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Naagaar Feature

Come take a look at the new Morbid Angels from Hitech Miniatures and lead your forces of Nurgle to a sure victory against the false emperor!

The creative minds at Hitech Miniatures have a new mini for the masses. Today let’s take a look at Brutalizer Naagaar. Their newest pox ridden creation!

28mm Brutalizer Naagaar: 30,00 €

Morbid Angels Naagaar Morbid Angels Naagaar Morbid Angels Naagaar

Brutalizer ” Naagaar”

28mm scale miniature 

This is a high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and requires assembly.

Multipart (11 parts)

1) Body 2) left leg  3)  right leg   4) hips 5) left hand 6) right hand 7) left chimney 8) right chimney 9) head with mask 10)infected head 11) 60 mm base

60mm  base included

This new mini might be a great variation of a Daemon Prince, a Hellbrute, or even a display piece in your hobby hall of veterans display case. Make sure your visit Hitech Miniatures and secure your 28mm Brutalizer Naagaar today!

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