Best of Adepticon 2019 So Far…

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Adepticon is underway and we’ve seen a lot of amazing looking armies, and new model reveals so far. Don’t miss the latest.

Adepticon 2019 has been a busy event. With people from all around the world gathering to take part in everything hobby, we’ve got a full break down on everything that’s happened.

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GW Reveals New Slaanesh Keeper of Secrets & More

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A new Keeper of Secrets and tons more new models for Slaanesh are on the way! Check out what’s in store for the god of excess!

Underground GW Q&A Session Reveals To Know From Adepticon

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Don’t miss these Q&A reveals from the end of Games Workshop’s 2019 Adepticon preview for the latest on new Warhammer 40k and more!

Best 40k Armies from Adepticon 2019 Day 1

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Hey there 40k fans! We’re here showing off some of our favorite armies that we’ve seen on day 1 of Adepticon 2019 from the 40k Championships.

Top Age of Sigmar Armies of Adepticon 2019

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Adepticon had the full Age of Sigmar scene going! Take a look at what the event managed to bring in from all the corners of the globe.

Top Horus Heresy Armies of Adepticon 2019

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Adepticon didn’t shy away from showing the Horus Heresy from love. Check out the Legions in all their glory as they made their way to the tabletop.

Long War 40k Doubles Top Painted Armies: Adepticon 2019

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Have you been wondering what the coolest army mash-ups were from Adepticon’s 2019 Long War Doubles tournament?

Adepticon has been busy with all sorts of hobby goodies to take in! What do you think about this year’s Adepticon? What’s been your favorite army so far? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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