BIGGEST GW Model EVER? – The R/C Baneblade!

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Who would have believed that the biggest Games Workshop model was not only a tank, but REMOTE CONTROLLED to boot. Come see this massive Baneblade!

Back in the day when Forge World was starting to ramp up their brand, they commissioned a HUGE R/C replica of the Baneblade that actually worked.


It was paraded around Games Day 2004 in the UK in front of 8,000 cheering fans even!


Checkout the whole build project and more shots from Games Day 2004:


model-secret-tank-1059b model-secret-tank-1061b model-secret-tank-1062b

Sadly we don’t know what happened to this work of art, which would be over 10 years old now.  However you can get the scoop on how it was fabricated over on Mark 1’s site below.

Mark 1 Tank Replicas – The Baneblade R/C Project

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