Get That Forge World Terrain Look, For Less!

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Ready to up your table terrain game Forge World style?  Come see how to get that Forge World look for a fraction of the price.

You may have noticed a set of sweet cargo containers in the slew of Betrayal of Calth photos that was unleashed on the unsuspecting hobby community. Better yet, you may not have noticed them because they looked so natural and just fit the scene.


The Forge World Ad

The bad news is that Forge World doesn’t make these containers. The good news is that Forge World doesn’t make these containers!

You might be yelling “Felix, that doesn’t make any sense!” But bear with me!

As we al know, the major problem with Forge World is that it’s a tad expensive but since they don’t make these cargo containers they can be had for a fraction of the usual forge world price.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.15.10 PM

Okay, I’ll admit, after further inspection these containers aren’t exact replicas. And it’s important to note that these containers are made of HDF and cardboard [So if you’re playing in the rain (I won’t judge) these might not be the best terrain for you.]

Shipping Containers 6.76€


“A simple shipping container made partially out of 3mm HDF and 2mm cardboard. Can be stacked horizontally or vertically. The pack contains 2 models. The parts are pre-cut to shorten assembly time. Model supplied disassembled and unpainted. Contains assembly instructions.

CAUTION!: Model assembly requires glue – it’s best to use wood glue (waterproof PVA – white) Assembly complexity: easy

Model size after assembly: Height: 65mm Length: 147mm Width: 65mm”

Perhaps, we’ll get a rumor soon that Forge World is producing their own shipping containers made of resin but the differences between the product in the picture and the product over at Zen Terrain are fairly negligible.

Further, for the price of less than 10 dollars USD (6.76 euro at the time of this writing) it’s a great deal on a piece of terrain to add to your “third army” aka the table itself.

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