Helbrute Massive Mob

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hb_melta_face_wmModels always look better when they have “friends” with which to mob up and Chaos Helbrute Dreadnoughts are no exception.

I recently painted a pack of three plastic ones using starter set models and the new multi-part kit. Here’s how I painted them to both have individual characteristics as well as to look like they are part of the same legion.

As you can see from this first group photo of three Helbrutes, I’ve painted the mutated flesh a different color on each of them. However, all three were shaded with the same dark blue Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade color in order to tie them together and to give the impression that the flesh of the entombed pilot has merged with the dark blue armor of the machine.


The right pauldrons are all painted with the the star nebula pattern I use as a theme for my Chaos Renegade Legion. This can be seen on my Heldrakes, and Forgefiends, other models as well.


With my other painted Helbrutes, some of them dedicated to specific Chaos powers, I have enough Helbrutes to run any of the formations in the Helbrute mob digital rules “dataslate” from Games Workshop.

This Khorne themed Helbrute was converted from a Dark Vengeance starter set model.


This Helbrute is a mildly converted Forgeworld Thousand Sons Dreadnought.


My Nurgle Dreadnought was converted some years ago from a plastic Space Marine Dreadnought and various metal and plastic bits.


Dreadnoughts are one of the most iconic models of Warhammer 40,000. They just look so cool. Do I have too many? A Chaos Lord can never have too many killer robots at his disposal!

I have both Forgeworld Emperor’s Children Dreadnoughts and hope to get those painted one day as well.

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