Forge World Previews New Night Lords Unit & Legion Tank Variant

By Wesley Floyd | February 5th, 2020 | Categories: Forge World, Horus Heresy, News / Rumors, Night Lords

legion glaive space marines forge world.jpgWe know that the Night Lords are one of the next Legions to get covered in the coming Horus Heresy campaign book. Now, new units have been spotted!

Dark Angels and Night Lords are coming together in the new Horus Heresy book: Crusade. Taking a deeper look into the Legions, we’ll be seeing new rules and units drop. Among the first previews, we’ve got an early look at a new Night Lords unit and more. Check this out from Warhammer Community. 

New Night Lords: Contekar Terminators

night lords terminators contekarWhen the VIIIth Legion needed butchers and murderers of the highest calibre, they unleashed the Contekar Terminator squads. With recruits taken from Nostramo’s ruling elite, they would only fight for leaders they deemed worthy of their attention. In fact, the Contekar would often be dispatched to wrest control from Night Lords whose commanders thought them unfit for the Legion. 

Following the lore behind these guys, they’re the last guys you want to see on a dark and stormy night. They’re so skilled at their work they even get to pick who’s command they would fight for…

This unit is on the way and you’ll have a fairly limited weapon list to gear these guys with.

night lords weapon nostrama chainbladeFrom heavy flamers to volkite cavitors and nostraman chainblades, on paper, they look like they’re only meant to handle enemies up to T4 in power armor. Anything beyond that and you’ve probably got better unit options to work with.

Night Lords Get a New Rite of War: Cross of Bone

night lords rite of war cross of boneThe Night Lords are getting a new Rite of War called the Cross of Bone. This gives you a bonus point for killing the Warlord and gives your alone characters +1 attack. There are a few limitations you should read over…But as long as those don’t hem up your list too much, this might be something dope to play around with. Especially if you like mobile characters doing some work in close combat.

New Arquitor Bombard Model Revealed

legion arquitor bombardWe’ve seen other variants of this model in the past, but the “standard” version of the Arquitor comes with a morbus heavy bombard.

The shells fired by the Morbus heavy bombard bring absolute devastation to even the most heavily armoured enemy units.

With a massive stubby cannon pointed up at the sky, this will probably be some kind of blat/barrage weapon that you’ll want to keep out of direct LOS. But we’re sure we’ll see more rules drop in the days ahead.

For now, will you be starting a Night Lords army to run those dope Terminator models? How do you feel about the smaller, reversed chassis to the Sicaran being a new tank?

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