New Underworlds, 40k Stickers, & More Pre-Orders Announced

Next-Week-New-nethermazeGW revealed next week’s new releases for Nethermaze the new Underworlds Season, plus 40k stickers, and even more hitting pre-orders.

Games Workshop just let us in on all the new releases that will be going up for pre-order this coming Saturday at 1 PM Eastern time here in the states.

Now let’s look at next week’s Pre-Order line-up from Warhammer Community.

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Warhammer Underworlds: Nethermaze

nether maze box

There’ll be an incredible Warhammer Underworlds box available to pre-order from this Saturday, bringing two vicious new warbands into this action-packed competitive game. Buckle up – we’re sojourning from Harrowdeep into the Nethermaze.

nethermaze Shadeborn

Nethermaze is a stone-cold smackdown in one of the strangest regions of Ulgu. In one corner we have the Shadeborn, a wicked band of four Khainite Shadowstalkers who fit right into this eerie environment.

With some new design elements, these shadow cloaked assassins are some sweet models.

nethermaze Skittershank’s Clawpack

Matching their ninja vibes are our favourite skaven assassins – Skittershank’s Clawpack, who bring the sneaky tricks of the Clans Eshin to your games of Warhammer Underworlds. 

If you favor the rat-men, then these new Eshin models might be a new favorite for you.

The Exiled Dead

The Exiled Dead

As the story goes, a rogue necromancer experimented with forbidden technology to raise the dead, harnessing the power of electricity – as well as some good old-fashioned dark magic. Deintalos’ shambling Arcwalkers are an abomination, even to others of his kind, so he hit the road to search for a place he could experiment in peace. Now there’s a bit of a zombie problem in Harrowdeep… and soon, the Nethermaze. 

There’s no denying the cool factor of this Warband, if you like zombies, this is easily one of the best warbands for you.

Xandire’s Truthseekers

Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep stormcast

The former are an aggressive group of Stormcast Eternals who Inspire when one of their number falls, setting up deadly reprisals.

As one of the two warbands in the Harrowdeep starter, it’s great to finally pick these guys up separately!

Da Kunnin’ Krew

Warhammer Underworlds Harrowdeep Orruks

The latter are individually weaker, and work better by isolating individual enemies and ganging up on them.

Just like the Stormcast, you can pick up these guys as they were the other half of the box which you can now get separately.

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Dawn of Fire: Throne of Light

Throne of Light brings an ancient enemy to the fore – one that Roboute Guilliman himself has reason to dread. The Word Bearers, led by Kor Phaeron, have their sights set on the Segmentum Solar while the Avenging Son is busy elsewhere, forcing the Indomitus Crusade into an impossible choice between doubling back and losing their momentum… or pushing on, and leaving the Emperor vulnerable.

Whether you are cheering on the forces of the Emperor or want to see the corpse Emperor burned, this book might be an exciting one to pick up.

Dawn of Fire: Throne of Light Limited Edition

The numbered special edition features leather-effect binding, a ribbed spine, gilt lettering and page edges, plus a gold ribbon bookmark. Signed by author Guy Haley, it also boasts an additional short story and a map inside.

Of course, this extremely fancy edition might be a good option if you are excited, but keep in mind these tend to sell out fast!

Gotrek Gurnisson: Soulslayer 

This time around, Gotrek and his companions march to war in Chamon – only for their plans to be ruined when a band of aquatic aelven raiders decide his soul, burning brightly as it does, is too good a prize to pass up. 

Something about trying to capture the soul of Gotrek seems like a bad plan to me, but hey it might make for an interesting story!

Soul Drinker – 20th Anniversary Edition

Fans of a certain age will remember the strange and rather tragic tale of a loyal Chapter of Space Marines who found themselves falling deep into heresy – though their intentions were pure. If you haven’t yet heard the tale, this is a great time to correct that error. 

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Warhammer 40,000 Stickers and Cards 

Warhammer 40,000 Stickers and Cards

This coming Saturday, they’re releasing a full range of over 200 collectible stickers and cards featuring the multitudinous Warriors of the Emperor. At launch, you’ll be able to pick up a Starter Pack, including a sticker album, an exclusive limited edition Vindicare Assassin card, a collector’s cardholder, and four packs of stickers and hero cards. 

To fill out your collection, you can grab an Album Stickers and Cards Multi Pack, containing six packs, or a Album Stickers and Cards Box, loaded with a whopping 36 full packs.

This seems like a pretty simple idea, just collectible stickers and some cards for anyone who likes that sort of thing.

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

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