Interesting New 40k Rules Updates For Razorback & Rhino

New 40k Transports RazorbackUpdated new 40k rules for some of the most popular firstborn Space Marines transport options, the Rhino and Razorback were just spotted!

U/BenV94 on Reddit posted a picture of the combined datasheets for Razorbacks and Rhinos. There’s quite a good bit to talk about so let’s dig in.

TL;DR missed all the other new rules for Space Marines? We got you covered with this list:

Interesting New 40k Rules Updates For Razorback & Rhino




razorback updated datasheetThe basic profiles of both units didn’t change at all. Actually, the only thing that did change was that the Hunter-Killer Missile went up to Strength 10. Technically the Heavy Bolter changed too but we’ve seen the updated profiles in the past on other units.

Now back to the Hunter-Killer… It makes sense for this thing to pack a serious punch. If you’re paying points for a one-shot weapon, it needs to be brutal. Another interesting point to make is that only half of the wargear options for these units are listed.

Also, something to note, we’re not sure if GW would take away other wargear options like the, Twin Assault Cannons, Las/Plasma gun, etc., or if they are just simply showing the wargear profiles of options that only come in the box.

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All in all, the Razorback/Rhino got a small buff now wounding most vehicles on 3’s with the HK Missile. It makes sense to see GW help that weapon out a bit. Hitting on a 3+ and wounding on a 3+ for a one-time-use rocket is still risky for the player using it.

What are your thoughts on these changes? Is the Heavy Bolter going to be the new hotness now that it’s 2 flat dmg?

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