Hobby – Making GW’s Textured Paints Work For You!

gw texture paints

Wanna make basing easy? Come see how to make Games Workshop’s textured paint work for you, while making basing you miniatures easy.

Next level painting is back and Kenny’s got more basing tech to help you make your painted models pop!


Slather on a heaping helping of texture paint over a painted base.


Once dry, shade and drybrush to taste!


Don’t forget to paint the rim!

gw texture paints

Checkout the video to see how to finish the base and learn some shortcuts to boot!

Detail work is always the longest. Checkout the tips below in the full video tutorial on how to cut your paint times even more!

Next Level Painting has your back when it comes to airbrushing. Plus they can get those tight conversions like a Chaos Knight Titan done for you too!

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