New 40k Rules Leaks For Scouts & Primaris Incursor Datasheets

space marine primaris wal hor site shadowspearSpace Marines troops are getting a bit of a rework, check out the updated 40k datasheet rules leaks for Scout and Primaris Incursor squads.

Miniwars posted up some pics from one of their commenters, showing the updated 9th Edition datasheets for firstborn Marine Scout Squads and the new Primaris Incursors. The changes (or lack thereof) are certainly interesting.

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New 40k Rules Leaks For Scouts & Primaris Incursor Datasheets


scout squad


scout squad updated datasheetStarting with the Scout Squad, surprisingly, the Scouts didn’t get that extra wound. It seems like GW sees that extra layer of power armor around firstborn Marines as an extra wound. Definitely interesting to see Scouts left out of all the wound sharing lately. Another shocking change that DIDN’T take place is the fact that the Scout Boltgun didn’t have its range boosted although we saw regular firstborn Marine Boltguns also go up to 30″. 

Of the things that DID change:

  • -1 AP on chainswords.
  • Heavy Bolter now 2 flat dmg.
  • Shotgun got +6″ range 

Wargear is better and their basic statline stayed the same. We’ll have to see how useful these guys are with all of the other changes that take place within the October Space Marine codex.

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Incursor Squad Changes

incursor squad



incursor squad updated datasheetIt looks like there weren’t any basic profile or wargear changes to the Incursor Squad. While these guys are the newest Primaris Troop to hit the line it’s not super surprising. Although, on an interesting note, GW separated grenades as different wargear options and their knife that explodes on hits of a 6+ now has -1 AP.

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After seeing these changes, what are your thoughts on Space Marine Troops? Are Scouts going to be even more useful moving forward into a two-damage weapon meta? Why do you think their Boltgun didn’t get that extra 6″ range?

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