Unexpected Changes: Hellblasters New 40k Rules SPOTTED!

primaris book cover hor space marine walMore new 40k rules have been spotted as the 9th Edition datasheet for the Primaris Hellblasters are making rounds. Some changes (or lack thereof) were certainly unexpected, check out the latest.

Miniwars posted up a new datasheet for us to break down. The popular Primaris Hellblaster is on the menu with some odd tweaks that took place. Here are all the details. Be sure to check out all of the other updated Space Marine datasheets we’ve seen up to this point.

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Unexpected Changes: Hellblasters New 40k Rules SPOTTED!



hellblaster updated datasheetAlright, let’s talk about what DID change. It looks like the Heavy plasma Incinerator had its damage bumped up to 2-flat while shooting at its basic profile. We’re saying this because the other weapon options also follow their undercharged stats.

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Now for the change that may have surprised a lot of you out there. Primaris Marines have the same amount of wounds. That’s right. Their basic stat profile is literally unchanged.

Marine comparisonHow does a Primaris Marine, who is taller and THICCer than a firstborn Marine now have the same wound profile as one? Back in 8th Edition when Primaris were first introduced, the extra wound was one of GW’s main selling points.

But now that the only bonus of taking Primaris is an extra attack, firstborn Marines are looking to be superior in just about every other way. They have more wargear options, they’re more maneuverable and have a power armor unit for just about every battlefield role.

Overall, the extra damage boost on the Plasma Incinerator was nice. If there’s an extra damage point tacked on when it’s overcharged, we could be seeing lists run a few of them soon. However, the fact that a firstborn Marine who stands chest-high to a Primaris Marine has the same wound profile as one makes us scratch our head.

What do you think about firstborn Marines and Primaris Marines having the same constitution? Is the new selling point for Primaris just better wargear?

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