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Checkout the newest Horus Heresy hotness from Forge World, Word Bearers Ashen Circle, and Emperor’s Children Kakophoni with Sonic Weapons!

Both of these units look pretty hot, and you can use them in normal games of 40k as well to represent a number of similar units both loyal and heretical!

Checkout the details below, these guys will ship with the next batch of FW releases on the 31st of October.

Courtesy of Forge World,

Serving alongside the Destroyers of the Word Bearers Legion, the Ashen Circle was a unique formation created for a unique purpose; the destruction of culture, learning and faith. These Space Marines were iconoclasts, charged beyond the battlefield with hunting down works of false doctrine and those who purveyed it, consigning both to destruction and eradicating flame.

One of the first malignant tools made manifest in the Emperor’s Children Legion after the Horus Heresy were the strange and experimental psycho-sonic weapons that would come to be known as the Cacophony or ‘Kakophoni’ in the ancient form. They were savagely powerful but also dangerously unpredictable in their first incarnations.

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