Army of the Dead- Painting Chaos Nurgle Death Guard

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Chaos is upon us, and Lord Nurgle demands paint for his minions!

Almost one year ago I posted this article on how to speed paint Nurgle Marines using just a few basic techniques, which was great for fielding a painted army quick!

But then Games Workshop went and changed their paint line in March, so I figured I better update this article with the new paint names so everyone can get their plague zombies and Death Guard painted up!

Look for changes to the paint names in red.

It was really simple and took about 4-5 hours total for each squad of ten, which I thought for the end result was great.  Keep in mind they are Nurgle so there is “perfect” involved, messy is just fine.

I’m not sure how this would look on a say a regular Space Marine, or normal figure, but it would definitely work on say Orks, or Traitor / Renegade guardsmen.

First step was Necrotic Flesh Primer by Army Painter.  This gives a great base to work from.

Remember though when working with this line of primers you have to get closer to your models (like 8 inches? or so) when you spray.  This prevents the primer from atomizing or picking up dust in the air, and “fuzzing” your models.

I also primed about 25% of the models just plain white to get a slight natural variance to each squad.

Then I base coated the model with the brightest versions of the colors I wanted, so that they would show through the washes I would do later. For gold I used burnished (Auric Armour Gold), metals were Mithril (Runefang Steel) fleshy areas I did Tallarn Flesh (Vallejo: Heavy Flesh Tone), pustules I painted Sunburst Yellow (Flash Gitz Yellow), and clothes/ bandages I painted Bleached Bone (Ushabti Bone), or Khaki (Karak Stone).

After that’s done, I did I slightly watered down wash with GW’s Ogyrn Flesh (Reikland Fleshshade).

To apply the washes I like to used a straight drybrush because besides holding more wash in the bristles, the chisel actually helps to disperse the wash better on the model.

Starting at the top of the model I worked my way down from the backpack to the feet.  In this picture I didn’t apply the flesh wash to the metals.

On the rest of the figures I did apply the wash, and I think it looked better end result wise.

After letting that dry (I used a small table top fan aimed at each squad), I then applied a slightly watered down Thraka Green (Biel Tan Green) wash to mostly the whole model, but left some areas alone randomly.

Next up was a Devlin Mud wash to the metals (and bolter stock), followed by a Gryphone Sepia/ Devlin Mud (Seraphim Sepia / Agrax Earthshade) wash to the cloth areas.

After all that I went back with a 75/25 Hawk Tourquise/ Black (Sotek Green) mix to basecoat to the weapons, as well as anywhere I wanted to make a squad mark.  
Next I highlighted that with straight Hawk, and then with a 50/50 Hawk (Sotek) and White mix.

The whole base was basecoated with  50/50 Scorched Brown / Dark Flesh (Rhinox Hide / Mourfang Brown). Then drybrushed Khaki (Karak Stone), and finally Bubonic Brown (Zamesi Desert).

Last I attached tuffs of static grass to the base with some super glue. I hate using the super glue to do this (cause it always seems to get onto my figures) BUT once it dries, that grass is on there. Plus I really like how it “tuffs” up into like patches of grass.

And that’s it. Pretty simple, and quick. I really like how they turned out. This same method can be used for anything really from Rhinos to Titans. I am actually painting up a Warhound Titan in this scheme as well.

The rest of the squad pics are below.

 Squad Basecoated
 Squad Finished
 Second Sgt
 White Primer Base
Necrotic Flesh Primer Base

Let me know what you think of the squad, or if you have any questions. -MBG

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