Including Vandus, this Warscroll Battalion makes for a reliable core of infantry and heroes to hang a larger army around. For matched play, it’s very efficient, with overlapping abilities significantly boosting the power of every unit. While Vandus won’t be for every army, he’s a rewarding choice and a valuable lynchpin.

Korghos Khul Warscroll

Korghos Khul, on the other hand, makes for a versatile leader for Khornate battalions of any size. Previously, Khul’s special ability Aqshy’s Bane required taking the entire Goretide Formation, but now he’s  a much more tempting prospect either when playing at lower points values or using a different selection of Warscroll Battalions. This ability also allows Khul to re-roll his attacks during his bonus pile in, helping generate more essential hits with his Reality Splitting Axe. If you’ve got 200 points spare in any Chaos army Khul is well worth a try, either as a general or as a powerful melee hero who’s long distance pile-in in the hero phase makes him the bane of enemy leaders and monsters. Korghos is packaged with a fanatical Bloodsecrator, and combined the two are capable of turning even a humble Bloodreaver into a deadly threat, boosting their attacks and charge range.


The latest updates to these two iconic models are sure to make your next game a little more interesting. Korghos Khul (200 Points) and the Bloodsecrator are one heck of a combo to have teamed up together. The Bloodsecrator is giving all Khorne units within 18″ +1 to their Attacks after he plants the banner. At the same time you have Korghos’ command ability which lets you pick three Mortal Khorne units to roll three dice when charging and picking the two highest rolls.

Plant the banner, give those 20 Bloodreavers +1 attack, then charge in with three dice and hurt your opponents feelings hitting them with 41 attacks.

Vandus Hammerhand (280 Points) is going to be making the Stormcast a force to be reckoned with, even more so than they already are. If Vandus uses his command ability everyone within 6″ gets +1 to their attacks until their next round, and unlike the Bloodsecrator he can still join the fight.

What do you think about the updated rules for these iconic models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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