Gothic Marine Conversion- Dark Angels / Black Templars

By Rob Baer | September 5th, 2012 | Categories: Black Templars, Conversions, Dark Angels, How To Tutorial, Warhammer 40k

Check out this super easy to make “Gothic” styled loyalist Space Marine.

Originally this was my test mini for a new Black Templars army, but he could easily sub for any chapter espically Dark Angels!
And since everyone and their mom will have some Dark Angels soon form the Dark Vengeance Starter, this conversion can set your marines apart from the pack!
Parts List

Chaos Khorne Berzeker Torso
Space Marines Power Armor Leg x1
Bretonnian Standard
Optional Parts 
Of course this model doesn’t have a cool supplicant robe, but the Black Templar, and Dark Angel kits have us covered (literally).
So if you are looking to cover up that armor, try splashing these bits in instead.
The Conversion

Okay so this conversion is pretty straight forward and easy.

First shave down the Khornate symbol on the chest, before you glue everything together.  Next assemble your marine’s legs, body, and arms using the selection of bits. There are a ton of different styled legs available out there, so feel free to use any of them that look good!

After your marine is assembled in the pose you want (legs, body and arms) attach either the laurel head (with the blood drop shaved off) or attach a laurel itself to whatever head you selected.

I used a Black Templar’s MK3 one because it flowed with the rest of the model, but you can use whatever looks good.

That head may be a bit too much when paired with the Templars Robed torsos, so play around with it some to find what works for you!

Also attach whichever chapter symbol clasp you want on the chest area. I used the Crux Terminatus looking one, and I think it works pretty good.

Then add the shoulder pads, and lastly the Chaos Backpack (but be sure to use one with the least amount of Chaos trim, as you need to shave that off before you attach it to the model).

I also attached a Terminator Heraldry plate to the back as well, to keep that “Knight” theme going.

And that’s it, a quick and easy twist on an old favorite. Checkout the close ups below, and let me know what you think!

So what do you think, hot or…. not? -MBG

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