GW Reveals New Imperial Knights Chivalric Abilities Rules

New-imperial-Knights-chaos-rulesIt looks like the Imperial Knights’ Chivalric Abilities will allow you some extra special rules as long as you keep your honor high!

We’ve seen a decent number of rules already, but this looks to be the army-wide special rule you’ll have to track throughout the game. It’s kind of interesting, but much like some of the army-wide rules lately, it feels a little too complex for what it really does.

Warhammer Community unveiled two of the four oaths that will appear in the codex as well as how you gain and lose honor throughout the game. Let’s first look at the most recent rules we’ve seen, then jump into the new stuff!

GW Reveals New 40k Imperial & Chaos Knights Weapons Rules!

titan weapons rules 3

In an attempt to win over undecided Nobles with fancy ancient technology, the Chaos Knights debut the Desecrator’s updated laser destructor. The Idolators have been hard at work to make this long-range firearm much more reliable than before – and while consistency may not be especially Chaotic, redirecting power from its explosive blast allows the destructor to punch through armour more effectively, dealing eye-watering damage with every shot.

With increased range, more consistent shots, better AP, and improved damage, this will hit harder than ever!

titan weapons rules

Will these brave Knights be content to use the safer, low-power option, or will they reach for even higher Strength and Damage as they ignite the catwalk with its even riskier supercharged mode?

Again, an increase in damage and AP makes this version just much better! However, you will be taking 2 mortals for 1’s instead of 1 mortal.

titan weapons rules 2

Given that these chainswords are the size of trees – and a mite more dangerous than even the most well-heeled giant foot – Knights appropriately attired for close-quarters combat earn a solid power boost. What’s more, the reaper chainsword comes with two fresh new looks – for sweeping away hordes of enemy infantry, or striking down a single large target.

This has gotten so much better! With increased AP and obviously the addition of the sweep attack to get three hit rolls for each attack!

titan weapons rules 4

Blast keeps the Knight Preceptor from firing at enemies that get too close – at least, under normal circumstances – so the high-intensity version also gains an extra 6” range to help keep your foes distant.

With more range and more consistent damage, this should be more reliable.

Imperial Knights’ Chivalric Abilities Confirmed by GW

Imperial Knights Chivalry

For a true scion of a Knight world, victory only matters if the code is upheld –  even against the treacherous Dread Households. If every unit in your army has the IMPERIAL KNIGHTS keyword,* and they’re all from the same Household (or FREEBLADES, who come and go as they please), then when building your army you must swear two different Oaths, chosen from a pool of four. 

Each Oath comes in four parts: a Pledge, a Troth, and two Chivalric abilities.

Fulfill your Pledges, and you’ll earn Honour points throughout the battle. You begin with one point, giving you access to Honoured abilities, but work your way up to five (or six) points and your Knights will gain powerful Virtuous abilities as their chivalry shines through.

Basically, you either gain or lose points every turn based on if you can finish the quest. The more honor you have, the better abilities your army has access to.

Refuse No Challenge Oath

Imperial Knights Chivalry 2This could be hard to actually gain value on because you have to kill two separate units in melee to actually get the point. However, as long as you don’t fall back, you’ll be sticking on that one point pretty easily.

Imperial Knights Chivalry 3This is the payoff for keeping it. If you have 1-4 points, you get +1 to your hit roll, if you have 5 or 6, you get to reroll all your advance and charge roles, so pretty sweet.

Defend the Realm Oath

Imperial Knights Chivalry 4

Those who take an Oath to Defend the Realm must secure the Imperium’s territories, and so Pledge to control more objectives than the enemy. Conversely, the Troth kicks in if you cede an objective, costing you an Honour point if you end the turn with fewer objectives than you started it with. 

This is easier to lose points than the one above, but also, can be easier to get more value as well.

Imperial Knights Chivalry 5

Safeguard your objectives long enough, and you’ll activate Duty and Honour – a Virtuous ability that makes you even harder to dislodge by giving your whole army Objective Secured. Models that already have that ability, such as Armigers, count as three extra models when determining control.

Considering you don’t have that many models, getting better ObSec is always a plus for this army!  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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