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 With all this talk of Fantasy Khorne models, we can’t leave 40k hanging can we?

Crazy Dave from No Turtles Allowed here. Back at the release of the 6th Edition Chaos Codex, I was jazzed up to redo my World Eaters army.

I first became a convert to Chaos back in 3rd edition. This was back with the original Chaos Codex release in 3rd. Before any Chapter Approved articles or any FAQ’s. Like most teenage boys, Chaos had the angst and look that proved irresistible.

Back then, we had the awesome plastic Khorne Berzerker set. That set was the Bee’s Knees back in early 3rd. My army of 12 years ago was made entirely of those models.

Sadly, GW has done nothing to improve or resculpt them since. Sure, we have the Forge World Conversion Kit, but for a gamer like myself, I do not like using conversion kits that are readily available to everyone. Therefore, I set about to make my Khorne Berzerkers out of the new Dark Vengeance Chosen models, along with various other bits.

The project have set myself upon, can be done either as cheap or in my case on the more expensive side. It all depends on which bits you choose to use. If you choose to use the heads and arms from the current Berzerker models, you can keep the cost of the conversions very cheap.

  First thing needed is a set of the Dark Vengeance Chosen Models

Next, the heads from the new WFB WoC Skullcrushers

Some Forgeworld Chain Axes

A large assortment of extra CC arms
Now that all the bits have been collected, its time to start on the first model. For this, I chose the Power Axe Chosen model. The one with the bone armor.
Here is a picture of the assorted pieces I used for this Berzerker. In this picture I have already removed the head from the power axe. I have also clipped away the top part of the helmet from the bolt pistol arm.
Using a large drill bit, I then drilled out the bottom part of the helmet. The DV models are made from a harder plastic than normal GW plastics, so be careful. At this point of the conversion I cut myself pretty well due to this fact.
 For the Chain Axe, I attached the head of the FW one to the shaft of the Power Axe. Make sure you pin these together as the resin is very fragile.
Completed Berzerker
Group Shot of some more completed Berzerkers.

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