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I recently painted a full twelve model mob of Ork Warbikes for my already massive Ork army. Ork Bike Mobs add lots of speed and firepower to da boyz. Waaagh!

The first time I painted Orks for 40K was back when they were labeled “Space Orks” on some of their packaging, but I hadn’t touched Orks since 2nd Edition 40K until approximately three years ago at which time I went all out and painted about 200 models in roughly four months.

Orks have some of the most fun plastic kits in the Warhammer 40,000 model range. All their kits have tons of optional bits and swapping bits between them is an easy and fun way to customize and convert without spending too much time on each model, which is helpful since most Ork armies have a lot of models to build and paint relative to many other 40K model ranges.

Here’s a view of the entire mob. I wanted to avoid having too many repeat weapons and arms so I sprinkled a few heads and arms from other Ork kits into the mix.

Twelve bikes is a formidable maximum sized mob.

This frontal photo of the mob gives a good view of the “bosspole” on the Nob leader’s bike. The bosspole was constructed out of bits from the Ork Stompa kit. The mob’s name, “Wild Rebels”, comes from a horrendous biker movie that was on the hilarious first episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3K) that I ever saw. You can watch it on YouTube at this link if you want a good laugh. Sadly, the DVD is currently out of print, but hopefully Shout! Factory will reissue that one soon as they’ve done with so many other classic MST3K episodes.

Wild Rebels and a lot of dakka coming at ya fast!

The large fanged skull fairing I used on the Nob was only used unmodified on his bike to help make him stand out from the mob. Painting it bright white from top to bottom was another way to make it noticeable. The bosspole makes him yet more distinctive from “da boyz”.

Who’s da Nob a dis mob? I am!
Orks are one of those collections that never seems done. There’s always some cool model or unit one can add to an Ork horde. More is more when it comes to da waaagh!
I’ve featured other parts of my Ork horde here on Spikey Bits. You can check out some of the other articles if you like including my Ork Bommers, Ork Warboss Warbike conversion and more.

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