GW New Releases Roadmap For March 2022 & Beyond

gw-rumors-and-new-releasesDon’t miss the latest GW new releases roadmap into March 2022 featuring tons of minis for most of the Warhammer games that are on the way!

Love GW miniatures? Well, the new release roadmap is back and more loaded than ever. We’re not joking either we mean loaded, there are a ton of minis on the way!

Between rules leaks and rumors for Eldar and Chaos, there look to be all sorts of releases coming for them as well too.

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Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

GW New Releases Roadmap For March 2022 & Beyond

kruleboyzBefore diving into the confirmed release, let’s cover some rumors about what battletomes might also be among the first releases for 2022.

Gloomspite Gitz

gloomspite gitz age of sigmar how to playAgain, this is about a 3-year-old book, with how much things have changed with AoS in that time, not to mention a new edition, they need a little bit of work. They are still performing okay but could use some reworks.

We’re not sure what new minis they will get, as their model line isn’t that old. Still, they will probably get a new champion or two, or at least a couple of reworks.


ogor mournfang 'Let’s just say we are hoping beyond hope this is true, and that basically, they get a rehaul on almost all of their minis! We don’t even care about the book so much, just the need for some new minis! S0rry gluttons, your time may have come…

A large portion of their units is from before the change over to AoS, meaning they haven’t been touched in years and years. This could be a massive overhaul, or if GW doesn’t feel like it, maybe they just redo a unit or two. Let’s just hope that’s not the case!

Beasts of Chaos

sc beastsYou know an army needs a rework when the pictures on the site for multiple of their units are still on square bases. It’s like GW just didn’t even care enough to change them to the new format over the years.

So, yeah, they need a rework and new minis! Maybe they and Ogors can come in a new starter box together with all new minis! One can dream, but according to these rumors, we don’t have that long to wait until we know for sure

RUMORS New Bundle Box Sets Coming to Age of Sigmar

The first box is said to be Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos. This box is going to be full of new minis, so be on the lookout! We have also heard of Gitz vs. Slaves to Darkness too.

Then supposedly will be Start Collecting for Ogors, with Ossiarch Bonereapers getting the box after that. Slaves to Darkness are also getting some love in the way of an upgrade sprue (like the Cadian one) and brand new Chosen.

Lastly, we’re not sure about the box, but the upcoming Oath Breakers (Chaos Dwarves) will be kicking off the “Broken Realms” of the new edition, but that’s supposedly not coming until 2023.

Gloomspite Gitz vs Beasts of Chaos?

gloomspite gitz trollThis will be a dual army box, meaning if you play either side, you’ll be getting new stuff! The gobbo side of things will see a new Scuttleboss on Giant Spider. While the old mini isn’t too bad, it’s really nothing to write home about.

While that’s nice, Beasts of Chaos will be getting a whole host of new minis! They will be getting three new minis, Doombull, Bullgor, and Jabberslythe. All three of those kits really need a rework (not to mention everything they have). 

Gloomspite Gitz & Slaves to Darkness AoS Battlebox?

60030209010_GloomspiteGitzBattletomeArtThe Gitz Battletome is about a 3-year-old book, which is quite old with how much things have changed with AoS in that time. Not to mention a new edition of the rules.  If we had to guess they may need a little bit of work. Whereas the Slaves to Darkness have not grabbed as many updates as we would expect for them or even had new models in quite some time (start collecting box aside), so hopefully they get some awesome new minis.

We’re not sure what new minis Gloomespite Gitz will get, however, as their model line isn’t that old. Still, they will probably get a new champion or two, or at least a couple of reworks.

Start Collecting Ogors

According to the rumors, they will be getting a new box along with their upcoming new book. In that, they will grab a new plastic Slaughtermaster/Butcher. This is great because they’ve needed an update for a long time. Not sure if they will be grabbing other new minis or not, but at least they can look forward to one new one for sure. 

 Ossiarch Bonereapers

bone kings ossiarch bonereapers age of sigmarThey received some new stuff for Underworlds, so that’s usually a good precursor to new minis for AoS. This probably won’t happen for a while, but it looks like they will be getting a new hero on foot and Mortek Archers. So two new units is something you can’t complain about!

Slaves to Darkness

slaves to darkness chaosLast but not least, it looks like Chaos will receive some love. Maybe not as much as they need, but some. With  Chaos Warriors and Knights getting an upgrade sprue very similar to what they just did with Cadians. Luckily, they will also be getting brand new Chosen, which really need it because they don’t look very loved by the Chaos Gods right now. 

But remember, these are all rumors after all…


malerion walIt all started when they did a preview of Shadow, Iron, and Broken Realms and revealed this shadowy artwork. It reminded us of Malerion taking a new form. Some of you may have heard of the name “Malerion” aka Malekith aka the Witch King before from the world that was… We’ve also seen a little short story of him talking to Morathi and the fact that he is finally manifesting himself into the mortal realms.

Well, he needs an army to lead, so we expect them to be kind of like dark elves in a sense. We haven’t seen any minis, but this looks like GW has been setting them up for a long time now. If you want to read more about the initial time we thought they were coming, check that out here.

According to this new rumor though, these will be near the end of 2022 at the earliest…

Looking into 2023

seraphon lizardmen wal horIt looks like Seraphon vs. Skaven will be the first battle box of 2023, but that’s pretty far off and not super confirmed. So take that with as much salt as you need, we’ll just have to wait and see on yet one more thing.

Global disruptions seem to be putting more and more releases farther and farther out. Before we used to be able to tell about when a new edition of any game would drop.  These days however look for more time to pass in increments of years between editions as well.

Oath Breakers

chaos-dwarfWhile it’s been a really long time since we’ve seen a full-scale release for them, we’ve seen minis released here and there for a long time now from Forge World- which have since disappeared.

Let’s be honest, this would just be a really cool rework of an army that never really got its day in the sun (well maybe they did about 10 years ago). With these being the last of the three mentioned, we’re not really sure when we would see them, but they are probably who we are most excited for!

They have some really cool old minis to style the new army on and with the sculpts GW has been putting out, they could look amazing! Unfortunately, according to the rumors, they won’t be hitting the game until 2023 or later…

GW Reveals the Next 4 Battletome Books for Age of Sigmar

aos battletome roadmap

Surprising precisely no-one, the Mortal Realms have been set alight with conflict once more.* On the burning shores of Aqshy, two disparate forces of Order muster against each other in an epic grudge match, while Nagash’s loyal servants have descended upon the Daughters of Khaine in an attempt to ‘reclaim’ aelven souls within the Arena of Shades.

Daughters of Khaine & Nighthaunts Battletomes

night haunt daughters of khaine battletome

Morathi raises her spiteful head yet again,** this time to answer the challenge of everyone’s favourite Great Necromancer. Graceful gladiators and querulous quill-pushers are getting ready to clash in Arena of Shades, and a new Battletome: Daughters of Khaine and Battletome: Nighthaunt will be sneaking up on you before you know it, both packed with new lore, rules, and warscrolls.


The next two factions to duke it out in the Age of Sigmar are Nighthaunt and the Daughters of Khaine!

The newest character set to release for Nighthaunt is the Scriptor Mortis! Described by the preview as “not a fighter”, the Scriptor is said to specialize in picking out specific heroes from a distance and “cursing them” throughout the battle.

Nighthaunt are receiving two new units in this upcoming release! Not only are they getting a new character, but a unit capable of shooting as well, the Craventhrone Guard!

This new unit is one of the few in the Death faction of Age of Sigmar with any substantial shooting, so their addition is very welcome.

The aesthetic of these new minis tie into the Nighthaunt character Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King; you can see the iconography on their banner is very similar to his own, as well as having a connection with his name.

Finally, the Daughters of Khaine receive new character, and she has been described as particularly deadly: the High Gladiatrix. The preview emphasized her gladiator aesthetic, and we have to agree. The character appears to come with multiple weapons and head options, so variety will be possible for those wishing for it!

Idoneth Akhelian Thrallmaster & Fyreslayer Auric Flamekeeper (From Fury of the Deep)

fury of the deep 2

fury of the deep 3

It’s also worth mentioning that these models have not been released yet, and there is a good chance we’ll see them this year for the new price of $38 each respectively.

GW Announces Cursed City Re-release & New Expansions!

Cursed city relaunch

This set sold out quickly when it was released, and many of you have been in touch to ask if it will be back. Today we can confirm that it will indeed rise again. For those of you that missed out the first time round, this is your chance to get your hands/bestial claws on some of the best Citadel miniatures of 2021, as well as the amazing co-operative Warhammer game. Look out for news on exact release dates in the new year.

Cursed city relaunch 2

Finally, if it’s not enough that Cursed City is returning, it will also be accompanied by expansions, so your adventure into Ulfenkarn can grow and continue with even more dramatic twists and turns. Spoiler alert: Radukar isn’t dead – he’s just really, really angry!

Here’s a closer look at Curse City from our Unboxing video when it was released the first time around:

The box originally sold for $199 so we expect the re-release to go for around the same, which would be nice because it is more expensive on the secondary market. Again, they didn’t give an exact date on the actual release for the base set and expansions besides 2022, but we hope it’s sooner than later!

Kill Team Eldar Voidscarred Corsairs New Rules & Models


The newest addition to the Warhammer 40k: Kill Team line is a classic faction of miniatures, the Eldar Corsairs.  The Corsair featured here is absolutely dripping in both Drukhari and Eldar flavor, and we highly anticipate his crew’s entry to the Kill Team scene.

Eldar Corsairs

This glorious new plastic kit contains a host of options – as with the other kill teams released so far, such as the Ork Kommandos and Veteran Guardsmen – allowing you to build a dizzying array of individual fighters. For example, the Starstorm Duellist is a prideful pirate packing a pair of powerful pistols – and unlike the clumsy landlubbers in other kill teams, they can even blast away at Engagement Range thanks to their Quick on the Trigger ability.

Eldar Corsairs 2They have a ton of options and will just make for a really cool squad! It would be nice if you get more than one of each weapon option because, for a 40k game, they may prove hard to equip.

Eldar Corsairs 3


Eldar Corsairs 4


Eldar Corsairs 5

The Corsairs will first be available in the forthcoming Kill Team: Nachmund boxed set, which continues the narrative of the current Warhammer 40,000 season. As we hinted on Monday, Corsairs will also have rules in the truly comprehensive Codex: Aeldari.

While they look dope for sure, here is hoping we don’t have to wait as many months for this to come out on its own as we did with the Orks and DKoK single box sets.

Eldar Corsairs 6


Eldar Corsairs 7The wide variety of weapons is really cool and they all look pretty awesome and perfectly in-between Eldar and Drukhari, plus even have a Wraith Cannon!

It also seems like there will also be changes in how Farseers and Warlocks are fielded overall now in Eldar lists. Now, it’s all coming true, so some pretty good rumors if you ask us!

New Chaos Space Marines Models In Kill Team Nachmund

With the full box revealed, there are a lot of new minis inside, but generally, there is a long wait period between when the Kill Team boxes come out and they are released separately.

Much like the T’au Pathfinders from the Kill Team: Chalnath set, this box provides a ton of new customization options for an existing kit. Legionary kill team commanders are going to be spoilt for choice.

Let’s check out what you can make with all the new bits, but remember this will also probably increase the cost of the kit as well.

Chaos Space Marines Kill Team


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 2


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 3

You’ll be able to dominate the battlefield with a range of operatives. Like to gun down your enemies from distance? The Heavy Gunner’s reaper chaincannon will cut a swathe through your foes. Prefer to get up close and personal? The Shrivetalon is bound to leave a mark with his flensing blades. Need some psychic support? That’s where the Balefire Acolyte comes in.

Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 4


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 5


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 6


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 7


Chaos Space Marines Kill Team 8

These operatives are painted up in Black Legion colours (the home for ambitious heretics of any persuasion) but these kit enhancements would look at home in most other Legions. The giant axe is perhaps indication of a Khornate mindset, while the Butcher’s fondness for flayed skin could be indicative of a Nostraman origin. The Balefire Acolite has a book and some flames.

The upgrades sprue (we assume it will be one new sprue in the kit) will give you a lot of extra options. Now you can have some more heavy support options as well as some giant CC weapons. Then, you also get some psychic options, so pretty cool overall.

Plus the wargear on these models matches up with the Legionnaires rules rumors for Chaos Space Marines that we have been seeing for their new codex.

With this and the other new releases, we hope to see even more Chaos soon! Or at least a new book before the end of the summer!  Either way the wait for both of these squads to release separately is on now!


The final entry in the LVO preview is Necromunda, and it explores the inhospitable region of the Ash Wastes. Nothing in the way of miniatures were revealed, but the video associated with this release is done in a comic book style, and according to the Preview Team, may have some hints about possible miniatures to come.

Click Here To Get Your Eternus Assault Armor!

So great are the distances between hives that even the most athletic gang won’t get far on foot, so what vehicles can be scraped together will serve your gangers well in the trials to come

Get ready to leave the hive behind… soon!

RUMORS: New Necromunda Ash Wastes Truck Spotted!

Genestealer Cults TruckThe Reddit post is about how the Genestealer Cults could take over the vehicle. Obviously, by the name of the expansion from GW, it’s all about the gangs that control the Ash Wastes. Still, if it’s a new fast-moving vehicle, it could easily be for GSC or might even have some cross-over rules for 40k.

We also know GW does not like to make art if there aren’t minis, the pic on the left is from a recent Rumor Engine, and the pic on the right is from the recent trailer. They match up pretty perfectly, and from the looks of it, the model will be really close to the artwork.

Necromunda TruckThen from another pic, it looks like the armored containers kit from GW will actually fit on the back. That makes us believe this is going to be some kind of flatbed trailer.

Battlezone Manufactorum – Munitorum Armoured Containers

This would be really cool if you could kitbash it like this, or maybe there will be a container from the Ash Wastes set made specifically for this. 

Necromunda TruckOr who knows, maybe there will be a huge kit like this with a giant armored convoy to fight over. Either way, it looks like another rumor engine has been solved this time as we weren’t sure exactly what this vehicle would be for…

Necromunda Roadmap

necromunda roadmap

This toxic, rad-scoured landscape is too expansive to fit into a single book. In fact, the wastes are so vast we’re introducing them with a massive new boxed set, which will be followed soon after by a whole series of books exploring the factions that battle across the wastes. 

9th warhammer 40k banner

Infernal Master & Castellan Crowe (From Hexfire)

Still out there to be released separately are both of the models from the Hexfire Box. Plus the Grey Knights and Thousand Sons rumored Combat Patrol boxes as well.

Hexfire box

As far as pricing goes we originally thought the characters would be $35. However, after looking at the sprues, they may be as high as $40-45 each when released separately. Just something interesting to note.

They are currently selling in the $50 range on eBay.

Adeptus Custodes Blade Champion & Reductus Saboteur (From Shadow Throne)

reductus saboteur blade champion rules


First seen in Shadow Throne, it’s worth mentioning that these models have not been released yet, and there is a good chance we’ll see them when their Combat Patrol box sets drop, for the new prices of $150 and $38 each respectively.

New Warhammer 40k Combat Patrols Coming Soon!


So far of the 5 new Warhammer 40k Combat Patrols announced for all the recently released armies, only the Tau one has been released!

Adeptus Custodes & Genestealer Cults Combat Patrol Box Sets

Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol


GSC Combat Patrol

Following on from the events of Shadow Throne, the perfidious Genestealer Cultists and the Talons of the Emperor are mustering Combat Patrols to continue their respective missions across the Imperium. You’ll be able to prepare for these campaigns with Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: Genestealer Cults, which are both packed full of thematic rules like devastating crossfire, and peerless battle stances.

The Adeptus Custodes combat patrol box is interesting in the fact of how many Sisters of Silence you get. We thought they would do one more focused on other troops, but hey, if you want Sisters of Silence, this is a great box. With 32 minis inside the Genestealer Cults combat patrol that one has a lot of minis and a decent mixture of units.

Thousand Sons & Grey Knights Combat Patrol Box Sets

Grey Knights Combat Patrol


Thousand Sons Combat PatrolThese boxes have felt like they have been coming for a while considering it’s been a few months since we saw their combo box. The Thousand Sons one is a little strange just because it has so many Tzaangors and it’s basically the same as the Hexfire box but with 10 more Tzaangors added in. The Grey Knights one is also similar but with Terminators added in as well and no Crowe.

Games Workshop said these would be coming in March of 2022 (fingers crossed)!

Tyranids Next 40k Codex After Eldar

Tyranids codex

Inside the book you’ll find fully updated rules for the Tyranids and their key hive fleets, as well as background information leading from their first contact with mankind right up to the present day’s apocalyptic Octarian War. Despite the Imperium’s best efforts, Hive Fleet Leviathan runs rampant, and it seems that not even the largest Ork empire in the galaxy can stop them.

As befits a new codex, there’ll be a wealth of rules content from Stratagems and Warlord Traits to Hive Fleet adaptations and the return of Synaptic Link abilities. You’ll also be able to take your fleet on a Crusade campaign of its own, and while we can’t say anything about the specifics just yet, it’s safe to say you’ll be doing the complete opposite of any local T’au Empire players.

The new art is actually pretty cool and we’ve seen a ton of rules leaks which may be confirmed by this Synaptic Link abilities bit above.

Plus don’t forget to check out all the new Tyranids Crusher Stampede rules they just got as well by clicking here.

New Tyranids Parasite of Mortrex Model

Parasite of Mortrex 2


Parasite of Mortrex 3

Wait, could that be? Yes, it’s the legendary Parasite of Mortrex! This winged Tyranid monstrosity will soon cast a gruesome shadow over the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000.

This huge flying gribbly – first encountered on the planet of Mortrex – was originally mentioned in the 5th edition Tyranid codex, and Crusade rules have allowed Tyranid characters to mimic its horrifying implant attack… but nothing compares to the real deal. With its new plastic model, this classic critter is lunging out of the lore and onto the tabletop for the first time ever. 

Honestly, it’s a pretty cool model and from the size of what we’ve seen before, it’s just about the size of a Warrior.

It all sticks to the Hexapod style of the Tyranids organism design with a consolidated thorax, six appendages consisting of two sets of wriggly arms, and a set of wings.

parasite-of-mortex-whole-whcIt looks like the new Tyranids Parasite of Mortrex will be on a 40mm base, the same as the ripper swarm in the foreground.

40k Tyranids Combat Patrol Box Set

Besides the codex, we know there is at least one other release on the way for the Tyranids relatively soon…

Tyranids Combat Patrol

Fortunately, the Norn-Queens have been hard at work splicing together a new Combat Patrol box, which is ideal whether you’re brand new to the Tyranids or have been on board since Hive Fleet Behemoth was first sighted.

The box actually has some useful units and minis inside, so this could be a good starting point for players. Let’s see what type of cash it will save you though.

  • Hive Tyrant $60
  • Tyranid Warriors $60
  • 36 Termagants $105 (includes the Ripper Swarms)

 Total MSRP: $225

Savings Versus Box Price: $75

New Battlezone Fronteris Terrain

fronteris terrain

This battlezone is designed to give you a range of new terrain for your battles on frontier worlds or to add a little bit more militaristic utility to your existing gaming tables. It includes STC Hab-Bunkers, a Landing Pad, Vox-Antenna, Auspex Shrine, plus a selection of stockades, and will soon be available as a complete battlezone and in a variety of smaller kits.

The GW terrain is generally very well-done but can be quite expensive. It does look pretty cool and will add some flavor to your games, plus, if you play Crusade or matched play the pieces do have some special rules.

fronteris terrain 2


fronteris terrain 3

These no-nonsense facilities are designed to weather the harsh conditions of thousands of frontier worlds the Imperium is attempting to keep its foothold on, providing defence against a variety of threats.

New Towers

We’ll have to see how this fits in with the other releases, but if nothing else, it all fits in with the same aesthetic. So should be an easy addition to your table.

fronteris terrain


fronteris terrain

Battlezone Fronteris is quite varied for a backwater position and comes with a Landing Pad, a Vox-Antenna, and an Auspex Shrine – elements that have plenty of utility. Tall, imposing, and perfect for blocking lines of sight, it’s also designed to fit into any existing terrain collection.

So from the looks of it, this may have a similar amount of terrain inside compared to the old Battlezones. Which ranged in price from $90-$150, so expect in that range for this one. They also say this will be released later in the year as part of this season of Warhammer.

GW Reveals New Aeldari Eldar Units & Avatar Miniatures

Even though we have seen some Eldar releases already, there are still some yet to come out, along with the Eldritch Omens models that have to be released separately.

New Eldar Avatar

Well, a lot of this model has already been revealed, and you can click here to see all that. Although we got some new close-ups of the detail in their sizzle video.

new eldar avatar options

Revealed a few days ago, the Avatar of Khaine makes his official appearance in all of his multipart-glory. Not only does the new kit come with three head options, it also has three weapons; in addition, the new Avatar is adorned with the runes from a number of different Craftworld Aspects, creating a truly customizable monster to add to your Craftworlds army

new eldar avatar options (4)

new eldar avatar options (4)

It still looks like we have seen all the options for the new Eldar Avatar though, however, his base is for sure the biggest yet, perhaps 110mm round.

eldar avatar whole army base size

It looks to be at least 3 guardians wide, which appear to be in 32mm and not 27mm bases when you compare them to the Space Marine Bladeguard in the lower right frame. All that of course is just speculation on the sizes from the images we have currently.

New Plastic Eldar Shining Spears Jetbikes

Like the other upcoming Aspect Warriors, these Shining Spears are packed with options and can be assembled with or without helmets for an army of Ynnari. One can be built as an Exarch with a powerful star lance or paragon sabre, and a shuriken cannon slung below his ride.

new shining spears eldar jetbikes


shining spears new plastic

The last addition to the new Eldar lineup in the preview is a set of Shining Spears. The new kit is entirely plastic, and the riders come equipped with never-before-seen helmets.

Chalnath Sisters & Tau

Kill Team Chalnath troops


The all-new Adepta Sororitas Novitiates kit is a team of 10 fresh-faced Sisters of Battle eager to prove themselves worthy of induction into the main ranks. Against them stands a T’au Pathfinder Squad which includes an upgrade sprue full of new options to kit out your team of 10, plus three drones.  

These two kits have yet to be released on their own, so hopefully, we can get them soon on their own!

warhammer exclusives wal new releases pre order

GW Previews New Miniatures Models for Warhammer+ Plus

If you want to see the sneak peek of the minis, they come in around the 35-second mark.

Warhammer + new models


Warhammer + new models 2


warhammer plus models

A new year also means new subscriber-exclusive miniatures to come for year-long members. Did you catch them in the trailer? We’ll be showing them off in full later in the year. 

The first one, if you ask us, is much easier to tell as a Chaos character of some kind. Just look at how furrowed and evil his brow looks! Judging by the armor it also looks something like a Terminator to us. The second model is a bigger shot of the body, but it could honestly be a lot of different factions. We assume it will be for AoS, and it really looks like the most likely candidate is Ossiarch Bonereapers. The armor looks like it could be something for them and obviously, they love their quarterstaffs.

But that second shot of what we assume is its staff, is very Chaos looking…

First Set of  Minis for Warhammer+

Exclusive miniFirst up is the Vindicare Assassin, this looks like a 3D render, but that is only half right. While it is a prototype 3d print it’s an amazing diorama model for what hobbyists will get down the road. They basically have a year to nail it down. Still, this is honestly pretty sweet! Not sure what base size this will be on, but it will make a perfect centerpiece for you to really sink your teeth into and let your painting ambitions go crazy. This makes sense for a model as it can be used by so many factions, so any Imperial player can take advantage of it.

Exclusive mini 2An Orruk takes the spot for AoS. The mini looks pretty sweet, but the one thing that’s hard to tell is how big it is. They said the skull on the back is an Ogors and the skull in its hand is a Stormcast. So this is just going to be giant! The Choppa itself is probably bigger than some minis out there. Again though, you won’t get this mini until you are subscribed for a full 12 months.

Exclusive Primaris Company Champion

Warhammer Community announced the new models along with some of the events you can get them at, such as AdeptiCon coming up. Let’s check out the minis you can score!

exclusive Minis

For Warhammer 40,000 comes the sword-swinging Primaris Company Champion. These formidable warriors of the Adeptus Astartes defend their chapter’s honour on the battlefield, armed with a devastating master-crafted power sword and skills honed over countless duels.

exclusive Minis 2

The Primaris Company Champion even has an entirely new datasheet for use in Legends games of Warhammer 40,000, loaded with three deadly Blade Stances. You can also use him in other games, perhaps as a particularly cool squad leader, or even the Emperor’s Champion.

While this exclusive Space Marines Primaris company champion doesn’t have a set role in regular 40k games, it would make for a ton of really cool proxies, and since it’s a GW product, nobody can hassle you for it. It’s an interesting mini but not the wildest thing we’ve ever seen.

You’ll be able to acquire these miniatures at Warhammer events throughout 2022 – such as AdeptiCon, which is taking place from the 23rd to the 27th of March in Schaumburg, Illinois.

If you’re going to the event and want either, better to pick it up there instead of trying to fight for it on the secondary market.

Exclusive Swampcalla Shaman

exclusive Minis 3

For Warhammer Age of Sigmar, meet Mugruk Da Watcha! This Swampcalla Shaman believes he’s found a new way of observing the battlefield using a special seeing-eye rock, but it’s really nothing more than a neat hat.

exclusive Minis 4

Wearing a blindfold won’t keep this malodorous mage from getting stuck in with a bogbark staff and he’s brewing up a bevy of elixirs to empower the venom-tipped weapons of his fellow Kruleboyz. Mugruk isn’t accompanied by a pot grot, but he can still jab at foes with his own backup stabba.

Exclusive Inquisitor Erasmus Cartavolnus

You can grab the new exclusive Inquisitor and Gutrippa Boss minis this year at Games Workshop store anniversary events!

 Click to get yours on Amazon or eBay

new exclusive inquisitor

The Ordo Malleus is dedicated to hunting and exterminating daemons wherever they appear, and Erasmus Cartavolnus has been doing it for over 300 years. Despite his advanced age, this zealous Inquisitor still strides the battlefield in search of daemonic quarry, and his knowledge of binding rituals is second to none.

This is honestly pretty cool with the huge flame exploding from the book and giant sword. While the pose itself isn’t super dynamic, all the extra pieces of flair make up for it. We’ll have to see if they come up with any rules for him, but probably not.   Still, he would be a cool Inquisitor to add to your forces.

GW Exclusive Gutrippa Boss Haggok

Gutrippa Boss

It takes a wily creature to command the respect of a Kruleboyz Gutrippa mob, and Haggok is always on the lookout for his latest would-be usurper to pre-emptively run through. With a (mostly) tame vulture keeping its beady eyes open for incoming threats, Haggok has time to relax a little and survey the battlefield, leaning casually on his skareshield. He fits in perfectly with your existing Gutrippa warbands, and as a unit leader, he has a more refined air than your average Kruleboy can muster.

It’s nice at least this year to see something other than Necrons or Space Marines get the minis! He’s not the most exciting model, but still pretty cool. If for nothing other than the vulture! We also saw Gutrippa Boss Haggok a long time ago as he was hidden in plain sight and in a rumor engine (or two).

new gw previews adepticon LVO nova open

Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview

Within the video above which debuted on Warhammer Community, there are at least seven, possibly nine or even ten, new models. We don’t get a full look at any of the models, however, we do get glimpses, and one definitely stole the show at least for us.

Let’s look at each of them.

gw 2022 daemon engine 1This first image looks very much Chaos Renegades. Specifically, it resembles the Maulerfiend’s;s weapon, which leads us to think there could be a new potential Daemon Engine of sorts coming!

gw 2022 daemon engine 2Backing up the Daemon Engine idea, we’ve got more chaos-y metal and exhausts that you’d see on top of such a construct along with these armor plates a frame later.

gw 2022 daemon engine 3 or kruleboyzAnother view of what may be the same model shows off a potential shoulder. You can see the fuzzy image of the exhaust in the background, but does that guarantee this is the same model?

More support for a Chaos Deamon Engine rumor is this image of some sort of power coupler or tube with what may be a joint for either a leg or arm out of focus in the background.

New Warzone Nachmund: Rift War

Warzone Rift War


War Zone Nachmund: Rift War has all the lore and maps you’ll need to follow the conflict – plus tons of ways to spice up your games. Along with new Armies of Renown and a Codex Supplement, you’ll find a whole campaign system for running a War of Desperation in all modes of play. Using new alliance rules and Campaign Master’s Edicts, you and your friends can fight for control of three brutal War Zones, each with its own special rules and Legendary Mission. 

RUMORS: New Plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set Pics Spotted!

What appeared to be pictures of a new Plastic two-player Horus Heresy set featuring a Contemptor Dreadnought along with a Spartan Tank surfaced on Reddit.

Horus Heresy Box 1


Horus Heresy Box 2


Horus Heresy Box 3


Horus Heresy Box 5


Horus Heresy Box 6Note that these are photos of images on a monitor which are probably legit “leaks”. (we say leaks in quotes because many hobbyists have their doubts that GW is not leaking images intentionally to follow up with cheeky announcements to build hype for their products).

And why wouldn’t they? It’s literally worth millions of dollars in sales for them to do so…

Plus new rumors are even saying the release date on this set may have been moved up, and the Spartan may actually be a dual kit- which would be pretty neat!

Liber Astartes & More New Horus Heresy 2.0 Rules Leaks

new horus heresy logoPerhaps this will adorn the cover of a new Horus Heresy plastic starter set box or rulebook?

Speaking of that new logo above, look at all the new images that were just spotted on the 30k Reddit.

Liber Astartes & More New Horus Heresy 2.0 Rules Leaks Liber AstartesSeems like the red books may be getting replaced with this new style-book, the first apparently dubbed the Liber Astartes.

Ka’Bandha is Finally Getting a Warhammer Miniature

Ka’Bandha, is getting a “miniature” release as one of the biggest Chaos Horus Heresy character sets from Forge World!

New Horus Heresy Ka’Bandha Miniature

The newest addition to the Horus Heresy character series will be one of the most infamous names of the saga, Ka’Bandha. Sanguinius and Ka’Bandha fought almost to the death on more than one occasion, and while Ka’Bandha’s rules have been released for a few years now, we have yet to see a dedicated model for him.

Ka’Bandha 2

Ka’Bandha 2

Needless to say, we’re impressed. He is covered in Khornate imagery and icons, and he stands over the broken body of a Blood Angels legionary.

Ka’Bandha revels in the slaughter and has added mountains of skulls to Khorne’s domain from the early days of the Horus Heresy to the twilight of the 41st Millennium. He cuts a fearsome figure on the battlefield, resplendent in detailed daemonic armour, and is by far the largest Forge World Character Series model released so far.

Harrowdeep New Coyl Miniature



Coyl is an arcwalker, animated by the Force Dynamic, an arcano-electric force that flows through all things. Led by their shadowy leader, the Exiled Dead have made their way down to Harrowdeep for purposes unknown. Coyl uses his borrowed limb as a deadly weapon, which has been super-powered with forbidden technology.

We’ll have more on the Exiled Dead soon, including a look at the full warband and how they play in Warhammer Underworlds. So get ready for their arrival by picking up the Harrowdeep boxed set and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any of the updates.

Blood Bowl Rumbelow Sheepskin

Rumblebow sheepskin

That’s right – Blood Bowl’s new hotness is a deadly combination of Halfling and bloodthirsty ovine. As the first Halfling Star Player to be released since 1990, ewe’ll definitely want to add this unique player to your team.


Rumblebow sheepskin 2

As a Blocker, Rumbelow is famed for terrorising the Blood Bowl pitch. He tightly grips the reins of Longshanks, the dangerous ram he rides into play, who is all too eager to leap head-first towards the opposition. This stylish sheep even has his own custom helmet in a true show of team spirit!


Rumblebow sheepskin 3

You can pull the wool over your opponent’s eyes with the pair’s unique ability, the aptly named Ram, which allows Longshanks to trample any rivals knocked down by the Block action once per game.

New JOYTOY Action Figure Scale Invictor Warsuit & Blood Angels

joytoy GW release feature rA new action figure scale JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit and more Warhammer 40k Ultramarines and Blood Angels are on the way for wave two!

It looks like JOYTOY is branching out from just the regular Warhammer 40k Space Marines and adding in some heavy hitters!

joytoy GW release rWarhammer Community unveiled the next wave and even a sneak peek at what’s to come!  The good thing is something other than Ultramarines are on the way, but of course, they had to add some more blue boys to the mix. Let’s check out everything on the way!

Blood Angels & Ultramarines

joytoy GW release 4


joytoy GW release 5

The Blood Angels have dispatched their own Death Company Intercessors. Decked out head-to-toe in their signature black armour and red crosses, they cut a striking figure. Like their battle-brothers from Macragge, each figure can go with or without their helmet – and since this is the close combat-hungry Death Company we’re talking about, all four have chainswords and bolt pistols to supplement their bolt rifles. 

These look pretty sweet and it will be awesome to have something other than Ultramarines out there! These look really cool and with the options for wargear and helmets, we are pretty excited for them.

joytoy GW release 2


joytoy GW release 3

Like the Incursors and Infiltrators before them, these Intercessors are about 10cm (4.75”) tall and feature 25 points of articulation for dynamic posing. They look phenomenal up close too, with full edge highlighting and painted details down to their squad markings.

Warhammer Community didn’t give us an exact release date for these but we expect them to be out before too long now that they’ve revealed them!

JOYTOY Primaris Librarian Action Figure

Librarian JoyToy

With 28 points of articulation, and a soft plastic cloak made that remains vivid and durable as you pose him, this is the first Character model that JoyToy has made for Warhammer, and it’s stunning.

So many points of articulation. Also of note… like of real note… is a soft plastic cloak. Praise the God Emperor.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t HATE fabric and plastic mixed together — but I don’t like it either.

Librarian with interchangeable hands and helmet

In case you were wondering, he comes with extra hands and you can ditch his face for a helmet. He’s basically a bigger version of the GW Primaris Librarian — which is cool to see in a large-scale action figure from JOYTOY.

We also have a 360 look at him posted by JOYTOY on bilibili.

JOYTOY Invictor Warsuit Action Figure

Yep, he’s removable- check out the JOYTOY Space Marine action figure alongside his Invictor Warsuit. So cool!

JOYTOY space marine alongside his Invictor.

Standing 30cm tall with 45 articulated joints, hydraulic rods in the thighs, maximum stability, special gear joints let this beast of a toy stand tall in an incredible array of poses.

For those countries that have landed astronauts on the moon, this thing is basically a foot tall! Okay, fine, the size of the Invictor Warsuit is 11.81 inches according to Google, but still…

JOYTOY space marines action figures INSIDE his Invictor Warsuit.

I guess the only question left is, who’s going to be the first one to try and slam the new JOYTOY Librarian action figure into the Invictor Warsuit? Probably a Blood Angels fan if we had to guess!

So we expect these to be out at the same time as Games Workshop labeled them as Wave 2, however, we know there are still more models to release that have been previewed already by JOYTOY below.

New 40k JOYTOY Chaos Terminators Action Figures

JOYTOY Chaos TerminatorsThey are releasing six in total, three Terminators, a Chaos Lord, and two regular Marines. Obviously, these come from the Black Legion, but you can always paint them to your favorite chapter.

They didn’t give a release date quite yet, but we expect them to probably MTO (180 days) them as they have the previous waves.

JOYTOY Chaos Terminators 2The regular Marines are really sweet and it’s great to finally have something for the other side of the wars!

Hailing from the Black Legion, two Chaos Space Marines join your ranks with close combat equipment befitting such brutal warriors. Their weapons and armour are dead ringers for pieces you’ll find in the multi-part plastic kit, so you can represent your own models in a bigger, more poseable way.

JOYTOY Chaos Terminators 3

Three of the legion’s finest are teleporting into action wearing mighty suits of Terminator armour, presenting a real danger to even the Ultramarines’ huge Invictor Warsuits.

Each has helmeted and unhelmeted options, handy for whenever these champions need to look right into their prey’s eyes before closing a power fist around their gullet.

JOYTOY Chaos Terminators 4

Leading them all, the fearsome Chaos Lord Khalos the Ravager* maintains discipline by sheer force of will and violent example. His huge thunder hammer is frightening to behold, and with this many points of articulation he’ll be able to pull off some impressive poses while crushing skulls for his dark masters.

This figure looks pretty cool and you’ll obviously need a leader! Plus, he has tons of articulation so you can get him into a bunch of action poses.

JOYTOY Chaos Space Marines Action Figures Spotted

Heretics rejoice one of the new Chaos Action Figures was spotted was an unofficial image spotted over on Fauxhammer.

chaos space marine joytoyThese certainly look like the real thing and we can sorta see the back of another Chaos Marine to the right, however, that still leaves at least three Marines in the pack unaccounted for! As for the first Chaos Marine that we’ve been able to get a look at, this guy is our want list for sure! A new Plasma pistol and Power Axe, plus he’s fully decked out in spikey bits our favorite!

New JOYTOY Space Wolves Action Figures

JOYTOY Space Wolves

A team of four Intercessors are ready to take the fight to the enemy, resplendent in chapter icons and lupine talismans. Like the Chaos Terminators, they also have the choice of wearing helmets or leaving them off, in case they get a yearning for the cool wind blowing through their immaculately sculpted hair.

It’s cool to see them expanding the Chapters, even if they are loyalists! Nothing wrong with some variety, let’s just hope they eventually show the Xenos some love.

JOYTOY Space Wolves 2They have helmeted heads as well, but then you miss out on the cool face sculpts!

JOYTOY Space Wolves 3

To even the odds, they’re bringing an Invictor Warsuit of their own, this one equipped with the scorching incendium cannon, which projects a blazing firestorm. It’s sure to surprise anyone who thought that the Space Wolves shunned anything warmer than a mjød fridge.

The Warsuits are really cool figures and stand about a foot tall, meaning you can actually fit a figure inside. If you need a giant figure for your collection, this will be it!

13 New JOYTOY 40k Chaos & Space Marines Action Figures Spotted!

Joytoy new Space Marines


JOYTOY action FiguresThe new ones are made with steel joints and 23 points of articulation, so you’ll have plenty of movement on these bad boys! These are so close to what the actual reivers look like and the detail is super crisp on them! We saw rumors for them not long ago, so it’s good to see them hitting shelves soon.

Joytoy new Space Marines 2


Joytoy new Space Marines 3They’ve stayed pretty true to scale for the models, so expect these Aggressors to be big! They seem to have a full range of motion in the shoulders which is just super cool as you’ll be able to pose them any way you want.

best-3d-printing-and-miniature-suppliesEssential List of 3D printing Hobby Supplies & Products

Joytoy new Space Marines 5


Joytoy new Space Marines 4The flight stands are something totally new for the Space Marine figs, they look pretty decent but we’ll have to get our hands on some before we make a final judgment. Still, these look pretty dope and very well detailed.

new joytoy figures


new joytoy figures 2You always need someone to lead your action figure forces! With how much they are putting out, you’ll soon be able to have a full space marine force of these if you wanted to.

New Chaos Action Figures

new joytoy figures 3


new joytoy figures 4Last time we saw way more Chaos stuff, but at least they are grabbing one new 3-man unit this time around. They will fit in perfectly with the existing line, so you can really build up your Chaos figure collection.

Rumored JOYTOY Warhammer Action Figures Still on the Way

According to Fauxhammer these are the latest rumored new Warhammer 40k JOYTOY Action figures that are still potentially out the way.

  • Primaris Assault Space Marines – Ultramarines (CONFIRMED)
  • Death Company Space Marines (CONFIRMED)
  • Primaris Librarian (CONFIRMED)
  • Primaris Chaplain
  • Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour (SPOTTED)
  • Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit (CONFIRMED)
  • Chaos Space Marines – Black legion (CONFIRMED)
  • Chaos Space Marine Terminators – Black Legion (CONFIRMED)
  • Chaos Champion – Black legion  (CONFIRMED)
  • Chaos Space Marines – Thousand Sons
  • Orks 

Fauxhammer said they cannot confirm these rumors, but the community seems to agree with them so far from what we have seen.

Apparently, this is all also just in 2022, so if that’s true, we could see an insane number of figures before the year is out.  Either way, it looks like we don’t have long to wait now to see if these are true, as we already know the Librarian and war suit are official.

With quite a few left, it looks like we will either see a ton very soon, or they may have delayed their plans…

If you want to get your pre-orders in for any of the JOYTOY Warhammer Action Figures, they are currently up on eBay and Amazon now.

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

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