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Everything you need to know for our Bringing Hobby Back Team Tournament for Warhammer 40k at Adepticon 2017

Adepticon 2017

Our doubles tournament allows each player to bring 1000 point force, which you will pair with another player to form a 2000 point team. Specific army composition rules will follow in the coming weeks, but the general guideline is that nearly everything is legal. But here’s the rub, your team’s army composition score is judged by your opponents

Under the Bringing The Hobby Back format, each player can achieve a maximum of 100 points. Battlepoints account for 50% of a player’s score. Army Composition (Comp) accounts for 18%. Theme for 6%, Painting for 14%, and Preferred Opponent for 12%.

Checkout our information sheet on what you need to know for the tournament, and scroll down for a peek at last year’s mission packet.

Bringing Hobby Back Tournament Packs

Final Sheets With Adepticon 2016 Tournament Branding:

New Bringing Hobby Back Long War Tournament Packet


Tournament Software Resources

Local 40k Tournament Rules Pack 

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