GW’s Amazing Battle for Paramar V Studio Table

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Legio_Fureans_AL_Paramar_V forge world

Checkout these new vivid pictures of another great looking Horus Heresy Studio table: the Battle for Paramar V.

This awesome table figured prominently in Horus Heresy Book III Extermination and takes place about one Terran month after the drop site massacres.

Loyal forces of the Iron Warriors happen upon Paramar V right as renegade elements of the Alpha Legion and Legio Fuerans arrive to take the planet and it’s resources by force!

Mechanicum, Titan Legions, and Brother Astartes engage in for what may be the first openly declared warfare of the Heresy.

Battles are won by the application of superior force; wars are won by the application of superior resources.

— The Principia Belicos of Terra, Imperial Commentaries

These pictures seem to capture more detail than any of the previous coverage we’ve seen of this classic studio table. They come via tiny plastic spacemen optimized


The Battle for Paramar V

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This table figured prominently in the Horus Heresy Book III Extermination that came out last year. This is truly an amazing look at a magnificent studio table!

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