Intercessors 9th Edition 40k Rules Datasheet SPOTTED

primaris book cover hor space marine walThe updated Primaris Intercessor rules datasheet for 9th Edition Warhammer 40k is here, so check out what changes are here for Cawl’s boys.

Intercessors have quickly grown to be a staple unit in just about every Space Marine list. You’d be hard-pressed not to find a competitive list not running at least one squad of these guys. With that said, now that the Space Marine codex is on the way in October, we’re able to take an early look at their new datasheet thanks to U/Obrientt on Reddit.

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Intercessors 9th Edition 40k Rules Datasheet SPOTTED



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intercessor updated datasheetSo here’s the thing about Intercessors. They look unchanged except for the fact that the Auxiliary Grenade Launcher is it’s own wargear option now. Before, it was just a grenade profile with 30″ range. With that being said, we’re not sure what the appeal is going to be to Intercessors in the future.

space marines tactical vs primaris sizeWe just saw how firstborn Space Marine bolters are going up to 30″ as well so the only thing Intercessors have going for them is a little AP, extra damage on the boltgun, and an extra close combat attack. But when compared to all the wargear options firstborn Marines have available to them, Intercessors may be taking the backseat depending on their points, etc…

Even though these guys stand almost twice as tall as a normal Marine, their stats and wargear look oddly similar as of right now.

Do you think GW could be making firstborn Marines popular for one last ride? Will Intercessors still have a place in the meta?

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