All The New GW Model Teasers Previews For 2021 (so far)

new gw previews adepticon LVO nova openDon’t miss all the new releases that have been teased so far from GW as we head into 2021 and the big New Year Previews this Friday!

The release roadmap is back and more loaded than ever. Don’t miss the latest GW new releases roadmap for 2021 that is filling up fast with new model previews, and rumors as well.

All The New Model Teasers From GW Previews For 2021

uriel-ventris-title-previewWarhammer Community has been busy previewing batch after batch of what’s on the way along in their engaging online previews

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least, and with previews still going strong for all avenues of Games Workshop, there are still plenty of new releases waiting to hit the shelves in 2021 from GW. With that said, we’ll be going over what’s left to get released heading into 2021.

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New Sigvald & Chaos Slaves To Darkness Revealed for AoS!

preview new sigvald the magnificentGW also showed off some new Chaos goodies coming to AoS in the form of Slaanesh Mortals and Direchasm including Sigvald the Magnificent!

new sigvald

The new model is bigger and better looking than ever, which is a bold claim since Sigvald was already extremely beautiful, but come on, just look at that flowing mane. Glorious.

new sigvald the magnificent

Those horns also hint at him possibly beginning his transition to Daemon Prince-hood. At first glance you see a knight in shining armor, then you see the horns, then the corpses, then the Slaanesh symbol… What a great design.

new sigvald the magnificent


new sigvald the magnificent

Along with a brand new model, he also will be landing with some forces to command…

slaanesh mortals 2


Symbaresh TwinsoulsUp in the front, we have the Symbaresh Twinsouls. A group of mortals serving Slaanesh who have made pacts with lesser demons, hence the nice mutations you see in their faces.

Hidden In Plain Sight: New Slaanesh Models Incoming

keep of secrets slaanesh loreSure we’ve seen new Sigvald and Slaanesh mortal models revealed, but turns out there might be even more hidden in plain sight!

Symbaresh Twinsouls out of focus modelsFirst up the shot with the Symbaresh Twinsouls, shows some out of focus models behind them. These both look like two large beast-men/Slaangors. The left model also has the same black leather leg covering as the new Slakeslash in Direchasm, which we thought it was at first…


As it turns out there are confirmed Slaangors on the way but in Warcry.

slaangor fiendbloodsThis comes from a recent Warhammer Community article. While they don’t really go too in-depth they do give out some lore tidbits on each of the included units. So we know that Slaangors are coming. It also sorts of matches up with the fuzzy models from the video still above.

The right model face matches up with the left model and the left face matches up with the right model in the video.

Myrmidesh Painbringers out of focus modelsBack to the Decandance and Decay preview, in the shot of the Painbringers, we see a few more fuzzy models. One of which is the Shardspeaker of Slaanesh who was revealed on the 4th of December, and also apparently a Warcry Model.

New Hedonites of Slaanesh Battletome Revealed For AoS

hedonites of slaanesh battletomeFrom the grim darkness of the far future, our festive sleigh ride takes us to the Mortal Realms. In our last Warhammer Preview Online, we showed off some of the incredible new Hedonites of Slaanesh models that are on the way, including the legendary Sigvald the Magnificent. 


Not to mention the hidden models we just went over as well!

Slickblade Seeker


Slickblade Seeker 2Riding their Exalted Steeds of Slaanesh into the heart of battle, they sever heads and limbs with their deadly glaives.

These brand new mounted units are the Slickblade Seekers and are a complete unit of cavalry for the new army.

Blissbarb Seekers


Blissbarb Seekers 2If you prefer to bring pain from a distance, the Blissbarb Seekers will be right up your street. With the speed of their mounts, they can unleash a volley of arrows from the perfect position on the battlefield.

While they don’t explicitly say it, these look to be the same kit with different unit options to build. Since the Twinsouls and Painbringers are already confirmed to be that way, this wouldn’t be a surprise.

The Slaangor Fiendbloods


The Slaangor Fiendbloods 2The Slaangor Fiendbloods value slaughter at any cost, fighting with a frenzied disregard for their own safety.

As we talked about above, we saw a small image of these in the video and on a Warhammer Community Warcry post, but now we get the full Image! Although they don’t have the sword that the Direchasm Slaangor has, so he might have the upper hand in that department. Changes are both the Warcry and Underworlds models will all have rules in this battle tome though, as we have seen in the past!

Blissbarb Archers


Blissbarb Archers 2


Blissbrew HomonculusFinally, we have the Blissbarb Archers on foot. They’re accompanied by a Blissbrew Homonculus, who cooks up especially toxic concoctions for the archers to dip their arrows in before firing them. 

These are interesting. We don’t know if the Homonculus is included in the unit or a separate character. Either way, it is nice to see some potential depth and strategy involved in playing the army.

There’s still plenty more to come from the new battletome. If you think we’re teasing you by mentioning that but not showing you more just yet, well, that’s exactly what Slaanesh would want.

We’re not sure if that means more models, or if that just means there are a ton of rules previews on the way to show how potentially how Slaanesh Mortals work with Slaanesh Daemons- or the opposite and don’t work with them at all…

Amazing New Plastic Treebeard Miniature Revealed For LoTR

Preview-treebeardIn the midst of their latest Warhammer preview, GW also revealed a new Treebeard miniature for Lord of the Rings complete with Merry and Pippin!

riding the entPart of the Magic of the LoTR tabletop games is recreating some of the scenes from the movies. Now, that includes Merry and Pippin riding Treebeard! They can also be taken off and act as models independently which makes for interesting tabletop opportunities. You can even mount and dismount mid-game!

tree beard aloneThis is the first Ent to be made in non-metal, so expect a truer-to-scale experience that was just too hard to do with metal back in the day.

merry and pippinTreebeard even comes with new models of Merry and Pippin, and you can have them seated on top of the Ent or separate. Eagle-eyed viewers might notice that the Hobbits are bigger than their previous models – that’s because they’ve been drinking Ent-draught!

GW 2021 Necromunda New Releases Roadmap

necromunda cawdorThe 2021 Necromunda New Release Roadmap has been revealed- here’s what you can expect for the Underhive in the coming year.

Necromunda BooksHere’s the order of the books we’ve seen up until now. Each one has also been accompanied by some amazing minis! Let’s see what’s coming next year.

2021 roadmapSome of the reinforcements we’ve seen previewed, and maybe a couple we haven’t, are coming first. Once the second quarter of the year hits we then start seeing the new Gangs come into play. Starting with the faithful of House Cawdor! If Fanatics are your thing, then this is the gang for you. After that, we then get the shadow masters of House Delaque. Let’s hear what they have to say about it:

The Cawdor and Delaque clans get the “House of…” treatment and we’ll be seeing some of the Necromunda characters that already have awesome artwork make their debuts as models. So we might be seeing this Master Nautican in the underhive before long – that will be especially helpful for anyone who wants to get a nice cool glass of water in the underhive.

New Night Lords: Contekar Terminators

night lords terminators contekarWhen the VIIIth Legion needed butchers and murderers of the highest calibre, they unleashed the Contekar Terminator squads. With recruits taken from Nostramo’s ruling elite, they would only fight for leaders they deemed worthy of their attention. In fact, the Contekar would often be dispatched to wrest control from Night Lords whose commanders thought them unfit for the Legion. 

Following the lore behind these guys, they’re the last guys you want to see on a dark and stormy night. They’re so skilled at their work they even get to pick who’s command they fight for…

This unit is on the way and you’ll have a fairly limited weapon list to gear these guys with.

Contekar Terminators

Contekar Terminators


Contekar Terminators close-up

We also saw a peek at these Termies a while back too. There’s no downplaying finally getting to see old teased models get their releases on the horizon!

Death Guard Delayed


Well, it looks like the Death Guard 40k release is being delayed. So all you Nurgle lovers will have to wait a little longer for new stuff. With the release delayed until 2021 here are all the rules they released to tide us over:

New 40k Warzone Charadon: Book of Rust Expansion

preview-chardon-death-guardA new 40k expansion is here as Warzone Charadon from the Book of Rust is focused on a Death Guard assault on an Imperium Forge World.

warzone charadonA new narrative expansion similar to Vigils is on the way. Act 1 also suggests this will be a multiple book-long narrative and development. The book focuses on a Typhus lead Death Guard campaign to take down an Imperium Forge World. However, it’s not just Mechanicus and Death Guard…

There’s more than just the background of an epic war zone in here, the book also includes new rules for:

  • Death Guard
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Imperial and Chaos Knights
  • Drukhari 

The warriors of Commorragh are keen to take advantage of the chaos and confusion caused by Typhus’ invasion. Alongside these codex supplements are rules for playing through the Charadon campaign yourself. Can you claim Metalica for the Death Guard or will you try to stop Typhus?

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Crusade: Plague Purge

crusade plague purgeThe Plague Purge Mission Pack allows everyone to join the fun in the Charadon war zone with a host of specific Crusade rules. Send your army campaigning through a land of rust and decay, and pick up some new relics and abilities along the way. In the same way as Beyond the Veil, this pack gives you a whole new region of space to set your campaigns in.

This Crusade pack is paired with the Book of Rust, so expect to see an emphasis on the same factions: Death Guard, Mechanicus, Knights, and Drukhari.

GW Announces Dark Angels & Drukhari 9th Edition 40k Codexes!

40k codex Road mapGW announced two brand new 9th edition 40k Codexes for 2021 for Drukhari and Dark Angels that are coming in February/March 2021! Just to note, they are being pushed back due to DG being delayed.

codex dark angelsSide-by-side with a nice nostalgia trip, we got a brand new Codex Dark Angels announcement!

This codex supplement is packed with indispensable background on the most secretive of all of the Space Marine Chapters. You’ll also be able to:

  • Launch faster and more deadly Ravenwing assaults
  • Initiate units (including Dreadnoughts!) into the Deathwing
  • Hunt the Fallen with a range of new Stratagems and Relics

With Deathwing Vanguard Detachments and Ravenwing Outrider Detachments both getting the Objective Secured ability on some of their key units, you’ll be able to field some incredibly powerful and tactically flexible, mixed Dark Angels armies.

dark angels rule teaseAlong with the codex, we got a quick peek at one of the new crusade rules! As lore would have it, Interrogator-Chaplains, don’t get to Interrogate Fallen that often, but if you managed to catch one in crusade you can use this requisition! Essentially you learn some of their secrets and your Chaplain gets just that little bit stronger.

Drukhari 9th Edition 40k Codex

Next to the Dark Angels, we got a Drukhari Codex Announced.

The first xenos codex of 2021 makes the Drukhari faster and deadlier than ever before. You’ll see:

  • More attacks
  • Higher damage
  • Lethal combat output across the board

The stabbiest of the Aeldari are about to get stabbier. Their new rules allow you to take the realspace raiding force you’ve dreamed of without being penalised in Command point cost. Want to run a pure Wych cult? You can do that. Have an urge to mix up Kabals with Haemonculi Covens? Do it! The book also introduces new Crusade rules that allow you to expand your influence and become a feared crime lord of Commorragh.

Incubi will easily slice through anything that gets in their way. Now that their klaives are Damage 2, even Space Marines will be no match for them in combat.

Unlike Dark Angels, Drukhari got a model statline teased with the Codex. With an INSANE 2+ WS on a non-character non-Custodes, these might be one of the best melee combatants in the new book. The 2 damage also makes them an absolute menace to Primaris Space Marines.

New Uriel Ventris Space Marines Model Coming 2021

uriel-ventris-title-previewThe Black Library Preview event may have been 90% new books, but a brand new Uriel Ventris Primaris space marines model coming in 2021.

The miniature depicts Ventris in all his Primaris glory, clad in Mark X armour and bearing all the accouterments of his office, including the white rose of Pavonis that he earned all the way back in Nightbringer.

Ventris is a character who has a lot more presence and back story than even some of the arguably more important characters. He has had books on him for nearly 20 years! There are even callbacks and evidence on his model. That rose on his shoulder? He earned that in the 2002 novel Nightbringer. Easily a fan-favorite character, this model will be a slam dunk.

In usual fashion, there’s tons of great detail on the model to make it a great painting challenge when the time comes.

5 New Warhammer 40k Models Teased Teased

Indomitus day ad mech 1After that, there is a very clearly Ad Mech model holding a small scepter.

Indomitus day ad mech 2The model also has an almost “Captain Morgan” style pose, making it seem more likely to be a character.

Indomitus day ork 1The last of the teases is an Ork model. Perhaps an updated Boy, Tank Busta, or Kommando?

Indomitus day ork 2Whatever it is, they appear to have a lizard or dinosaur style skin on their head.

Indomitus day sister teaseLast up is an actually confirmed model! After taking a look at this sword we get a full look at the model.

Indomitus day sister This is a Palatine – a battlefield commander who works under a Canoness to coordinate Adepta Sororitas forces and smite any heretics who get in her way.

Piety & Pain Box Set

piety and painBoth of the characters are coming in the new Piety and Pain Boxset. There isn’t a release date or time frame, however, it’s confirmed and we know it is definitely coming at some point in 2021.

piety and pain contentsWe also get a peek at the contents of the box. There looks to be a combat patrol’s worth of models for each side even including transports for each army.

lilith model

Looks like our predictions were right! We will be getting a new Lilith model within the boxset leading the Drukhari forces.

lilith detailsThe undisputed queen of the Wyches is reimagined in plastic for the first time, deadlier and more dynamic than ever.

This model is extremely dynamic compared to the old model. instead of standing on her base, she leaping off of it ready to strike!


palatine modelWhile we already saw the full Palatine model earlier, GW does confirm her placement in the new boxset facing off against Lilith. This poor unnamed character might not stand much of a chance lore-wise, but anything is possible with faith!

Hidden In Plain Sight: New Necron Models Incoming

Necr necrons battleforgeAs it turns out a closer look at the promotion pic for the new GW army builder app from Warhammer community revealed six new Necron model new releases for 2021- hidden in plain sight!

New Necron Cryptek:

First up we have what looks to be a new Cryptek model in the middle of the image.

Initially, you may not have seen it as it kind of blends in. However, it definitely is a new/different model we haven’t seen yet for the space-robos. He does share a lot of commonalities with the other Crypteks released with the Necron revamp, so it might be fair to assume it’s another version of that.

It might also be the Cryptek with Control Node, which currently doesn’t have a dedicated model in plastic.

New Flayed Ones:

If you look below him you’ll see the new flayed one kits that we are still waiting on as well. Those are supposedly coming out via Kill Team, so perhaps this unknown Cryptek will release inside that box as well?

new necrons flayed ones squadHere’s a somewhat close look at the five new Flayed Ones models as well.

new flayed ones (2)


new flayed ones (2)For reference, the models below are the Finecast Flayed Ones currently for sale on Games Workshop’s site:

old layed ones finecast

I think photo quality aside, we can all agree the new models look a lot better lol.

Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle

More new Space Marines new releases are still on the way too from GW in 2021, here’s what we still haven’t seen yet as well:

captain with master crafted boltorThis captain will surely shoot like a beast and he is also wearing Gravis Armor, so he’ll be hard to take down. His Captain status is sure to bring a great aura or two as well.

Wait a minute… a heavy bolt rifle? Yes, indeed! Heavy bolt rifles also happen to be the standard armament of… wait for it… Heavy Intercessors!

Heavy Intercessors

Heavy Intecessor datasheetAnd they’re called that for a reason – like their Captain, these bad-boys aren’t just heavily armed, they’re heavily armoured too, thanks to their Gravis armour. A Toughness 5 Troops unit with 3 Wounds apiece, anyone?

The datasheet doesn’t lie, these heavy troops pack a serious punch. Gravis is now coming as a troop choice is nice too. Now your elite Primaris force has an even more elite troop option that can bring heavy support if need be.


Eradicators Squad

The kit includes loads more options, such as the ability to swap out their melta rifles for an even harder-hitting heavy version. You’ll even be able to give one Eradicator in the set a multi-melta, complete with its devastating new profile.

This re-release from Indomitus is now also multi-part, so you should get a little more freedom with it than any Indomitus versions you may have. Of course the new Multi-Melta upgrade option for at least one model in the squad.

Bladeguard Veterans

bladeguard vet multipartAs of the new codex, Bladeguard Veterans will also be officially picking up the Deathwing/Wolf Guard keywords too, so they’ll seamlessly fit in as members of the fighting elite within the structure of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves Chapters.

blade guard veterans gw preview multi-partThese new Bladeguard Veterans will also be coming in a new multipart kit so you’ll have more poses and kits to choose from. Hurrah for freedom of choice!

Space Marines Storm Speeder

The rumors were true, Primaris Space Marines are getting a new speeder- check out all the variants and rules for the Storm Speeder!

Stormstike speeder 1

There’s no questioning it, that pixelated image we saw back in 2019 is right here! There will be three loadout variants, so let’s check them out.

Storm Speeder hail strikeAs the option containing the minigun style turret, it’s fair to assume this is going to be the anti-troop option with more shots at lower damage and rend than the others.

Storm Speeder THunderstrikeThe Thunderstrike ditches the minigun for a heavier gun and a new top turret. Perhaps offering a slightly heavier, anti-armor option, without going all in.

Storm speeder hammer strikeAnd the last of the Strom speeders is the Hammerstrike.

We know this is a lot to digest so be sure to take your time counting up all of the kits we’re bound to see sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, what new releases do you think we’ll see from GW in 2021? Do you think the other codexes will also be pushed back?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group, and make sure you enter the latest monthly giveaway for FREE today!

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