Yes The Truth Still Hurts- Stelek Strikes Again….

By Rob Baer | January 21st, 2012 | Categories: Editorial, Warhammer 40k

There is an old saying when it comes to doing something; that you either are good, get good, or give up.

When it comes to playing games of 40k I think the same thing can probably be said.

To me it seems like there are tiers of players in everything out there under the sun, from video games to pool, but most especially in 40k.

You seem to have at the top of the heap the super stars, people who consistently place at events, are recognized “in public”, help to set the meta, promote and contribute to the game in a positive way.

Followed by players who like to build and play what’s popular/ what they like the most, regardless of how it works (or just cause it’s cool). Either way, they’re playing and having fun doing it- which is what counts.

Skipping down to the extreme bottom you have the trolls. Players (well I used that term loosely), people who are just filled with such venomous hate towards everything that they can’t help to rag and remark on anything that conflicts with their (warped?) view of whatever topic interested them at the time.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the internet is a place where whomever screams the loudest not only is right, but heard the most.

So the other day a post appeared on a website, that was an exact cut and paste copy of an article from here on Spikey Bits about a Grey Knight Hybrid Army list built around Draigo.

Just some quick background on the list, it was a new version of the army Goatboy took to Feast of Blades in November and finished Third with. Third, in an invitational style format event full of past tournament qualifiers… pretty good I think.

Actually it was a very close game Goatboy had with Kenny and really just came down to Fateweaver turning Cotaez into a spawn.

So after the event, Thomas, TPM, and I were talking about how to make the list better, as there was some things in it that seem a bit out of wack with the overall synergy of the units. So viola the Draigo hybrid.

But apparently the Internets were not entertained… as Stelek wrote a scathing review of the list, “us crazy kids”, Wrecking Crew, GBF (Green Blow Fly), and the meta itself.


Does it even matter what Lord Stelek the scourge of the Internets thinks? Meh, probably not, but to just to sure lets take a look at the source(s).

Pro Draigo List Side

First off we have TPM, ranked #1 on Rankings HQ majority of 2011.

He also has several Grand Tournament wins and along with Kenny Boucher, and I, won both the Adepticon Team Tournament and the American Team Championship (ATC).  Basically a perennial top 10 player in the world of 40k.

Second we have Thomas Reidy (aka Goat boy), the sweetheart of 40k. Thomas has won stuff, I don’t know exactly what (besides 3rd at Feast), BUT I know his biggest win was either ‘ard boyz or the Gladiator tournament.

Oh and he was also on our victorious ATC team as well. Basically he doesn’t suck, and is also a perennial top 10 player.

Last but not least is me MBG Rob Baer, hobbyist, businessman, founder of the bits off the sprue service industry, and player.

While I’ve never been ranked first, I have made it to third best on Rankings HQ , which is just fine with me.

I’ve also won a GT or two, and most recently with TPM, Thomas, Nick Rose (Darkwynn) and Kenny Boucher took best Team at the ATC, and won the 2011 Adepticon Team Tournament.

Con Draigo List side

Stelek, owner of the domain YesTheTruthHurts.com

I don’t think Stelek has ever won a major tournament, or if there are many tournaments left out there that he is even “allowed” to attend (much less forums to post on).

God bless M Brant for letting him attend the Nova Open, he’s a stand up guy that runs a great event that is open to all.

I know Stelek finished 111th? overall at Nova Open, even with me refusing to play him and giving him a free win.

Guess what happens when you refrain from putting any hobby work what so ever into your army when you go to a major event?

You get a ZERO for your painting score, and it may affect your standings.

He has however accomplished something very hard to do, he single handily slayed the Avatar of Khaine.

You see way back in 2008 as Stelek ranted and raved about how he was the bests at 40k, he challenged the guy that was the best, eight time Grand Tournament winner Marc Parker.

Marc incidentally leads the national gaming group known as the Wrecking Crew that Stelek trashes on a regular basis.

They would play a game at the 2008 Vegas GT.

Long story short, Stelek lost, horribly.  Marc however went on to win that 8th GT with perfect battle points, and Orks for that matter.

During that same weekend, Stelek in a feat of exemplary bodily control managed to accidentally smash my Forge World Avatar of Khaine model.

Don’t worry he’s mostly fine now, but still I keep the sword broken to fuel my Avatar’s rage.

Another fun fact about Stelek is that there is several pages of Google search dedicated to the words “stelek” and “cheat”, as well as a video of him cheating on youtube, and even an urban dictionary reference.

See for yourself, go to Google and type in “Stelek” and see what Google’s super computer recommends for you.


So basically what this boils down to is the thoughts of a group of perennial top 10 players (could it be said champions?) versus someone who has pages of search results dedicated to his cheating.

Well I just from that, I know who I would listen to.  However lets try something more visual, just for fun.

Just MBG’s surviving 40k Awards circa 2000-2009

Stelek’s awards, same time period.

Ouch maybe that was a little harsh. How about just the last two years then?

MBG’s  Awards (Checkout the Stormshield- it’s the American Team Championship award)

Stelek’s Awards Past Two Years.

Yikes, doesn’t even seem like a fair fight, no wonder that guy talks so loud.

I can think of someone else who talked really loud too….

Former US senator Joseph McCarthy

I’m sure that deep down Stelek is a good guy, but going around attacking people who make a difference in this community through their play and efforts off the table, really doesn’t look good when you have nothing to back up your opinion.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all anyone has is an opinion.

It’s the accomplishments of the person behind it that gives those words merit. -MBG

Hungry for yet more fun with Stelek? Checkout Master Shake’s Grotzilla Blog for his take on this week’s attack by Stelek here.

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