New Votann Release, 2022 GW Events, & 40k Rumors LATEST

new leagues of votann rules warhammer 40kHere are all the new wargaming releases, previews, rumors, and more from the weekend, plus the latest from GW as well!

These were the biggest announcements from the wargaming hobby and our expert commentary from the last week!

weekend-newsLet’s look at what you may have missed for Warhammer and the latest releases for tabletop wargaming in general!

GW Reveals New Warhammer 40k MTO & Black Library

new-black-library-releasesGW revealed the latest new Black Library titles plus MTO (made-to-order) releases for Warhammer 40k and LoTR this week! Read More

New Disciples of Tzeentch GW Pre-Order Revealed


This week is all about Disciples of Tzeentch as their Battletome update is finally announced for GW’s new pre-orders on September 24th. Read More

Games Workshop’s Top 5 Combos for Leagues of Votann

new leagues of votann rules warhammer 40kIn a recent battle report, GW released their top five combos for the Leagues of Votann- check out what the new faction can do! Read More

Squad Marks has Great Star Wars: Legion Markers!

Squad marks Star WarsWith the new Star Wars: Legion releases on the way, Squad Marks has tons of awesome accessories for the game- check it out! Read More

Nightbringer & The Vorbis Conspiracy Black Library Releases

black-library-new-relases-space-marinesThe latest Black Library releases are here, spotlighting Nightbringer and the Vorbis Conspiracy for the lore side of things this week. Read More

New Leagues of Votann Army Box Pricing & Where To Get Yours

new-releases-votaanHere’s the pricing and where to get the new long-awaited League of Votann starter box and more. Read More 

Top 40k Homebrew Army List: Smite Club Open

40k-homebrew-army-listsOrks are trailing behind the best armies as a new homebrew Warhammer 40k army list emerged at the Smite Club Open! Read More

New Starter Infinity Token Sets From Micro Art Studio!

infinity tokensMicro Art Studio is always on top of the game for cool Infinity accessories, just like the amazing new starter Infinity token sets! Read More

New Preferences For Personal Mystery Hobby Boxes

Mystery box featureWe just added more availability and a few new preference options to the personal mystery box that ships out each month! Read More

All The Hottest Trending Wargaming Posts To September 17th

primarch miniature reboot facelift redesign forge world games workshop horus heresyDon’t miss all the hottest trending wargaming posts to Sept 17th that seem to be on everyone’s minds! Read More

GW Winter Tournaments & US 2022 Events Announced

gw-tournamentsMore Games Workshop and Warhammer World Winter tournaments were announced, along with a couple of events for the US in October and November! Read More

WARMACHINE MKIV: Mercenaries Coming Soon!

warmachine-mkIV-headerThe new WARMACHINE MKIV: Mercenaries will drop alongside the new edition- check out what you can score soon! Read More

GW Previews More AoS Cities of Sigmar Dawnbringer Crusades

Armies-on-Parade-AoS-cities-of-sigmar-titleIt looks like the Cities of Sigmar will finally be getting an update; check out the Dawnbringer previews revealed by GW! Read More

Top 40k Army Lists At Wasteland Wars GT: Tyranids Feast

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-horTyranids devour the competition with a great 1st place finish at the Wasteland Wars GT from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top! Read More

Miniatures Hobby AMA Warhammer & Beyond Ep. 354

miniatures hobby amaA double-sized Miniatures Hobby AMA and Warhammer hot takes episode is here with questions sourced from viewers live. Read More

All of The Necron Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

necrons-magic-the-gathering-commander-cardsHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Necron commander deck! Read More

AMG Reveals Din Djarin & Grogu Star Wars: Legion Rules

star-wars-legion-mandolorian-din-djarinDin Djarin and Grogu miniatures are joining Star Wars: Legion, and AMG just revealed their rules! Read More

New 40k JOYTOY Action Figures in Stock & Pre-Orders for the USA!

joytoy-grey-knightsNew 40k JOYTOY action figures have just gone up for sale, and even more, have hit pre-order- check out everything you can lock in now! Read More

New Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Box Features Charizard!

charizard featureIf you love the Pokemon TCG and Charizard, then the upcoming Sword and Shield box might just be perfect for you! Read More

All the Best Warhammer 40k Vehicle Proxies & Alternatives

Deamonslayer-knight bannerCheck out our favorite Warhammer 40k vehicle proxies and alternatives that really make your army stand out on the tabletop or shelf! Read More

Free Puppetswar Model & Painting Contest

Puppetswar free model 2You can score a free Puppetswar model 3D STL file right now and win some extra cash with the new painting contest- check it out! Read More

Leagues of Votann Set To Hold Over 40k Fans Until Winter

leagues-of-votann-releaseWith new 40k releases slowing down, the Leagues of Votann are set to hold over hobbyists until winter single-handedly… Read More

Support You Local Store & Score a Free Alt Iggy Promo Model

alt iggy featureHelp out your local game store and score a free Alt Iggy Promo model from Wyrd Games- check out what you can score today! Read More

All of The Chaos Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

Warhammer-magic-the-gathering-chaos-deckHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Chaos commander deck! Read More

How to Speed Paint Ultramarines: Painting Tutorial

Speed paint UltramarinesLearn how to speed paint Ultramarines Space Marines about as fast as possible while still getting great results in this painting tutorial! Read More

Top 40k Army Lists At Smite Club Open: Eldar Mop Up

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-hor-2Eldar showed up in force with a great 1st place finish at the Smite Club Open from the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top! Read More

AMG Reveals New MCP Rules for Red Skull & Hydra Troops

Red Skull and HydraAMG has revealed the Red Skull and Hydra Troops Marvel Crisis Protocol character cards and rules; here is the latest! Read More

New AoS Disciples of Tzeentch Rules Revealed!

tzeentch wal hor titleFour new AoS Disciples of Tzeentch rules have been revealed by GW ahead of the new battletome- check it out! Read More

GW Reveals New Horus Heresy Clade Venenum Assassin!

horus-heresy-icon-logo-wal-hor-titleThe Clade Venenum Assassin is joining the ranks as the newest operative for Horus Heresy and coming from Forge World- check it out! Read More

All the Contrast-Style Paints For Miniatures Out There Now

contrast-alternativesA lot of companies have started producing contrast-style paints; check out what alternatives the market has to offer! Read More

New Elseworlds Batman Miniature Bundle From Knight Models!

Batman Elseworlds bundle 2The new Elseworlds Batman miniature bundle from Knight Models will get you some classic and insane minis- check it out! Read More

5 Ways to Make Your (Warhammer) Miniatures Hobby a Job

make-the-miniatures-hobby-warhammer-your-job-career-squidmarHere are five different ways to make the (Warhammer) miniatures hobby into a career; however, they take a lot of work to make it your day job. Read More

And that’s it for all the latest 40k rumors and releases for wargaming in general. Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

All the Newest GW Model Previews

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