Age of Sigmar Campaign Launch Kit – REVEALED

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It looks like a ton of new excitement is on the way for Age of Sigmar in stores this week. Checkout the new Season of War launch kit that was just spotted!

kids age of sigmar

Are you ready to fight for or against the mortal realms?

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season of war kit


SWAG, just like the Tank Shock Event Pack!

season of war how to

A Global Campaign, Controlled by Store Owners. 

Source Games Workshop (facebook)

new age of sigmar campaign

Look for this kit in stores this week, followed by the big push of the full on global campaign hoopla and release burst in mid July.

Good things are on the way for the Mortal Realms folks! Stay tuned as we find out more of what’s in store for Age of Sigmar this summer!

New Orangized Play & Summer Campaign for 40k & AoS

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