All the Contrast-Style Paints For Miniatures Out There Now

contrast-alternativesA lot of companies have started producing contrast-style paints; check out what alternatives the market has to offer!

Ever since Games Workshop came out with the idea of a faster painting idea, the market has responded with some really cool products. Some are more like true one-coat solutions (Speedpaint), and others are closer to contrast (Green Stuff Worlds’ dipping inks); regardless, they all have their benefits.

So, check out what is out there, so you don’t spend money on something you don’t really want or need!

All the Contrast-Style Paints & Alternatives For Miniatures

Just one last thing to note, we’ll show you some of the lines, but for most, this is just a small portion of what they have to offer! We’ll also take a look at the announcement from Vallejo on their new Xpress Paints line.


There has been a little bit of drama there about Speedpaint by folks who seem to want them to do more than what they are designed for. These paints are designed to be a single-coat solution. However, you can wait for around 6-8 hours to add more coats, but you really don’t need to. It’s meant just to get your minis on the table super-quickly and playing!

If you want to do anything else than a one-coat solution with the new speedpaints, just use regular acrylics or even the old Citadel Contrast paints (for double the price).

Be sure to check out the video above for all the tips and how they all work!


Army Painter SpeedpaintThe paint goes on really fast, as you would expect from the name. It also looks to avoid some of the common pitfalls of normal contrast paints and be a true one-coat solution. Plus, they are more than 2 dollars cheaper for a bottle than another certain company. 


Army Painter Speedpaint 4This is the way to go if you just want everything in one buy! You get an insane number of paints for a really great price.

  • Combined with an innovative resin medium solution that flows perfectly over your miniatures creates an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.
  • The Speedpaint Mega Set contains our entire range of Speedpaints giving you 24 colours to work your magic with, and get amazing results faster than ever.

Contrast Alternatives: Dipping Inks From Green Stuff World:


dipping inksIf you don’t feel like paying the prices for contrast paints, the new Green Stuff World offering might just be right up your alley. They have 24 different colors, and each one comes in a 60ml dropper bottle, so pretty hard to beat right off the bat.

While we haven’t used these ourselves yet, the results are very hard to argue with. This is just a small amount of what they have to offer; now, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorites!


dipping inks 2


dipping inks 3As you can see, the price for how much you get is pretty nice. Here’s what they have to say about it:

  • Dipping ink semi-transparent paints help you to shade your figures more quickly and easily over a single coat of paint. Apply with a brush over a layer of matt white or a light colour to easily achieve realistic shadows in a single application of Dipping.
  • The Dipping ink range is the best speedpainting solution on the market to contrast your miniatures and gain more time for the game.
  • It can also be used by advanced painters taking advantage of its unique properties to mark shadows and volumes, blend and veil colours with ease, bring out the details of your figure quickly and use it as a starting point for more professional painting.


dipping inks 4


dipping inks 5

  • These paints have been designed in a 60ml pot so that you have enough product to paint entire armies with ease.
  • Contents: 1x Dipping ink in 60ml

Scale 75 Instant Colors:

The video does a great job of showing how the paint will look on different primers and really give you a great feel for the paints in general.

Scale 75 instant colorsWe haven’t personally got to test these out quite yet, but have heard good things. Their packs are well-put together, and if you want a certain set, the price really isn’t that bad. Plus, it’s always nice to have more alternatives.  You can get yours by clicking here.

Vallejo Xpress Color Paints

vallejo express color bottles

First taste of Vallejo Xpress Color, go and watch my live demonstration during the Freakwars in Madrid (Spanish obviously l, sorry in advance):


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Secondly, this is the first ever miniature painted EXCLUSIVELY using just Xpress Color and white for touch ups and the eyes, enjoy

vallejo xpress color miniatureAs we can see, this stuff looks pretty decent, with Hidalgo using it easily and even on a small miniature too!

Currently, there is no word on the retail street date yet. Plus, remember that getting Vallejo paints in the states was always tough, even pre-covid, so don’t get your hopes up too much for local purchases.

GW Contrast Paints:

There are definitely some great uses for Contrast paints. Especially if new hobbyists are scared of picking up a brush and demolishing a model. Contrast is a great way to test the waters of painting for beginners. For anything with a bunch of curves and recesses, Contrast will really shine.

There is still a technique for applying Contrast paints, as the paint doesn’t seem to eliminate any skill required to use it. 

contrast paint citadel color colourContrast paints were really hot when they first came out. Now with other companies improving and tweaking the formulas, things are changing. Especially with the recent price increase, people have been looking for alternatives. However, they are still a favorite of many people out there. 

You can get yours by clicking here.

For now, it looks like most of the big paint companies have jumped on the contrast hype train, as Green Stuff World recently made a similar product, and of course, the Army Painter Speedpaint is great as well.

Which has been your favorite Contrast-Style Paints alternatives so far? Have you tried them all out yet? 

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