New Chaos Models, Rules & Horus Heresy, LATEST

New Chaos Models, Rules & Horus Heresy, LATEST

It’s raining new rules! Tons of datasheets and new models were spotted over the weekend, plus rules for Horus Heresy book 8 as well!

We’ve got the biggest announcements for the tabletop hobby, with our expert commentary that you may have missed over the weekend while you may have been relaxing.

Havoc & Terminators: New Chaos Pre-Orders Next Week

chaos chaingun havoc bitsNew Warhammer 40k Havocs and Terminators are on deck for pre-order next week for Chaos Space Marines, to wreck your tabletop! Read More

40k Chaos Lord Discordant Rules SPOTTED

How can it actually be to run a gaming store in 2019? Plus we break down the rules for the new Chaos Lord Discordant.The rules are in for the new Chaos Lord Discordant and well… it seems Chaos players may not be thrilled.  Read More

New Black Library: The Wrath of Kharn, Fantasy Knights & More

Screenshot_800Even more great books are here from Black Library, as  Wrath of Kharn, Knights of The Empire and more headline the lore side of things this week from GW! Read More

New Chaos Rules Spotted for The Noctilith Crown!

The Noctilith Crown rules chaos stargateRules for the biggest of the new Chaos kits were just spotted as it looks like this terrain piece may have what it takes to see play in Warhammer 40k! Read More

More New Chaos Terminator Model Pictures Are Here!

chaos terminatorDon’t miss even more new pictures of the updated Chaos Terminator kit for Vigilus Ablaze that have been spotted making the rounds! Read More

A Swarm of New X-Wing Releases Arrive From FFG

x-wing wal hor 20X-wing fans don’t miss these! Fantasy Flight Games released a swarm of new ships, join us as we take a look at their latest releases for this week! Read More

New Chaos Havoc Squad Sprues & Pics REVEALED!

iron warriors small chaos wall horDon’t miss all the new weapon options for the new Chaos Space Marine Havoc Models that have finally been spotted, along with the updated sprues as well! Read More

New 40k Chaos Havoc Models Are a GO!

new chaos wal hor marines obilterators abaddonThe rumored new Havoc Models for Chaos Space Marines have finally been spotted! Check out the latest firepower for the Renegade Legions! Read More

New Primarch & Blood Angels Rules For Horus Heresy SPOTTED!

Sanguinius in battle wal hor blood angelsDon’t miss the new Primarch and Blood Angels rules as Forge World’s Horus Heresy game is starting to rev up with excitement once again! Read More

New 40k Khorne Model & Daemon Rules REVEALED

kharnKhornate warriors are hitting Vigilus in full melee force. Blood for the blood god will flow on the tabletop with their new specialist detachment. Read More

New Word Bearers Rules & Dark Apostle Models REVEALED

word_bearers_omnibus_cover_artDon’t miss the new Dark Apostle and Disciple models that were just revealed along with new Chaos Word Bearers rules for Warhammer 40k! Read More

Hidden In Plain Sight: Another New Chaos Model REVEALED

dark aposotle chaos marine hor walDon’t miss the latest new Chaos Space Marine miniature that was just spotted. Behold what looks to be the new Dark Apostle model from the daemon engine. Read More

Ka’Bandha, Arch Daemon Rules & More Spotted for Horus Heresy

khorne daemonkin sm wal chaosHow are the Ruinstorm Daemons shaping up to be? We’ve got an early look at some details and they won’t be like any army we’ve seen for 30k before! Read More

GW Announces New Exclusive Model For Stores in 2019

wallpaper warhammer store gw new releases warhammer communityGames Workshop loves exclusives and celebrating one of their stores. Check out the newest exclusive model you can get for Age of Sigmar in 2019!

And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

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