Star Wars Titans? 40k Flashback

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Come see a blast from the 40k past, Star Wars style!

Back in the day we had to make conversion out of anything, literally. Deodorant Bottles, Gi Joe and even Star Wars toys.

It was a magical time when trips to the toy store were to look for conversion inspiration, and the clearance aisles were a treasure trove of amazing finds.

Checkout this precursor to the resin Warhound Titan, by Forge World head honcho Tony Cottrell himself.


This Scout Titan (made a Star Wars AT-ST toy, Zoids and other various toy parts) first appeared in White Dwarf 120 from December 1989.

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What a magical time. Clearly we can see Mr. Cottrell is a very talented hobbyist who ultimately formed Forge World and continues to bring fantastic creations to the table top, just a little differently than the 1980’s.


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